France: 'Youths' Ambush, Shoot Cops
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Four police injured

by Western Voices Correspondent

An attack on French police on Sunday (2 March, 2008) in a "banlieue" immigrant slum is being called an ambush, according to reports.

Four police were wounded in the suburb of Grigny, south of Paris in a clash that French Minister of the Interior Michele Alliot-Marie said was a premeditated ambush. A group of up to thirty nonwhite, Muslim thugs lay in wait for the police. The officers were lured into the area by a call about vandalism. The insurgents were armed with shotguns, and fired on the officers with buckshot and nails. Three officers were hit in the face and another received a leg wound. None of the injuries was fatal but at least one police officer has been hospitalized.

France has seen regular violence in recent years by Third World thugs euphemistically called "youths" by the "mainstream" media in an attempt to obscure the race war slowly consuming whole sections of France. In 2005, nightly violence rocked France for weeks on end, while a similar series flared just before Christmas 2007. In the 2007 series, dozens of police were shotgunned by "youths" in a conflict police are calling an insurrection as well as urban guerilla warfare and an "intifada."

Muslim violence has also been seen in most other European nations that have large immigrant populations, and Denmark is still cleaning up after new riots consumed whole areas of the nation in February of 2008, among them the capital city of Copenhagen.

The ideologically bankrupt ruling class of France has attempted a number of initiatives to end the cycle of violence, among them "payoffs" in the form of increased affirmative action and welfare handouts. None of these projects have, or will, solve the problem, which is the fact that Third World populations are incompatible with Western social norms. Large areas of France are now classified as "Sensitive Urban Areas" where the rule of French law has been replaced by gang rule and Sharia.

Given Europe's collapsing native population, the prospect looms that Europe either makes the hard choice to begin repatriation of its alien population, or see civil war and the establishment of Muslim republics. The specter of a French civil war has even been raised by a French judge, Jean de Maillard, who stated that "It seems that from one riot to the next the techniques harden, the methods become more professional and the police and gendarmes will soon have to confront, if they have not already, experts in urban guerilla warfare."
News Source: Western Voices Correspondent

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