All the Wrong Stuff

By Crosstar



It might have been termed a "comedy of errors," except that it was
not funny, when Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle applied for and were
denied political-asylum. The "Heretical Two", as they had dubbed
themselves, disclosed that immigration-judge Rose Peters had denied
their application in a letter to Harold Covington, who had posted an
appeal on-line to overthrow the United States and set up a
"separatist" "republic." Covington had formerly been associated with
Frank Collin in an abortive "Nazi Party" in Chicago. The enterprise
folded when it was revealed that Collin, who was later convicted of
child-molestation, was Jewish.

The bearded Covington, who had been nicknamed "The Rabbi" for his
extreme girth, had been a correspondent with Whittle and Sheppard,
who spent eight months in confinement in Los Angeles, while claiming
that they were being persecuted in England for publishing articles
questioning World-War-II concentration-camps. The "Heretical Two" had
served as their own lawyers, after Marc Weber, a former cohort of
conspiracy-theorist Willis Carto, declined to finance them and Bruce
Leichty, who the duo paid $10,000.00, took the cash and bailed out.
They stated that an appeal would be "hoping for a miracle that's
never going to happen."

Sheppard and Whittle had relied upon ties to ex-con Don Black, who,
due to legal-problems of his own, as a go-between for Pittsburgh
home-defender Richard Poplawski, had provided no legal-assistance.
Black, whose "Stormfront" website had claimed that such
convicted-criminals as Chester Doles, Matt Hale, David Duke and Kevin
Strom had been "framed," had stated that he "could not afford" an
attorney, even for himself. Peters had delayed the hearing, allowing
time to obtain a lawyer, but Sheppard and Whittle insisted in leaning
entirely upon advice from the likes of Keith Carney, an ex-con, who
called lawyers "a waste of time."

"All the wrong stuff" had dogged Sheppard and Whittle, the same as it
did Mark Cotterill, a fellow-Brit, who was deported for associating
with the late William L. Pierce, who harbored German-fugitive
Hendrick Mobus and authored the bombing-plans used by Tim McVeigh.
Cotterill, also, had fallen in with Duke, who had been claiming that
the "Heretical Two" were being "attacked" by Peters, but who, also,
provided no legal-counsel. Duke's own attorney, Jim McPherson, quit
Duke after Duke pleaded guilty to tax-evasion and mail-fraud. "Better
we think to go back to England, face the music, and get it over
with," concluded the forlorn duo.

Whittle, 42, whose extreme hair-length resembled that of Covington,
and Sheppard, 51, who was likened to a librarian, failed to convince
Peters that their conviction "in absentia" in Britain on "hate"
charges amounted to "persecution." During his address to The National
Front in London, Richard Barrett had called for repeal of the
Race-Relations Act and Public Order Law, under which the two had been
convicted. Meanwhile, charges were dropped in London against Eddie
Morrison and four associates, who had been charged with "terrorism"
for possessing an insignia supporting the Ulster Defense Association,
which refuses to surrender its arms.

England has neither a First Amendment, guaranteeing free-speech, nor
a Second-Amendment, assuring the right to keep and bear arms. Paul
Ballard, an "Heretical-Two" supporter in London, had stated that
Leichty had demanded twenty, then thirty, thousand dollars, after
receiving the initial ten thousand, but that Ballard could not raise
the additional funds. Henrik Holappa, 22, has been separately seeking
asylum, after being convicted of "hate" in his native-Finland.
Holappa had, also, associated with Duke and Black and was arrested
after appearing with Steve Edwards, son of Ron Edwards, who had been
fined $1.5 million for "hate."

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