Microsoft sticks it in your back door

Thanks Peter M


(1) Hacking - Microsoft “create back-door entries into your system”

From: Christopher Gray <> Date: 26.09.2008 03:40 AM

Microsoft products are surreptitiously-built by Microsoft to transfer the original spyware maker's market-grubbing mini-apps onto your internet-connected computer (via planned "holes" in your Microsoft operating system and via the Microsoft programs used on non-MS operating systems) so that their marketing department can re-sell your email address with associated subject lines, site visit "types", "mine" your address book and inbox, etc.

Secondary income by banks creates scenarios wherein incoming funds are added-in more slowly and outgoing funds are rapidly-subtracted; this results in fines for "bouncing" to the tune of $17.2 billion annually, that, alone, are larger than many GNPs.

So it is with Microsoft.... They create back-door entries into your system so that they can steal and sell private information. The governments of Clinton and Bush has allowed, if not encouraged them to "privatize" your privacy. If it's "good for business" then it's good for "national security" or some such paranoia-induced post-sale add-in cost. The only reason these "holes' get plugged is to prevent competitors from getting at the info once discovered, allowing them to mine-and-exchange the info first; "terrorists" are just companies who haven't greased the right palms, or are getting the standard actor's guild base for taking GP-rated larceny to X-rated robbery. MS simply moves the 'hole' elsewhere and calls that a "security leak fix".

They use their "tools" to transport spyware. It's very much like using the American public as economic fodder for corporate rule. Example: we pay ever-increasing postage for letters (I remember the 3-cent postcard!) so that mass mailing business can flood air-filtering trees into the recycle bin, also at our haul-away expense.

Microsoft also makes money by getting a % from the 'virus protection racket'. Every time the operating system changes, both MS and its co-dependent software cluster each get a new sale. It's all driven by the MS marketing department.

I get spam all the time (even while using Mozilla SeaMonkey v1.1.11 on my G5 iMac running the latest-and-greatest Mac OSX, v10.5.5) that 'mysteriously' has my own emaillee's names or my subjects in their subjects in an attempt to lure me in. Since I do not use one MS product, it proves that Macs are susceptible to spyware from MS' competitors. They are not often susceptible to viruses due to the nature of kernel-based operating systems (e.g., Unix, Linux, OSX), however, they are, like "Typhoid Mary", carriers that can pass on viruses and Trojan Horses to Microsoft-based servers and email clients. Being the "kind neighbor", I'm going to spring for Intego's NetBarrier w/VirusBarrierX software [see <> or <>] that protects against the dormant viruses and CPU-guzzling spyware.

Ah yes... Pascal. Niklaus Wirth's pre-Modula3 type-checking language! I had so much fun with it writing programming language compilers in my computer science classes in the early 1980s. I would suggest using the lsquare/rsquare rather than lcurly/rcurly lexicons for setting off editor comments; it's more commonly used in books. However, as long as it's explained and it works....

I just had to daydream aloud about the delights of Pascal ;-) and the 'anti-human' and 'anti-science' wretchedness of Microsoft. ;-(

best, chris

Reply (Peter M.):

> carriers that can pass on viruses and Trojan Horses > to Microsoft-based servers and email clients

You must mean when you are forwarding emails.

That's why I don't do that in my mailing list. I copy all incoming email-text into a Word 6 file, save & edit it there, then copy from there to outgoing email.

No virus or trojan can be transmitted that way.



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