The Mighty Auroch Returns

Nazi Beef on the Hoof    From: James W. von Brunn


The auroch (Bos Primigenius) was a formidable prehistoric bison that ranged the forests and meadowlands of Europe eastward to the Middle East, India, and Asia. A typical bull was over six-feet tall at the shoulders and carried horns similar to, but with a  greater spread, than America’s famous long-horn steers. Julius Caesar, during the Gallic Campaign, encountered aurochs in Germany’s Black Forest. He recorded, “…their strength is very great, and also their speed.” But not speedy enough. Demand for auroch flesh by hunters and poachers, destruction of their habitat,and introduction of domestic cattle led to a gradual decline in auroch herds. Attempts  were made over the centuries to save them from exinction, notably by Polish kings, but to no avail.  The last auroch, a  female, died in Poland's Laktorowsky Forest in 1627 AD.


In 1920 Lutz Heck and his brother, German game-keepers, began selective breeding of domestic  cattle that exhibited auroch characteristics. The Hecks hoped to re-create the prehistoric auroch breed. Their experiment was denounced with much furor by Marxists/Liberals/Jews who reject Mendel's Laws of Heredity. Had the two brothers lived in the Soviet Union they  would have been summarily shot.


Adolph Hitler knew that aurochs, "The Lunar Bull", were emblematic of ancient Germany. He became extremely interested in Hecks’ eugenic experiments.Hitler invited  Lutz Heck to meet with him at the Chancellery. Hitler was so impressed that he made the game-keeper “Advisor on Nature Matters.” Lutz Heck's friends, almost all were Nazis, nicknamed him “Fuhrer of the Nature Conservatory.”


Heck-aurochs today are an unmitigated   success. The recreated prehistoric bison are almost identical in appearance to  bulls depicted in Neolithic cave paintings -  similar to the Spanish fighting-bull, el toro, but on a much larger scale. Today there are over 2000 Heck-aurochs in Germany alone. "Nazi-beef-on-the-hoof" have been exported to nations around the globe. "


Decent men  hope, too,  that eugenic procedures  are being conducted to recover  Super-Aryans destroyed during the disastrous wars of the 20th Century -  with contemplation of Jew induced wars still to come.