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By Jim Condit Jr.



Date: 1/12/09 7:33 PM
From: Jim Condit Jr.
To: "The Birdman" <>
Subject: {NA} Stunning Victory! ... and Stunning Persecution ... As We Enter 2009!

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January 12, 2009 NA (Network America) e-wire

Stunning Victory! ... and Stunning Persecution -
As We Enter 2009!

"We are living in an age of lies," one of my
mentors told me over a decade ago. It is an age
of lies because those who control our mass
communication channels are clever and
accomplished deceivers. They are playing Chess,
while we their intended victims are playing
simple checkers - or are not even aware a "game"
is being played at all.

One of the very obvious mass deception operations
is that bimbo celebrities of both sexes (like
Brittney Spears, Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton) get
endless news coverage, while the information
controllers hide from the public's view the
REALLY important issues of our time.

Another mass deception that has turned into a
battle is going on RIGHT NOW. Our heroes are Pete
Hendrickson, author of the watershed book
"Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About
Taxation in America," and a handful of everyday
Americans working at the IRS (Internal Revenue
Service), whose names I do not know. Our villains
are the top wirepullers at the IRS, who are
engaged in Soviet style tactics against Pete
Hendrickson to protect their exploitation of tens
of millions of "income receiving" Americans.


In late 2008, the front line workers at the IRS
conceded that day-trader Bruce G. of Arizona did
NOT owe "income" tax on some $6 million that had
passed through his bank account. Bruce, using the
sound research in Pete Hendrickson's book
"Cracking the Code," was successfully able to
argue that the money in question was not
"income," was not federally privileged, and was
thus not subject to "income" tax.

Thousands of people have been educated as Bruce
was by Pete Hendrickson's "Cracking the Code."
Altogether, they have retained or been refunded
(by the IRS) well over $9,000,000 (that's nine
million dollars!) since the book was first
published in 2003. (The current recovery total
posted on Hendrickson's website,, is $9,644,422.83, and that
figure comprises only what has been relayed back
to him by those who have followed his example.)
(Period needed here -- see it in red!)

Hendrickson is careful to state that it was
Congress ITSELF that provided a way for all
Americans to free themselves from "income" tax
each and every year. While the tax protest
movement insists that income tax is
unconstitutional and unlawful, Hendrickson's
research (from an assiduous examination of over 6
million words of Internal Revenue Code and the
accompanying statutory law) informs us that the
income tax IS in fact perfectly lawful, but is
far from the voracious monster we believe it to
be. As an excise tax, NOT a direct tax, it
applies only to revenue in which the federal
government has a direct ownership interest. For
a simplified (and very clear) explanation of how
income tax pertains to the earnings of Americans
as explained in Pete Hendrickson's "Cracking the
Code," please see the important website

One reason I call Pete Hendrickson our hero is
because of the thousands of hours he spent
reading the millions of words in the hugely
convoluted IRS Code, and the law from other cases
and places - so that the rest of us could
understand and protect ourselves against the anti
American tricks and bamboozlements which the
parasitic wirepullers at the top of the IRS
created for us.

The reason I also call some everyday (as of now
nameless) Americans who work at the IRS our
heroes, is because these individuals have had to
look with fresh eyes at the tax code - and have
realized that Pete Hendrickson's interpretation
of the law and the tax code is absolutely
correct. Over the years they have been conceding
"victories" to Hendrickson educated filers, and
they demonstrated clarity again by giving Bruce
G. of Arizona his $6 million release a few weeks

PLEASE NOTE: The uppermost Wirepullers and
Controllers of the IRS are ESSENTIALLY DIFFERENT
from the everyday American IRS employees who
acknowledged that Bruce G.'s and Pete
Hendrickson's interpretation of the law and the
tax code are correct. And that ESSENTIAL
DIFFERENCE will be explained at the end of this


Pete Hendrickson, author of "Cracking the Code,"
is now facing a Soviet-style (or Orwellian
"1984") prosecution/persecution from the VERY
HIGHEST TAX THUGS behind the IRS. He is facing
this persecution for his efforts to liberate all
of us from a false understanding of the tax
system as almost universally practiced in the
United States since 1942. (Since only as far back
as 1942? Yes, since only as far back as1942. See

These would be Enslavers of America are desperate
that Americans not wake up to their scam. They
are desperate that you continue to be deceived as
to what the tax system means, so that they can
continue to enjoy your surrender of 15% to 40% of
your income to the IRS (depending on your tax
bracket), for no reason at all except the
ignorance that you (and I) have been laboring

You see, if the correct interpretation of the law
and the tax code as explained by Pete Hendrickson
in "Cracking the Code" continues to catch on and
take hold in the minds of Americans - then two
pillars of the enslavement system which the
Pharisee Money Changers behind the IRS are trying
so feverish fasten around everyday citizens in
the USA will come crumbling down.

Those two pillars I am talking about are (1) the
continued successful extraction of billions of
dollars from American "earners" (blue collar and
white collar) every year, which these "earners"
DO NOT OWE to the IRS; and (2) the ability to
terrorize and almost always JAIL any prominent or
effective person the tyrants want to remove from
general circulation.


Over the last two decades or so, these Moral
Monsters behind the IRS have jailed TWO SITTING
CONGRESSMEN for no good reason whatsoever
except that each was an effective advocate for
the people against the likes of the top
wirepullers behind the IRS.

Former Congressman George Hansen, author of "To
Harass our People" (an indictment of IRS
misdeeds), served 15 months in jail in 1986 87,
during which time he was tortured and denied
medial treatment (many accounts of his
experiences can be found on the Internet). He had
long battled for the little guy against IRS
mistreatment. PLEASE NOTE: In 1995 Hansen's
conviction (which led to his imprisonment) was
overturned by the Supreme Court. The thugs behind
the IRS and related menacing entities (CIA,
Homeland Security, etc.) don't care if their
effective enemies are guilty - THEY JUST WANT

Same goes for former Congressman Jim Traficant,
slated to get out of his seven year prison term
in early 2009. There were several reasons why the
Feds wanted Traficant behind bars. Here's one of
them: in late 1997 Congressman Traficant led the
charge and got a bill passed into law requiring
the IRS to go to court before they could seize a
taxpayer's home. Until then in 1997 the IRS had
seized 10,500 homes without any court
proceedings. How many homes were seized by the
IRS in 1998 when they were required by law to go
to a court BEFORE seizing a citizen's home? ...
58 homes, as I recall.

Congressman Traficant himself said on the floor
of the House of Representatives that this one
piece of legislation alone was sufficient reason
that powerful forces wanted to have him put away.
(Michael Collins Piper has just published a book,
"Target Traficant," which details the persecution
of Jim Traficant and explains that he is not
guilty of anything for which he was railroaded
out of Congress and into imprisoned.)

There are other, less prominent people sitting in
jail right now on false or unjust charges.


In November 2008, the IRS filed felony charges
against author Pete Hendrickson. These are
serious charges that could result in a long
prison term. (By the way, the hijacked US
government has become notorious for illegally
packing the jury in such cases where they want to
make an example -- a political prisoner -- out
of someone.)

Hendrickson's "crime" is well CRACKING THE
CODE. He figured it out. That's his "crime."

Believe it or not, the IRS Top Thugs are not
claiming that Pete said anything false in his
book or in his tax filings. They are not asking
him to retract anything he said. What they want
him to do is say that he didn't believe what he
put on his tax return, even though everything he
put on his tax filings were honest, accurate, and
in total accord with US law and the IRS code.

What they are trying to create is a Soviet style
forced confession.
They want Pete, under fear of a long prison term,
to confess to something he doesn't believe in for
a lesser prison term - while all the while Pete
knows he's not guilty of anything - AND the IRS
thugs KNOW that Pete is not guilty of anything.

(However, it is important to understand this: in
the minds of these insidious Money Changers,
stepping between them and their exploited
victims, i.e., tens of millions of misinformed
tax payers, is FAR WORSE than being guilty of
some real crime!)

In fact, the top IRS Commissars know that Pete
Hendrickson has actually done heroic work that
could liberate tens of millions of Americans from
their schemes in the relatively near future.
That's why they've indicted Pete on such absurd
charges. And that's why they want to take him out
of circulation, put him in prison, and intimidate
any one else from using the law and the IRS code
to rebut or deny their alleged "taxable
activities," which is so expertly and accurately
explained in "Cracking the Code" (see for a simple preview).


I am speaking for myself only throughout this
article. Pete Hendrickson has had zero input into
this article, and neither he nor anyone else
except myself is responsible for anything I write
here. The hour is late, and I cannot wait for
those who have been slumbering, or resisting the
call of truth, to "get in the game."

There is an alien, criminal mind afoot in America
and world. The way this criminal mind thinks is
so alien to the decent thought processes of
normal Americans - that the everyday American
can't even believe that such people exist. But
they do.

This criminal mind is found in a relatively small
sect of mankind. This small sect has power
thousands of times beyond their numbers because
they grasp always for money, media, and positions
of power. This sect was behind Communism in
Russia and the 20 million Russians who were
murdered after they took control. And their
leaders now control the deplorable Democratic and
Republican Parties at the national level in the
USA in 2008. It is they who were behind
Soviet-style "confessions." It is they who
transformed our tax code from a relatively benign
"necessary evil" to the oppressive Behemoth that
it is today. It is they who have grasped control
of the central banks of the world, such as the
Federal Reserve Board in the USA, from which they
issue trillions to fund their world grasping
agenda. It is they who pulled off the incredible
2008 "banking crisis" theft by which millions of
Americans lost 40% of their pensions, their
retirements, and their 401Ks. It is they who lied
us into war in Iraq in 2003, and who are planning
more unnecessary wars and evils as I write this.

It is they who put former Congressman Hansen,
former Congressman Traficant, and many other
innocent Americans in jail who stood up to them
in one way or another.

This sect is best described as the Jewish
Supremacists, or, as I like to call them these
days, the NeoCon Jewish Crime Syndicate. (See
"High Priests of War," for a full explanation of
the term "NeoCon", as well as "Final Judgement,"
"The New Jerusalem," or any book by Michael
Collins Piper. See "Barbarians Inside the Gates"
by Colonel Donn de Grandpre, who learned of this
sect in his capacity as one of the top arms
dealers for the Pentagon to countries in the
Mideast in the mid to late 70s. See "The Israel
Lobby and US Foreign Policy" by Professors Walt
of Harvard and Mearsheimer of the University of
Chicago. See "They Dare to Speak Out," by former
Congressman Paul Findley; see the DVD "9/11
Missing Links" by Prothink, or the home page at, or many of the programs at ; see any books by the late
Douglas Reed, Ivor Benson, or Fr. Denis Fahey -
and the other thousands of books, audios, and
videos that I can't even begin to list here.)

The criminal mindset exhibited by this faction
comes from the Talmud, in which the Jews who
study it, or absorb its contents from fellow Jews
around them, are taught that they have the right
to cheat non Jews, kill non Jews, and use all
goyim (human cattle, i.e., non Jews) as their
footstool. (See "The Talmud Unmasked," Fr
Prainatis, 1904; "The Plot Against Christianity,"
Elizabeth Dilling, 1964, online at come and; "Judaism's Strange Gods" by Michael A.
Hoffman II, or Hoffman's newest work, "Judaism
Discovered," the first book ever banned by; also see the late Jewish author,
Israel Shahak, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
The Weight of 3000 Years," and "Sacred
Terrorism", compliced by Livia Rokach, also
online; this book is actually based on the
diaries of the 2nd Prime Minister of Israel,
Moshe Sharett. Again, this is just a sampling of
works available on this now planet threatening


I am half Irish and one quarter Italian -
Sicilian Italian. And if I were alive 60 years
ago I might have heard someone in America say
that the power of the Mafia had to be broken, and
that most of the visible Mafia leadership were
Sicilian Italians. Now, if I had, upon hearing
this, wailed, "You're anti Italian! Quit
slandering my people!" - then I hope you would
conclude that I was either part of the Mafia, or
that I was victim of a mind warping brainwash, or
that I was deranged.

And that's what you should think of any Jewish
person who cries "anti-Semitism" when someone
like myself spotlights the faction that is
pushing us towards a police state in the USA and
trying to foment more foreign wars so they can
increase their control over the population of the
world. I am not anti-Jewish. I am anti-criminal.
And the biggest criminal syndicate in the world
in our time happens to be powered by this sect
which can be dubbed many things, such as
Neocon/Zionist/Communist/Talmudist Jews. I
believe the most accurate term is "Jewish
Supremacists" or "Talmudic Jewish Supremacists".
But the most effective description as we enter
2009 is, "NeoCon Jewish Crime Syndicate." This
clearly delineates between those Jews working for
the current criminal drive for world domination,
and all the other Jews who are not consciously
arranging criminal aggressions against the rest
of mankind.

By the way, some of the most courageous battlers
against the IRS and the Ruling Elite have been
Jewish individuals, such as long time author Alan
Stang ("The Stang Report"), the late Jim and Ken
Collier ("Votescam: The Stealing of America"),
the late Aaron Russo (producer of the movie
"America: From Freedom to Fascism"), and "The
Zionist Connection II: What Price Peace?" by the
recently deceased Alfred M. Lilienthal.

But that doesn't change the fact that the Super
Crime Syndicate of would be dictators we are
facing is made up primarily and overwhelmingly of
such Jews as I have been describing.

This is WHY there is a world of difference
between the everyday, normal Americans who work
at the IRS and think they are there to treat
everyone fairly under the law, and these Neocon
Jewish Super Criminals at the top of the IRS who
concoct and prosecute these "Show Trials" against
American patriots and heroes like Pete


Some of the Top Wirepullers in this faction are
targeting Pete Hendrickson now and trying to put
him in prison for a long time - because of the
heroic work he is doing on behalf of all

They expect to mug Pete in a dark alley with no
one looking. They expect to put Pete in prison
with relative ease. We must make sure this does
not happen. IF they are going to attack Pete, we
have to make sure they do it on the double yellow
line in the middle of rush hour traffic.


Sometimes, in the confusion of battle when there
is no visible General - all the good soldiers can
do is ride to the sound of the guns.

That's what I'm asking you to do.

One VERY IMPORTANT battle is now raging around
the prosecution of Pete Hendrickson. We must all
ride towards the battle and do what we can. We
are not only fighting for Pete Hendrickson, we
are fighting for ourselves, our children, and our

Realize this: this is NOT a long term battle as
so many of these battles are.

RIGHT NOW we can all send $10 or $100 or $1000 or
whatever we can afford to Pete Hendrickson's
Legal Defense Fund at this web page: PLEASE
NOTE: you must go to the BOTTOM of that webpage
to find the donate button; or mail a check to:

Pete Hendrickson Legal Defense Fund, 232 Oriole
Road, Commerce Twp., MI 48382

AND RIGHT NOW thousands, then tens of
thousands, then millions of people can start
using the law as accurately explained in
"Cracking the Code" and begin to reclaim tens of
thousands of dollars in each person's case that
should never have been paid to the IRS in the
first place.

Print this Network America ewire out and mail it
to the Commissioner of the IRS, Abe Foxman at the
ADL (Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith),
AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee),
or the office of a Zionist Jewish office holder
such as Senator Charles Schumer of New York, or
Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Or print
it out and mail it to ANY opinion molder in your
area, whether to an office holder, businessman,
pastor, teacher or intellectually curious person
in any profession. (Or, if you prefer, mail to
one or more such persons something that you
yourself write about the persecution of Pete
Hendrickson because of his book, "Cracking the
Code", with or without this Network America

If this Crime Syndicate thinks they can proceed
unchallenged with their agenda and put their most
effective opponents in jail without opposition,
they will continue to do both.

If they think that they are going to wake up tens
of thousands of Americans (or more) by
persecuting Pete Hendrickson and putting him in
jail, they will not do it, or they will do it at
great peril to their continued domination of the
United States of America and the world.


DO WHAT YOU CAN. Do it now. But do something! Buy
"Cracking the Code" and read it thoroughly. You
have four months until you have to do that "dirty
deed" and file your 1040! LEARN HOW TO DO IT THE
CASH! And please remember what is described
in Pete's book and on his website, and on the
simpler introductory website is
completely lawful and has been honored by the IRS
thousands of times for the past several years
ever since Pete's book came out and educated
American tax filers.

You see, it's up to EACH OF US to answer the
charges (made by others every year in the form of
1099s and W 2s) that we are obligated to pay
"income" tax. Learn how the law REALLY WORKS
It's so simple you won't be able to stand it!
And then you can teach everyone you know ...

If five million - or three million - or even one
million people in America did their taxes the
RIGHT way, the way Congress provided for us to do
them, this whole corrupt Hydra would be
suffocated. It would simply not have the oxygen
(our tax dollars) it needs to keep breathing.
Think about that!! And thanks in advance.


And some who have read the book, "Cracking the
Code", have begun to comment More comments are
found at - but here are a two
such comments:

"I have been studying this subject for 10 years
and this is, by far, the best work I have seen on
the subject. Not only is it enlightening, but it
tells you how to proceed to get your money back
if you should choose to do so. Thanks for your
Brad Parsons, Cleburne TX

"I just finished reading Cracking the Code
yesterday and I must congratulate you on this
fine piece of work. I have spent several
thousand hours in the law library researching
these and other legal issues, and your book is a
Gerald Brown, Ed.D., author of Cooperative
and co author of In Their Own Words

YEAR OF 2009

A note about the money change we face: Standing
up for what is right in the United States of
America 2009 can come with a cost. It would be
ILLOGICAL for me to identify the ruthless,
inhuman enemy now atop the IRS and the US federal
government on the one hand, while, on the other
hand, pretend that some who stand up against them
will not suffer persecution. BUT, the more who
stand up quickly, the faster this enemy will be
spotlighted, made ineffective, and then routed!

If there are not enough Americans willing to
stand up like men and women against these evil
doers, then prepare for an agonizing
impoverishment and enslavement, a process you now
see unfolding before your eyes in real time since
the announcement of the contrived "banking
crisis" in late September 2008.

Excerpt from "The Mask of Anarchy" by Percy
Bysshe Shelley, written in 1819 in response to an
egregious injustice at that time:

'And these words shall then become
Like Oppression's thundered doom
Ringing through each heart and brain,
Heard again again again

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many they are few.'

(End of poem's excerpt.)

* * * * *

Remember, Pete is standing in for ALL of us!
Again, to help the Pete Henrickson Legal Defense
you must go to the BOTTOM of that webpage to find
the donate button; or mail a check to:

Pete Hendrickson Legal Defense Fund, 232 Oriole
Road, Commerce Twp., MI 48382

End of this Network America ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.

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reply to this message;

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