Americans seeking a hero found one on Sunday's CSPAN. I happened to tune in.
Henry Markopolos testifying before a Congressional Financial Sub-committee blasted the Securities Exchange Commission with salvos rocking the Capitol. Markopolos' testimony was so authentic, so complete that the SEC spokesmen had to rely on what amounted to "taking the 5th." Though in this case SEC pled on-going court cases could not be violated with specific answers to the Committee's questions.
Those court cases could take years to resolve.
The Wall Street Journal LINK, above, fails to mention that Markopolos testified  the "Russian Mob ( JEWS), and organized crime," were heavily involved in the Madoff, JEW theft, and the world-wide financial melt-down.
When a committee member asked Markopolos if his testimony endangered his life, Markopolos said, " yes, definitely, and my family's lives."
The most accusative questions were asked by JEW members of the Committee. They are appalled at the ineptitude of SEC, and  commiserated with broke, busted,starving American citizens. Gary Ackerman, JEW (D-NY), said he believed members of SEC were shills, profiting from the Madoff cover-up.
This was the first of the Sub-committee's investigations into SEC and the great bank heists of 2009..
James von Brunn-88
See:Fed Caper


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