So many people try to explain to people about history. You tell them all the evil things the Jews did. It's amazing how many people don't have a clue.
     I had a friend who moved to Milwaukee a few years ago. In Wisconsin and it maybe several Western states you don't need liability insurance. When you make a trailer to pull behind your vehicle you don't have to get it inspected. In fact a guy told my friend you don't need liability insurance. He said I drove around a whole year without a tag on my car. I live in Maryland I couldn't make it 5 miles down the road without a tag. The farther you get away from Washington the more lax things are.
     My friend went out to Nevada a couple years ago. He and a bunch of guys were shooting guns full auto. The cops road by and never say a thing. In fact when you get out West you might see one cop all day long. Where I live if I drive 20 miles I'll see three state troopers and a couple Deputy Sheriff cars. Maryland is the worst state to live for taxes and having to have permits to do anything on your land. Why would anyone want to move her I don't know. Delaware is a lot better for taxes. They have no retail tax. Many states don't have state tax or income tax. It could save people thousands by not living in this bastard state.
     If some young couple is thinking about getting married I would suggest somewhere out West to live. You could live in Eastern Tennessee, because they have all kinds of entertainment and outdoor activites. I would suggest you don't move to a state that has tons of red tape just to put a shed on your property. In Maryland if you do something without a permit you can be heavily fined or spend time in jail.