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Vitality/Pain Relief Kit

Our  versatile kit of 4 dime-sized, Super Power Wafers for pain relief for general aches and pains such as muscle aches, sprains, toothaches, etc. Used daily (Daytime therapy) on the key energy points to increase the electromotive vitality of the body. The results of increased energy [from the Daytime therapy] show a major increase in health and can be seen in the research section of our web site. An excellent low cost Kit that provides a daily supplemental energy to maintain health and defend against free radicals  microwaves and pulsed electromagnetic fields.


The remarkable Wellness Kit contains the  book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism” with its over 170 A-Z therapies, a bottle of Liquid Oxygen for those in need, the three sizes of medical grade Rare Earth Biomagnets to accommodate all advanced therapies, a set of Water Jar Energizers for your drinking water [shown by research to be beneficial to your health and according to many - very tasty to drink], and a pictorial guide of the advanced therapy circuits BiomagScience has developed for supporting normalization of: increased vitality; regeneration of nerves, connective tissue, joints; overall reduction of free radicals; and resolution of painful aches, sprains, acute, chronic or degenerative conditions.

It’s our pleasure to bring you the excellent news from the people who use our magnets; below you will read from a variety of users.


Doctor experiences the magic of magnets: What she says about the Wellness Kit:

My recent experience makes it clear that everyone should have a BiomagScience Wellness Kit in their medicine cabinet for any emergencies that arise.

I had been suffering from profound laryngitis and a hacking, paroxysmal cough which disturbed my sleep and left me unable to breathe 12 to 15 times per hour for about 4 days. Nothing seemed to help the symptoms or the distress despite mega doses of vitamins; my herbal remedies were not available.

When my Biomag Wellness Kit arrived, I put two of the smallest magnets in a Power Stack (2 magnets, green side toward my skin) over my sternum. Within 15 minutes the coughing was virtually gone and my voice had returned. I went to bed without the magnets and was up most of the night with the same hacking, breathless coughing and my voice was absent once again in the morning.

I got up and put the magnets back on my sternum: the same almost magical relief took place in the same short time. But when I showered and got dressed again, forgetting the magnets (since I am not used to using them), the cough and laryngitis started plaguing me once again. Remembering the Power Stack, I clipped them to my clothes and, as if by the magic of magnetic therapy, my cough was gone and my voice came back!

I am still little hoarse but I can be heard over the phone and my voice is getting stronger by the hour. Unless I take the magnets off, my symptoms have gone from disabling to minor and resolving.

These two days have taught me the astonishing power of magnets in a highly personal way. Since I am never (well, hardly ever!) sick or in pain, I have not had the opportunity to experience the power of magnet therapy personally. Now I have and I am deeply impressed by the technology. I can strongly recommend Biomag Science and its excellent products.

Thanks for the magnets and thanks for the lesson,

Dr. R.L. M.D.

Glowing report from a California Practitioner who has had wonderful results in many applications:


“I have had a wonderful adventure learning about your magnets; they are everything you said they would be and much more!  I enlisted as many people as possible to put the magnets to the test with their many different and varied complaints. The one constant was that all the people gained more energy and slept better at night. 


Then there was the removal of pain and dysfunction from all sorts of different areas/problems:  joint issues, glandular dysfunctions, digestive problems, TMJ, inflamed nerves, warts/root removal and pain relief from insect bites/stings.  Everyone has been most pleased with the results and the fact that the book, pictures and magnets are so user friendly. The magnets are easy to use, do not wear out and can be used over and over again with the same degree of results each and every time.  Thank You!  The magnets are truly a blessing to all who use them!  Cheers.”


JF Oakville, CA

Oct 10, 2007


Torn Meniscus Resolved


Pain from torn Meniscus (cartilage) in the knee goes away in a day with BiomagScience Knee Therapy using the special meridian circuit.


“I’m a 62 year young dog walker in New York City and I suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee.  The doctor prescribed narcotics for the pain and said that I needed surgery.  A friend told me about your magnets and I decided to try anything because I did not want the surgery nor did I want to keep taking narcotics.


I got my magnets and instructions on Thursday and I put the magnetic circuit on right away and I went about my walking the dogs.  Well I just can’t believe it, today Friday the pain is gone!!!  You have given me hope again that I might not lose my livelihood nor need the surgery and I have stopped the pain killers.  Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product and for your help.”


SL NYC, NY Oct 5, 2007


Relief from Scoliosis and Spina Bifida

For years I had awful pain from scoliosis and spina bifida in my lower and upper back, especially when sitting. I tried everything including painful therapies: acupuncture two to three times a week; special Chinese massage which almost left me an invalid; Reiki energy healing which lessened the pain temporarily; physiotherapy; Ancient Mexican therapy; a very uncomfortable special brassiere brace; chiropractics for six months along with Swedish massage; Nikken Products; pain drugs which did nothing but cost money and made me sick; nothing worked and I believed I just had to live with the pain the rest of my life. Then I was introduced to the advanced back pain therapy from BiomagScience. For the first time in many years, I got relief. Since then, the therapy has helped my back heal as the pain does not occur as often. When it does, I put the advanced therapy on and it goes away instantly.

T.K. North Wales, PA

* * * * *

BiomagScience through the Foundation for Magnetic Science offers specific therapies for over 170 health conditions. Based on nearly three decades of research in the development and application of specialized magnetic circuits, dramatic results have been achieved in supporting vitality and resolution of acute, chronic and degenerative conditions.

These specialized magnetic fields have been designed for simple, proper placement for increasing the electromotive vitality (Zeta potential) of the cells resulting in such issues as:

1. After 25 years of being in bed, woman with chronic illness from low energy and stuck cells - nutritional transfer increased within an hour of CVS therapy - after one year of therapy, playing competitive tennis:

2. 50-year old woman awoken from a terminal [acute pancreatitis] coma with advanced Meridian Energizing Therapy and Super BioMagnet therapy on pancreas.

3. Middle aged man with acute pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and insomnia from whiplash resolved with BiomagScience Whiplash Circuit Therapy. Almost instant response.

4. 72year old man with lifetime loss of feeling and mobility from knee down from surgery regains feeling and mobility from Regeneration of nerves, tendons, muscles using advanced knee circuit @ YouTube

5. 22-year term Arthritic knee resolved  

6. Extremely painful TMJ/Lockjaw resolved for middle aged woman on YouTube

7. See testimonials about responses to unusual conditions other than just aches and pains offers white papers [and FAQs] giving simple scientific explanations about the proper applications and what must be addressed to support advanced healing and what should not be done to prevent harm (electromotive stress).

1.     Did you know that one side of the limb is positive and the other is negative?

2.     Did you know that each hemisphere (right-left side) is the opposite polarity?

3.     Did you know that the same magnetic polarity placed on the proper polarity supports rapid healing, but if placed incorrectly - often causes pain because of short circuiting by the wrong voltage?

4.     Did you know that positive energy promotes acidity and can activate pre-cancerous cells and negative energy promotes alkalinity which increases oxygenation and according to testing [on Medline] reduces cancerous growth?

Learn more:

Also available, Before and After Case Studies Research of:

1. Cellular photo microscopy of rouleau blood cell patterns changing into healthy positioning in less than an hour. This is extremely important in the daily supplementation of energy to support health maintenance and help normalize low vitality.

2. Cellular voltage increases in less than hour which would normally take months of supplementation - tests with FDA certified BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) instrument. Extremely effective on individual with chronic fatigue who has such low cellular electromotive vitality that the cells cannot get started to transfer nutrition properly.

3. Photomicrographs of before and after oxidative stress tissue showing neutralization and elimination of free radical sites, supportive healing and immediate reduction of inflammation within an hour.

BiomagScience has broken through many boundaries in establishing carefully designed, electromotive energies, that when properly placed, support and amplify the body’s natural healing energies which provide rapid pain relief, increased immune functions, and support re-constructive and/or regeneration of all tissue.

BiomagScience is very pleased to share some of the results from our advanced, yet simple to use Circuit therapies - Meridian Energy, Overnight MET, Daytime, Nightime, CVS, Organ Group Energizing Therapy, advanced joint, nerve, bone and connective tissue circuits – very easy to apply and come with the Wellness Kit.

The Wellness Kit is on special at 22% off the Retail Price.

If you want to learn more, please visit our site for many papers on the science. It will also help you understand why BiomagScience  protocols are used worldwide.

Respectfully submitted by:

Peter Kulish, Senior Science Director

BiomagScience & Foundation for Magnetic Science

Disclaimer: The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended as therapy to benefit normal structure and function and such use is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor intended for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not intended to support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for self-education and research purposes only. Testimonial results are not typical.

© 2007


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