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Subject: A Defining Issue - And An Unavoidable Matter of Honor

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." – Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution .
A Defining Issue -
And An Unavoidable Matter of Honor
"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worse, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." - Theodore Roosevelt
"One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it." - Carl Gustav Jung
"The giant oak is an acorn that held its ground."  --  Anonymous
Some points seem to have to be repeatedly made before they sink in. Some essential points were made originally in A Defining Issue, originally written and distributed a few years ago, then re-emphasized by Chester Doles in his response to my A Defining Issue in his Marching Forward and Taking Casualties. Throughout America's gulags are a number of political prisoners, some of whom have been imprisoned for years if not decades yet are virtually forgotten, who are learning of LibRA and joining. Political prisoners Chris O'Neill and Matt Faessel are two of such political prisoners. After reading A Defining Issue and Marching Forward and Taking Casualties, which are still circulating, they wanted to add their own timely comments, which are produced below. Contact information for Chris and Mike is also below. Following their articles are reviews by Louis Beam. For the convenience of those new to the list, as well as others, we are reissuing Ches' and my articles, with some revisions. Ches is now out of prison, on post release supervision. The essay which prompted these responses follows. I will be short in adding any commentary, most of what can be said is already stated in A Defining Issue. What follows may be too lengthy, and too deep, for a quick skimming through, so perhaps you can park and read later. But, it should be read and circulated.
A Matter of Loyalty and Honor
I have had a chance to read several articles written by John Gerhardt and Chester Doles dealing with the support for political prisoners--or the lack of support--and want to make some comments, observations and possible suggestions.
Being involved with the cause for Eurofolk survival is something that comes natural to many of us. Then we find ourselves becoming more involved in groups or organizations. This can become a true joy in a person's life. We have found others who feel what we feel and want to make changes in our world. A true feeling of brotherhood, comraderie and family begins to grow in our hearts. The truer the believer, the stronger the drive, the more we become a threat to our enemies.
Then the day may come when you find yourself a target of the government and taken into custody. Now the true believer goes to jail with head held high. The pro-Eurofolk activist or leader knows in his heart he has comrades, he has a family behind him. An entire movement! However, reality hits very soon when nobody comes to see him, his bail is not paid and then an attorney who actually works for the state (a public defender) gets around to visiting. All this time the pro-Eurofolk activist has tried to keep his head high, but the imaginary "movement" net has been pulled out from underneath him. The attorney, at best, is a very overworked person who has become cynical and just wants your and every other case resolved quickly.
You finally feel beat down, tired and deeply hurt as you realize your beliefs of loyalty seem to be yours alone. Your new found family is nowhere to be found and the government is pulling all the strings. You plead out and hope your stay in prison can be short and uneventful. The government knows that you are no longer a threat. They laugh at all the men and women out doing protests because they can slap cuffs on one and everyone else scurries back to their holes. How could anyone consider that a threat?
If you know of even one pro-Eurofolk activist or individual who has been arrested and you aren't at their side with all the support you gave to them on the streets, then you are a coward, a supporter of ZOG, or at the least,  worthless. For all practical purposes you can count yourself as one of those who are destroying everything we stand for. The same goes for those who can help but are too lazy or self absorbed to find a group who does. As far as the "big" organizations go, you're the worst kind and you know it. You're full of highly intelligent people and have a lot of resources to help put things together, but you won't. I know people don't take this well, but if this is how you or your "organization" operate, then you are lets pretenders unworthy of support and may as well be ZOG.
I've gone through all of this and watched many other good men go through it. Honestly, I don't know if there is any coming back for me. I'm not stupid and can't see myself signing up for this kind of heartache and degradation again. I have a son who has just come to prison, he also has just joined the Skinhead ranks. He asks me for advice and says it's all to achieve what we both believe in. It takes everything I have in me not to demand he not get involved. Truth is that it takes a lot for me not to turn and attack all the so-called pro-Eurofolk people in the "movement" who have done more to harm me inside than the government ever thought of doing. As I said, I may be done, maybe I've smartened up.
I still believe in the cause, though, and I still breathe, cry, laugh and bleed inside for those who will come after me. I hope that at some point things will change and steps will be taken to correct these wrongs and steer down a path of victory instead of this path of destruction and pain.
There needs to be a committee established with members in all the states to oversee this crucial issue. This committee needs to be funded more than any other project or one group. They can make contact and arrange contracts with bail bonds in each state. An arrested comrade needs not spend even one hour longer than needed in the hands of ZOG. This can be established pretty cheap as normally a bail bonds needs only give the jail a $35 money order to post any bond up to $1 million. Of course they want to get paid, they're running a business, but a deal can be worked out for a much cheaper price than the normal 10% to 15% along with a guarantee the bondee will arrive at court. Also each state committee member can find the best attorneys in that state to fight cases brought against those who are pro-Eurofolk. Each state has them. Another thing to consider is that each person who then "beats" the case can have a civil action brought for things such as false arrest. First signing a contract with the committee that any or a large portion of the money won go back into the committee's coffers. After a time the state will learn not to bring so many arrests. They will think twice. Attorneys need to be found who specialize in post conviction work to fight cases of those already in prison. This stuff is vital. Also some funds can be put aside for the day to day support of those inside.
I hope there are changes soon. I hope the true warrior hearts shine through. To those of you who still battle and struggle I send my salutes. To the rest of you peeing in the dark, this wasn't for you, anyway. I hope I see the day you swing.
You support the political prisoner or you support ZOG.
                                                          Front Line Skinhead,
                                                          Chris O'Neill, 39343
                                                          Ely State Prison
                                                          PO Box 1989
                                                          Ely, NV 89301
This is actually a rewrite of an article first submitted as follow up to A Defining Issue and Marching Forward and Taking Casualties. The first was so filled with anger--justifiably--that I felt it couldn't be sent out. Chris is another of the growing number of political prisoners who have been imprisoned for a very long time and virtually forgotten. Another of the growing number who learn of Liberty Rights Advocates and our work which is long overdue. Chris concludes with some practical suggestions. Concerning the "committee" he suggests, he was glad to learn that in effect this "committee" is gradually being set up. This "committee" is called LibRA. As our free world membership grows, along with the number of free world members who become activists and advocates, it is among our plans to at some point set up special funds for bond and legal defense, and to establish a network of worthwhile attorneys for those of our pro-Eurofolk activists who end up being arrested and charged with something. We won't bother waiting for anyone else to do this, we know only we will set this up. Included also are tentative plans to hold a series of seminars on such matters as civil rights civil litigagion for the pro se litigant, and in other areas of law, but also in matters of criminal defense and criminal law, so more of our people will be better informed. Better informed with real law and what does and does not work, and not with what I call quack legal theories. Our aim is to eventualy have fewer political prisoners in the future. But of utmost importance, is for more to be more supportive of our political prisoners in a way which matters.
                                                       John W Gerhardt
Affirmation of Our Ideals and Virtues
Having just read Comrade Gerhardt's and Comrade Doles' articles, A Defining Issue and Marching Forward and Taking Casualties respectively, I am moved to write and try to advance the cause of political prisoner support. As a 38 year old political prisoner who has spent the past 20 years in prison (for a "racially motivated murder"), I know first hand the soul numbing feeling of abandonment (dare I call it betrayal?) a political prisoner comes to know when fighting for his beliefs results in being sentenced to a living hell in any of this country's prisons.
I read Comrade Doles' article and I share in his pain and despair. Unfortunately, I fear mere words can never convey to the uninitiated what a political prisoner's existence is really like. Like cancer or losing a limb, only those unfortunate enough to experience it first hand can truly understand it.
I am also painfully aware of our "movement's" shameful track record in its support of political prisoners and their families. One only needs to read Comrade Doles' article to get a taste of how bad things have gotten. How disgraceful is it when a proud man, a proven fighter and activist, is reduced to grieving for support from the same comrades and racial community in whose interest he fought and fell? The state of affairs is a downright disgrace and shameful stain on the flag of our cause and at its root it is the fundamental issue of loyalty, or to be more precise, a blatant lack of loyalty on the part of our racial community and its leaders.
In your (Mr Gerhardt's) article, you railed against the so called" leaders" and their obvious shortcomings in supporting political prisoners. Your contempt for them and for their satus quo is not only clear, but justified. To be honest, I was left feeling disappointed that you were content with broad accusations and stopped short of naming names. I share in your contempt and disappointment 100%. But with all due respect comrade, aren't all our lamentations and broad accusations at this point little more than another instrument joining in the symphony of snivel which has so sadly become the sound track of our "movement" of late? I know all too well the frustration you feel, comrade, but since our grumbling has failed to get us anywhere, maybe it's time we start identifying who and what is at the root of the problem we are trying to fix.
In your article, you posed a question, "if a self styled leader consistently fails or refuses to support any of our political prisoners, can he be counted on to support you, should you be unfortunate enough to face the fire?" The clear answer to that question is no, they cannot be counted on! The next logical question then becomes "who in their right mind would want, need or respect such a leader?" Some seem to forget that a leader is supposed to be above all, a comrade to those who follow him. His duty is to guide and care for those he leads and his highest honor is his loyalty. A "leader" who is not loyal to his comrades in word and deed is devoid of honor and unworthy of respect let alone a following. If anyone wonders what is the cause for the shameful treatment of political prisoners, pure and simple, it's a blatant lack of loyalty and the blame for this sickness must first be laid at the feet of our "leaders," for it's the "leaders" who set the example for others to follow. 
As it stands now, the example being set is one of neglect and indifference, and it's being followed to the detriment of our "movement's" political prisoners. The time has come for any "leader" worthy of the title to set a new and correct example for others to follow. Any "leader" who lays claim to honor and loyalty not only has the right but the duty to demand open expressions of those sacred ideals and virtues. Rhetoric, phrases and well worn slogans have become hollow and meaningless. It is the example which shows substance. It is the example that serves as visible affirmation of ideals and virtues. We must demand that any "leader" or "organization" which claim to support political prisoners show the support by example. Practical support for political prisoners can be shown in a variety of ways. Off the top of my head, a leader, group or organization can:
1) Make political prisoner support a requirement for membership, a pre-requisite for promotion or at the very least, praise it as a noble virtue throughout the "movement;"
2) Political prisoner "pages" can be established on websites and in print organs, providing political prisoners a forum as well as a means to acquire wider support;
3) Organizational print and electronic media can be made available to political prisoner advocates so they can publicize and condemn ZOG abuse of political prisoners as well as distribute information relevant to political prisoners and political prisoner support.
4) Political prisoner discounts can be offered for all books, literature and products an organization carries, allowing political prisoners to purchase them at cost. 
For the families of political prisoners, individuals and organizations should, as a matter of honor, make it their duty to look after the welfare of their spouse's political activity and subsequent incarceration.
1) A nationwide, non-partisan donation fund can be established for the relief of political prisoners' family members;
2) Groups and organizations, big and small, can organize monthly food and clothing drives for the benefit of the families of politial prisoners;
3) For the children of political prisoners who are perhaps the most adversely effected when deprived of a parent, an annual toy drive can be established allowing every child of a political prisoner to receive a toy or present in their father's [or mother's--some of our political prisoners are women--jwg] name over the holidays. Our young ones should grow up knowing their fathers [or mothers] are heroes and feeling the gratitude of a thankful folk.
I offer these as practical ways of supporting political prisoners and their families. What kind of leader or organization wouldn't be proud to implement some or all of these? Aside from the direct benefit to political prisoners and their families, how much benefit would an organization reap in respect, prestige and recruitment when by example they set themselves high and above the empty rhetoric of others and affirm the ideals of honor and loyalty which are so fundamental to our ideology?
In your [Mr Gerhardt's] article, you drew the line in the sand and stated to the "leaders" and the "movement" at large, "you either support political prisoners or you support ZOG." If that's the case, then it must be made clear to political prisoners, "you either support those who support us, or you support ZOG."
Political prisoners must realize their worth and stop allowing the shameful state of affairs to exist. We are not the powerless door mats our oppressors strive  to make us feel like. We are proud and noble men and women and assets to our cause. Our conviction, zeal and adherence to duty, the same qualities which led to our "prosecution," still reside within us. Political prisoners have much to contribute aside from their living example. Some of the most inspiring  and thought provoking articles flow from the souls and the pens of political prisoners. We contribute much of the original artwork and poetry which circulates throughout the "movement." Our hard earned money is spent on books, literature and products, lending financial support to many a pro-Eurofolk organization. But, if our contributions are being made to ungrateful and dishonorable people, who do not lend support in return, then the time has come to withhold our support to those who are unworthy to receive it. The time has come for "leaders" and "organizations" to be held accountable for the shabby treatment of political prisoners. Any who "claim" to support our political prisoners but don't, along with any who flat out refuse to support political prisoners, deserve to have their hypocrisy exposed for all to see. No longer should we allow the rot to exist. Let the light of the truth shine on their actions (or lack thereof) and deny them the sanctuary of the shadows and anonymity! Let those who have no honor and loyalty be publicly named so their deeds can be judged openly by men and women of honor, and if found guilty in the honor court of the racial community, may they be rightfully disreputed and boycotted by all political prisoners and by all who are loyal to them.
Once we begin to identify the rot and remove it, let leaders and organizations possessing honor make their way to the front and as living examples trumpet the message loud and clear! We hold the concepts of honor and loyalty to be sacred and we will not allow them to become blocked or entangled in the barbed wire perimeter fences of ZOG's gulags. Political soldiers who march in our columns and offer selfless service in the advancement of our cause will not be forsaken when they fall! To these men and women and organizations let us pledge our loyalty! And to them shall we pledge our support. With the same amount of vigor we devote to exposing and condemning those who support ZOG, let us praise, applaud and commend those who support political prisoners.
You either support political prisoners or you support ZOG. May your example make it clear where you stand.
                                                      For the Blood and Honor,
                                                      Matt Faessel, 32529
                                                      Ely State Prision
                                                      PO Box 1989
                                                      Ely, NV 89301
Matt's criticism of me not specifically naming names of those who forsake our political prisoners, or worse backbite them or support known traitors who testified against them or helped contribute to their imprisonment, may be valid. Privately I have done this with many.. Publicly, an old habit of being circumspect. Otherwise, it would be easier to mention those who do support our political prisoners, they are few enough, while those who are allowed to continue to refuse to support our political prisoners while still having the gall and ego to expect your continued support, if named would be a very long list. Real leaders who merit our support do not abandon those who follow or work with them, but can always be expected to be counted upon without even being asked for real support when one truly needs it in a time of crisis. An old fashioned or antiquated attitude, perhaps, but those who become involved in LibRA soon learn this is our attitude and one of our main governing principles. One with honor stands by ones own. For those who genuinely care (and all of you should), it becomes obvious who supports our political prisoners--by their reports and by their actions, as LibRA and those with our association demonstrate--and those who do not by their silence on the issue.. A growing number of our political prisoners are realizing they now have at least with LibRA a voice. A growing number are also expressing the sentiment (so far Matt is the only one to do so in statements meant for public distribution) of no longer accepting the proposition that our political prisoners can be snubbed or spurned, while those outside the wires and walls who feign being pro-Eurofolk should be allowed to continue to act as if support for them by political prisoners or other pro-Eurofolk should be taken for granted. A growing number are realizing neither they nor we outside prisons should have to put up with this non-sense. Many of those active in LibRA are learning that we don't have to resign ourselves to sniveling and whining, as Matt phrases it, but that we can actually do something about some things. The first task continues to be raising awareness. There will always be those too shallow to get the point. As for the practical suggestions, this online e-newsletter is partially intended to be a forum for our political prisoner members--or even our regular prisoner members taking a stand which more outside the gulags would do well to emulate. In due time we will have our own website, and their will be pages for prisoners. As we grow, our ability for more practical support efforts such as those Matt suggests grows. 
                                                         John W Gerhardt 
The Standard By Which To
Determine Those Who Are For Real
From Those Who Are "Let's Pretenders"
Thank you so much for this article.  It is simply great.  You wrote it from the heart, from experience, and with a "tell it as it is" style.  This great article will become widely read over time.  It should become the standard by which activists are judged. Those who do not support the men and women who have fallen on the field of struggle are not really a part of the struggle.  Rather they are just useless hangers-on of no value to themselves, their beliefs, or their folk.
Indeed, the standard you outline for support of prisoners and contributions to the aid of prisoners and their families should determine whether or not we associate and work with others. This standard should determine who is a legitmate member of the struggle and who is just playing "let's pretend."  Not supporting political prisoners is the equivalent of saying one does not really believe in this struggle.  We can thus determine by this one standard of conduct---those who are real---and those who are useless hangers-on.
                                                                         Thank you again,
                                                                         Louis Beam      
  .   .   .   
This takes a while to read.  But it needs to be read because of the men who are in jail as political prisoners and need our help.  I ask that we not abandon those who stood for the folk.
The man who wrote this essay, John Gerhardt, did almost ten years himself. I used to send him money and write him.  Now he helps other political prisoners and I send him money to distribute to those who need it.  He can be trusted.  Please forward his email to those who you think would help our political prisoners.
                                                                                    Louis Beam
Chester Doles Speaks Out
In Response To A Defining Issue :
 I began corresponding with John Gerhardt in about 2000, while I was the Georgia Regional Co-Ordinator for the National Alliance, appointed by Dr. William Pierce himself. I realized immediately that this is a very serious and sincere activist.
Who would have known that three years later I'd be rounded up in a JTTF/ZOG "sting" of White Nationalists, and thrown into this human sewer known as the federal prison system. I found out personally just how very important LibRA and John Gerhardt are. John has offered to help with legal and civil actions on my behalf that my very own "paid" attornies refused to touch. He has stayed in contact with my wife and children. John has kept me updated on events and current legal rulings that effect all political prisoners.
 In John's recent article, A Defining Issue, he struck to the core of the reality and truths of our so-called "movement" regarding political prisoners. It's a shame that for a White Nationalist activist to gain credibility he either has to be incarcerated or killed, and what's even worse is that once he is incarcerated in one of ZOG's gulags he's abandoned by his so-called "friends" and "comrades." His family is forgotten and left to fend for themselves, often ending up in Section 8 housing, living with animals and forced to draw food stamps to feed their children while their husbands and fathers rot in these federal shitholes.
My case in point, from 2000 until March 7, 2003, I had built and organized one of the largest, most professional and most active units in the history of the National Alliance. The Georgia Unit under my leadership even built our own meeting hall in the North Georgia Mountains (and it's still there).  I appointed our own media and public relations specialist, as well as establishing committees for special projects. We held rallies in Gainesville (a.k.a. Gangsville/Little Mexico) every year at the courthouse, demanding immigration reform. I attended every demonstration in Washington, DC, in front of the German Embassy, Israeli Embassy, and was one of the official marshalls to lead our march from Union Station to the Capitol Lawn, protesting America's slavish support for Israel. I attended eight consecutive leadership conferencs in Hillsboro.
My point is, where are all of my friends and comrades now? There have been a handful of friends who have remained supportive (you know who you are) but as John stated in A Defining Issue, "most will disappoint you and you'll be mostly on your own." If it were not for  those few dedicated supporters, my  family wouldn't of even had a Christmas/Yule this year. 
Federal prison is no joking matter, friends, especially if you're a poltical prisoner.. We are belittled and forced to live side by side with animalistic creatures in human form, where homosexuality is common place. Some of us have sacrified more than others, some have sacrified all. Shouldn't we at least remember these men and give them the honor they so righteously deserve?
I've received many letters in the past stating "You are not forgotten," and I sincerely appreciate the thought. But, friends, how hard would it be to send $20 every so often to a political prisoner? It may be just $20 to you, but behind the wire it buys a man a little pride and dignity, to be able at least to go to the commissary once in a while. It's bad enough being in here, much less being in here broke, not even to have a cup of coffee.
This brings me to another very important matter. I've been involved in our "movement" my entire life and never have I seen or read about any organization being established, to give pensions to political prisoners and/or their families. Even the IRA has what is known as the Green Cross, whose sole purpose is to care for their incarcerated comrades and families. Upon my release, I'm going to make an honest effort to establish a White Cross, whose purpose will be to raise funds and pay pensions to qualified political prisoners. Take the Order POW's,  for example.  They have sacrificed their lives, homes, wives, children, they have sacrificed all. Shouldn't we at least give them honor, pride and integrity in their lives in the form of pensions? Then we can truly say: you are not forgotten!
So, as John asks in A Defining Issue, do you support the political prisoner or do you support ZOG?  Friends, I know personally as a fact that we have some very influential and wealthy people amongst our ranks. We have some of the most intelligent people on Earth with us. It should be a simple matter of setting up profitable businesses whose sole purpose would be raising funds for qualified political prisoners "pensions," as well as a legal defense fund with retainers pre-paid to sincere and sympathetic law firms. When we can take care of our own, then we can seriously consider ourselves a "movement."
This entire ordeal has been such an awakening for my family and me. My wife and I spent our entire savings promoting the National Alliance. I thought everyone was as sincere as we were, but then I got "arrested" and reality set in. I was shocked how the National Office began to distance itself from me, almost immediately. (Had Dr. Pierce been alive, there's not a doubt in my mind that he would have hired a team of attorneys to not only defend me, but to defend National Alliance.) If it weren't for the dedicated among the membership, I would have ended up with a ZOG appointed attorney (which, in retrospect, might not have been any worse), but that's not the point. We must be capable of taking care of our own or just throw in the towel and give up.
Our so-called "movement" has become so commercialized and broken into so many fractions, that it's become a powerless joke! Where is the sincerity? Where is the honor? Why can't we all join under one flag, based on race, survival, our own homeland? Are those not the very essence of our Cause? The ego and power trips must come to a halt.
 I'm done marching in the streets, or holding rallies in corn fields, or hosting so-called private meetings. In John's article, A Defining Issue, he states that almost all political prisoners are non-active upon release. Can you blame them? Most lose their homes, wives, children and to make matters worse, their "comrades" and "organizations" they were with desert them. I for one, friends, will not jump back on the same bandwagon running in circles instead of moving forward.
 I have ideas and we desperately need change and direction. Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but what is the alternative? John Gerhardt and LibRA will no doubt be a major part of our struggle as we continue to march forward and take more casualties. Let's get a network in place to protect and support our own.   John speaks about political prisoners from first hand knowledge. LibRA is an invaluable asset to our Cause, it's our duty to support this noble endeavor. 
You either support the political prisoner or you support ZOG!
Written on 16 January, 2006, as my way of commemorating Michael King Day.
                                        Chester Doles,
                                        National Alliance Co-Ordinator,
                                        Political Prisoner & LibRA Member 
A Defining Issue
 No matter how good a game someone may be able to talk, no matter what others may say about someone, as one gets to know them, it is the behavior, and the attitudes their behavior betrays them as really having, which determines how one comes to view them. Their continued, consistent behavior ultimately determines whether they are viewed as worthwhile, honorable, dependable, trustworthy or decent, or are viewed as unreliable, untrustworthy, dishonest, phony or contemptible. Most of us will use this standard to determine not only how we come to view individuals, but whole groups of individuals, regardless of whether the group is racial or ethnic, religious, political, social, or defined by nationality, class or by some other category. If many of those in a defined group or category one encounters seem to be decent, honest, trustworthy, respectable or possessing any of a number of other virtues, one will come to view the group, despite its exceptions, as being decent, honest, trustworthy, respectable or having any of a number of other virtues. If many of those in a defined group or category seem to be deceitful, unreliable, worthless, contemptible or having any of a number of other bad character traits, one will come to view the whole group, despite its exceptions, as deceitful, unreliable, worthless, contemptible or having any of a number of other bad character traits.
Too few of those who like to tell each other how pro-Eurofolk or pro-White they claim to be are willing to admit that the same standard so many of us use to determine how we view others, is used by others to determine how they view what some of us call the the pro-Eurofolk or pro-White or White Nationalist "movement." Neither the lies and defamations of our enemies, nor the protests of those of us who are actually sincere and sensible who some would categorize as some sort of exceptio, nor the spins of self-appointed lets pretend emperors railing about how competing self-appointed lets pretend emperors have no clothes while they ignore their own state of undress, will determine how others come to view pro-Eurofolk groups or those in the pro-Eurofolk cause as much as the behavior and attitudes of pro-Eurofolk  individuals they personally observe or is reported to them by people they know and with whom they associate.
How one handles real world issues or problems will have more of an impact on how others may come to view one more than any words from anyone, regardless of whether the rhetoric comes from those supportive of one or spewed out by those hostile to one. This is especially true when it comes to how one responds to a crisis which personally effects oneself or others. A key issue with which what has been called the pro-Eurofolk  "movement" has a pathetic track record–a defining issue many seem reluctant to even acknowledge is an issue–is how those professing to be pro-Eurofolk have treated our political prisoners. No other issue more clearly reveals those who are sincere, committed, trustworthy, dependable and with the moral courage and integrity of what they say are their principles and beliefs, and those who are shallow, unreliable, shamming lets pretenders who are moral cowards devoid of any of the principles and beliefs they prattle to others about having. When ZOG makes a pro-Eurofolk activist, spokesman or leader a political prisoner, everyone else who claims to be pro-Eurofolk does but one of two things. One either supports the political prisoner or one supports ZOG. Regardless of what you may or may not say, you do one or the other. If you do not support the political prisoner, by default you support ZOG.
Those who are in contact with me to some extent are aware of my active involvement in prison reform issues. One reason for such extensive involvement–and a main reason those who claim to be pro-Eurofolk should also be–is the fact that our political prisoners are not confined in a vacuum. What happens in America's prisons not only effects our political prisoners, it makes possible what happens to them. A few years ago I sent out a report on the brutal assault to which Order POW, political prisoner and LibRA member Gary Yarbrough was subjected to by guards. This assault was not some isolated act of violence. Assaults and beatings and the more frequent lesser acts of retaliation, harassment and abuse perpetrated upon prisoners by prisoncrats and by the race traitor or "affirmative action" goons they employ as guards, occurs almost daily throughout America's gulag system. Rampant abuses in America's prison industrial complex–as well as a seemingly pervasive abuse, corruption and injustice in what is euphemistically referred to as America's "criminal justice system"–set the stage for any and all of the abuses to which our political prisoners, already singled out for an especially vindictive, irrational hatred, are subjected.
Prison employees hate and fear outside attention. Often how much or how little outside support a prisoner has will effect how much and what kind of retaliation or abuse to which a prisoner may be subjected. Known strong outside support some times deters prisoncrats and their jailer employees from abusing or harassing a prisoner. Perceived lack of outside support or attention encourages retaliation and abuse against a prisoner, and is viewed by those whose mentalities are already warped enough for them to want to be jailers as consent to atrocities they commit or contemplate.
You either support the political prisoner or you support ZOG. All that is necessary for you to do to support ZOG against the political prisoner is...nothing. When ZOG strikes, the newest political prisoner and his or her family desperately need your support. ZOG needs only to strengthen its case by the political prisoner being weakened by being forsaken by you and by others who like to claim to be pro-Eurofolk. When you abandon or, worse, back bite and turn on a political prisoner, you weaken the political prisoner and strengthen ZOG, and for all practical purposes you give your silent support to ZOG. Seeing how less expensive it is to go after pro-Eurofolk activists or leaders than others, the appetite of the beast is whetted for more.
Long ago I lost count of the number of times I've known of when ZOG has struck against someone it has targeted, almost every other pro-Eurofolk has reacted, not by standing with the newest political prisoner, but by running, hiding and trying to distance themselves. I've often wondered, what are these people thinking? Are any of them thinking at all? On Monday they are all rah, rah, rah with the pro0-Eur0fok activist or leader and what he is doing. Tuesday ZOG strikes and throws the pro-Eurofolk individual into jail. On Wednesday they are all ducking, hiding and impersonating ostriches. By Thursday a few peek ever so timidly from behind drawn curtains and closed doors to see if ZOG is coming to knock on their doors, then ever so quickly duck back inside. On Friday, they're all still trembling, hiding and hoping that ZOG has forgotten they exist. Perhaps they are imagining that in some zoglodyte office somewhere some fed is asking another fed, "Hey, wasn't there this other pro-Eurofolk hanging around political prisoner x?" The other fed pauses, thinks, shakes his head and replies, "I can't remember if there was or not. There isn't anyone around now so maybe there wasn't anyone else." All the previously self-proclaimed pro-Eurofolk people hiding, sweating and shivering, never seem to ask themselves why they are out of jail, free to hide, sweat and shiver, instead of being in jail with their erstwhile "comrade." It never occurs to them that the reason they're not also in jail is isn't because they hiding (or think they are) but because they weren't targeted by ZOG along with the political prisoner in the first place.
Whether on TV or in movies, ever notice how most "crime stories" all tend to share the same general plot? The cops spend the entire time "investigating," chasing and trying to ensnare the so-called "bad guy." The story concludes when they capture or "arrest" the "bad guy" and lead him away into oblivion. The end. If there is a follow up to the story the scene shifts to the court rooms and then some times into the prison system. But the "crime story" itself is over. The reason for this standard plot is that it more or less reflects what happens in the real world. "Arrests" are made when the "investigations" are completed and it has been determined who will and will not be charged and with what "offenses." Anyone around who is not "arrested" usually isn't going to be, because if he was also targeted he'd be in jail, too.
When ZOG strikes, it may seem "new" and "sudden" to those who may learn of the newest political prisoner. But the imprisonment of a political prisoner isn't the beginning of anything.. It's a conclusion of time and effort spent by ZOG or its local zoglodyte courtesans to contrive some means or excuse to jail someone. Everyone who has been successfully targeted is captured in one co-ordinated swoop. Everyone who was not also grabbed isn't going to be. All of the cowards and phonies who scamper to abandon the newest political prisoner are left free to flee, hide and tremble because they aren't going to be thrown into jail with him.
This is a time of crisis when a pro-Eurofolk individual and his family need the support of others who also profess to be pro-Eurofolk the most, but too often get it the least. This is the moment of truth which glaringly and ruthlessly reveals who are phony, shallow, cowardly or blustering blow-hards devoid of any real inner substance and who are all worthless, and those who are sincere and for real, with a genuine inner integrity with a real moral courage of their convictions, who prove by their actions that they are dependable, trustworthy and embody the spirit of what we mean by the terms "friend," "comrade," "kinsmen" or "kinswoman." The ones who are true are the ones who step forward to do all they can to help the political prisoner and his family. The ones who are phony and worthless are the ones who forsake him.
Those who flee usually do so because they fear they will attract ZOG's attention to themselves, as if they hadn't already done so, if they stand with the political prisoner. In over 38 years involvement, of those who proved true, who stepped forward to support a political prisoner, I haven't known of a single one who was "arrested" because of his support of a political prisoner. In 1988 some were successful in organizing mass demonstrations and a public information campaign throughout Arkansas to support the political prisoners who were defendants in the then pending Ft Smith "Sedition" Trial. This rare outpouring of support was a factor in the Ft Smith political prisoners winning acquittal.. None of those who organized or participated in this public information campaign or in any of the mass demonstrations later ended up in jail because of it. The fear of ZOG showing up to throw into jail anyone who stands up for any of our political prisoners has always been a baseless figment of a coward's over-active imagination. Yes, I know there have been incidents of feds or their local zoglodyte counter-parts showing up to "question" someone claiming to be pro-Eurofolk after they have made their "arrests." The purpose of such visits was to either intimidate one into inactivity, to fish for information, or to try to scare or persuade someone to become an informant. Those who were subjected to such visits should have felt insulted. The professed pro-Eurofolk activists were targeted for such visits because some sleazy informant presented his ZOG handlers with character profiles of them suggesting that they were cowardly enough, or morally bankrupt enough, to be susceptible to such tactics. If the ones subjected to the unwelcome visits were going to be "arrested," they would have been swooped down upon and taken away, not merely questioned or threatened.
As bad as those who run and hide are another bunch of cowards and phonies who opt not to disappear from the pro-Eurofolk scene, but instead try to pretend as if there are no political prisoners. Even when one of their own members or supporters is imprisoned, these ersatz "leaders" will remain silent and never do or say anything to support a political prisoner,not even their own. We have had some who have published periodicals for years but who have rarely if ever run an article in support of a single political prisoner. When confronted, they'll usually try to ignore the issue or, failing that, try to offer some excuse as pathetic and as specious,  as irrelevant many of their publications have increasingly become. If a self-styled "leader" consistently fails or refuses to support any of our political prisoners, can he be counted on to support you should you be unfortunate enough to be forced to face the fire? If he consistently fails or refuses to support any of our political prisoners, does he not by default support ZOG's imprisonment of them? Does such a "leader" merit your support?
Even worse are those who, after ZOG strikes, backbite the newest political prisoner. Some are cowards trying to rationalize away their cowardice in abandoning our political prisoners with excuses such as their presumed "guilt" of whatever ZOG's "criminal charges" may be. When anyone does that, in effect he legitimizes ZOG and denounces the political prisoner. Or they rant about how allegedly stupid the political prisoner may have been. Or some other excuse. Any other excuse. Just so they won't have to made to look as if they're not doing the right thing. Upon what do they base their backbiting? Not upon any factual information they may know or made an effort to find out, but almost exclusively upon controlled media stories. So many who claim to be pro-Eurofolk or nationalists or patriots will opine how the controlled media distorts, misrepresents or just plain lies, especially about anyone or anything pro-Eurofolk. Any more just about everyone knows that feds, prosecutors, cops or anyone else associated with "law enforcement" or the "criminal justice system" generally routinely lie, even when they don't need to. Yet, it amazes me how, when someone pro-Eurofolk is accused by ZOG of something and jailed, there are always those who also claim to be pro-Eurofolk who will circulate but never question the accuracy of media libels. As if those with the media or "law enforcement" or with ZOG in some other capacity all of a sudden just this once are truthful and reliable. Reflect. When you hear or read some controlled media "report" about some pro-Eurofolk patriot being "arrested" and charged with something, aren't you hearing or reading one bunch of liars quoting another bunch of liars?
Some backbite because they are so caught up in their infighting or petty jealousies that they act as if they view ZOG's strike against yet another pro-Eurofolk  as some sort of opportunity to rid themselves of a rival. There used to be a time when most would suspend whatever feud they were in, but that level of decency seems not to have been maintained. Instead, they'll circulate media stories occasionally spiced with their own rumor-mongering, do all they can to undermine support for the political prisoner or even rejoice over ZOG's latest victimization. As if they view the fellow pro-Eurofolk with whom they were feuding as being more of an enemy than ZOG. When someone who claims to be pro-Eurofolk begins to view another pro-Eurofolk as more of an enemy than ZOG, do we not have a very serious problem? Has someone's sense of priorities become seriously skewered?,How different are characters like that from the race traitors or system suck lemmings who also support ZOG against our political prisoners?
As if such a pathetic track record isn't already enough of a disgrace, some of those professing to be pro-Eurofolk have shown their capacity to sink even lower in shame. There are those of us who have been around long enough to remember a time when, if someone became known to be an informant/traitor, it would have been unthinkable for him to have been allowed to continue associating with pro-Eurofolk groups or to be allowed a come-back. Now, we have known and proven traitors/informants openly trying to make a come back–even while political prisoners they betrayed are still in prison–with the acquiescence if not overt support of some who want us to believe they are supposed to be pro-Eurofolk "leaders." Some are so morally bankrupt that to them, to allow a known traitor/informant a come back and to associate or even "lead" pro-Eurofolk groups is now supposed to be a subject open to question and debate. One of the more obnoxious of the traitors/informants wanting to be allowed to make a come-back is one Frazier Glen Miller. In the 80's Miller headed a North Carolina based group which held a few impressive rallies and marches. Miller then ratted on two of his officers, Robert Jackson and Doug Sheets, who both ended up spending time in prison. Miller then went on to testify against Robert E Miles, Louis Beam, Richard Butler, the Order prisoners and other defendants in the 1988 Ft Smith "Sedition" Trial. A decade later, apparently feeling no further need to remain hidden in the witness protection program, Miller attempted to resurface and bluster his way back in. Some of the more shallow and mercenary of those holding themselves out to be pro-Eurofolk "leaders" either promoted this traitor's come back or gave the type of consent given by silence. Some received rather generous donations of what had to be ZOG tainted money. It is a common tactic of informants or infiltrators to try to buy their way in with large donations with money provided to them by ZOG, and those who reportedly accepted this money ($30,000, according to unrefuted boasts Miller posted online) not only have been around long enough to know this, but to also know of Miller's past performance as a traitor/informant. There were a few who attempted to warn others about Miller but they were generally ignored because some gave a higher priority to their feuding with the ones who tried to raise the alarm than to the serious warning they tried to make.
Too many excuses were being allowed to be made and too many claiming to be "leaders" were ducking the issue which should never be an issue. Some of our political prisoners, including some of the Order prisoners (six of whom are LibRA associate members) against whom Miller had testified, wrote to me and to numerous others expressing their outrage. Already virtually forgotten or ignored by too much the menagerie some call the pro-Eur0folk "movement," the injury was being compounded by the added indignity of seeing traitors ZOG had used against them being welcomed back with little resistance. A few years ago I asked each of the Order POW's to send their own statements debunking some of the lies and spins put out by Miller and by those supporting him. As these statements arrived, I sent them out to those on my then smaller e-mail list. Many on my list in turn posted it elsewhere and, surprisingly, an Internet firestorm was ignited which could not be ignored by those wanting to be viewed as our "leaders" but who, for whatever reason, had been reluctant to say or do anything and had by their silence and inaction allowed Miller's attempted come back to get as far as it did. Some did the right thing and issued their own denunciation of Miller, but too many still seem to lack the moral courage to publicly denounce this traitor and those who support him. To add further shame, Miller is not the only traitor/informant to be allowed at least an attempted come back.
Consider for a moment just what kind of message something as shameful as this sends to traitors/informants, past, current or future, to political prisoners and to everyone else? Reflect on what effect something as disgraceful and shameful as known traitors/informants being allowed to even think they have a chance for a come back has upon the enemies of the pro-Eurofolk cause, upon our political prisoners and their families, upon other pro-Eurofolk people, or even upon average White Americans many of you complain about not wanting to join or support pro-Eurofolk groups? "PC" race traitors have used the disgrace of allowing known traitors/informants to try a come back to discredit the pro-Eurofolk cause, and one race traitor site even came up with a mock "Glen Miller Award" to those who cause harm to pro-Eurofolk groups while claiming to be pro-Eurofolk. Those who have either collaborated with known traitors/informants or have allowed them to circulate in pro-Eurofolk circles with their consent by their silence have shown themselves and the "groups" they claim to "lead" to be rather sorry jokes and who, because in the eyes of some they represent the pro-Eurofolk cause, induce many to view the whole so-called "movement" that way. There is the anomaly of so many wanting to be pro-Eurofolk hiding behind their anonymous sounding e-mail handles and who have been reduced to a virtual "movement" of cyber slinkies, who are so paranoid about others learning who they are or are afraid to attend meetings or be more positively active, because they are terrified over the prospect someone may be an infiltrator or informant, yet, when confronted with known traitors/informants being allowed back in, say or do nothing and thus allow it, or even support the traitor directly or, just as bad, indirectly by continuing to support or make excuses for the "leaders" who go along with it.
Even without the use of known informants/traitors being allowed attempted come backs, the damage caused by abandonment of our political prisoners is more enormous than too many seem willing to consider. Have you ever seriously asked yourself what would happen to you and your family should you ever be compelled to face the fire? Who among your "comrades" are you certain you will be able to depend upon? (Former or current political prisoners already know the bitter answer to this question.) Unless there is a fundamental change in attitude, you may have a few friends who will prove to be true, but most will disappoint you and you'll be mostly on your own. Consider the effect upon the political prisoner. Upon the political prisoner's family, friends and acquaintances, most of whom at best have not been very supportive of the political prisoner's pro-Eurofolk involvement. Serious financial and other hardships are imposed upon the political prisoner's family, who are compelled to turn to others for help (if they can find anyone at all) because almost every pro-Eurofolk associate of the political prisoner has deserted him and is nowhere around. Whatever negative perceptions they may have had about the pro-Eurofolk cause is reinforced by the embitterment of being forsaken. Everyone who knows the political prisoner or his family observes this and concludes that everyone else involved in the pro-Eurofolk cause must be just as worthless or worse.
Some may wonder why so many political prisoners, after having to sacrifice so much, when they are finally released are relatively inactive. Only those who have faced the fire know what it is like to be confronted by the ugliest of the beast, one of the most powerful forces on earth with all the vast resources at its disposal, while you're there all alone, all by yourself, with hardly anyone on your side. Or what it takes to maintain ones integrity and honor and not break despite all to which you are subjected or threatened with. When it is over, the disappointment, the heart break, of being forsaken by so many, or the sting of the compounded injury of being victimized by backbiting and slander from those who are supposed to be supporting you, inflicts deep wounds and scars which never really heal. Not even for those who resume being active but who almost always will have a different outlook than before. Too often the void left by the loss of good or potentially worthy real leaders now tested and hardened by the fire is filled by phonies, cowards, ego-trippers, dysfunctionals and losers who ZOG always seems to leave alone–the self-promoted lets pretend wanna-be "leaders" so many of you complain about.
 A fundamental change in attitude is as needed as it is overdue. This change begins, not by pointing fingers at others, but by taking a serious look in the mirror. (There are a few of those on my list for whom this will not be necessary, and you know who you are.) How many political prisoners do you support? How many do you write? How many families of political prisoners have you made yourself available to for moral and other more practical support? The next time ZOG strikes, will you run and hide and desert the political prisoner, or will you do the only honorable thing which is to do all you can to help and support him? When you see others abandon any of our political prisoners, will you tolerate their shameful cowardice and let them think they're getting away with it? When you hear someone backbite any of our political prisoners or read their defamatory comments, will you sheepishly remain quiet or will you confront them with the demand to know why they in effect support ZOG instead of the political prisoner? Will you continue to support or make excuses for "leaders" who refuse to support our political prisoners and by default support ZOG? Will you continue to support or give silent consent or make excuses for those who support or allow the presence or come back of known traitors and informants, or will you add your voice to those who demand either repudiate known traitors/informants or be treated as one?
Realize this. You either support the political prisoner or you support ZOG. If you do not support the political prisoner, then by default you support ZOG. Those who are phony, shamming, shallow lets-pretenders and cowards will support ZOG by refusing to support the political prisoner. Those who are sincerely committed, who are serious and for real, will support the political prisoner and not ZOG. If you want to be taken seriously, you'll have to start being serious. If you claim to be pro-Eurofolk, do you want to be proud or ashamed of what you're involved with? Have the moral courage and integrity to support our political prisoners and you will be justified in having pride in our cause. Help perpetuate the shameful record of the so-called pro-Eurofolk "movement" in forsaking our political prisoners and, despite all your delusional pretending, you will earn your fair share of the shame.
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