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 Man Facing "Remember Dunkirk? Charge 




The British National Party
October 8th, 2008


BNP Leader Calls for Protest Rally to Support BNP Man Facing "Remember Dunkirk? Charge

Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, has called for an emergency demonstration outside Tameside Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday morning, 15 October, in support of a BNP man who has been charged with race hate for saying “Remember Dunkirk” to a German neighbour.

Roy West, who has twice stood for the BNP in Dukinfield, has since made friends with his neighbour who initially complained about a Cornish flag being flown by Roy in his garden.

In the words which followed, Roy told his German neighbour to “Remember Dunkirk” - and within hours, no less than five policemen were at the door.

Arresting Roy for? race hate’, the big, brave, strong policemen then ransacked his house, abused his family and took a photograph of a Union Jack flag on the wall to use as “evidence” of his “racism.”

The big, brave, policemen then bundled Roy down to the police station where he was detained for eight hours in a prison cell before being charged with the crime of uttering those evil words.

His German neighbour has since apologised, and withdrew the charges - but the viciously anti-British Crown Prosecution Service, acting under orders from their political masters, have decided to press ahead with the charges irrespective of the complainant’s decision to drop the matter.

“Roy is scheduled to�appear on Wednesday morning, and we need as many people as possible to demonstrate outside the courtroom to pressure the authorities into dropping these outrageous charges,” the BNP leader said.

“We will get leaflets printed and will be having a day of action on this topic as well, and we need decent people to come out from all over the country and show their opposition to the treasonous behaviour of the ruling elite,” he said.

The BNP has it on good authority that the political masters of the Manchester Police and the CPS in the North West have been told to find anything at all to try and destroy the BNP in that city and the region, he added. This was because it had become clear from an in-depth analysis of the proportional representation system used in Euro elections, that the BNP stood a very good chance of winning at least one seat in the North West.

“For that reason they are now resorting to the lowest of the low tactics to try and stop the BNP. We need people out on the street to show them that they are not going to get away with it.”

More details will be posted as they become available.

*Ironically, Dunkirk was not even a real victory, but only a successful withdrawal of British troops before a victorious German army in 1940. It would therefore,�be impossible to construe that as an insult to a German - but that historical fact has not stood in the way of the politically motivated CPS decision.