For THEY have intended evil against you;
THEY have devised a plot:
THEY will be unable to put it into practice.
For You will make THEM turn their back;
  You will aim at their faces with your bows.

Psalms 21:11

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Here is more info on the NG units being stripped of their gear, read all the  communications from bottom to top first..........r



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I talked to a friend who is the company commander for a NG transportation unit here in Spokane; they have heard the same news but didnít have any specific details. They donít have much weapons outside of their M-16ís and 9MM but they do know that NG units around the nation are being stripped of their heavy crew served weapons. The Montana NG has been stripped of itís M1 Abrams and made into a HazMat & water purification unit.


The Commo unit in Moses Lake NG has been stripped of all its commo gear and is being reassigned as truck drivers for the Spokane detachment.


Doesnít sound too good. All NG returnees here report direct to Ft. Lewis now and are net being released Ö most are being sent back to Iraq.


From the horses mouth is the line of credibility. He used to be the Dean of Students when I was in college so I trust him; he is a CWO-4 former SF.


A lot of NG folks are quitting in disgust. Those who stay are getting promotions over those who donít re-up now.


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Mike, can you check this out and get back to me?



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Line in the sand Says:
October 13th, 2008 at 2:48 pm


Just got a call from a private source, but 99% credible.

Eight days ago (news was held up while source was in the field), the National Guard Armory in Pocatello, Idaho was seized by the U.S. regular Army and stripped of all weaponry. Everything from long range cannon to small arms.

These guys are the 148th Field Artillery Battalion They stripped it of all weaponry and ammo.
The CO asked "Why?" and was told "There's gonna be a party this winter and you're not invited!"

He was led to believe that this was a national happening, not just that armory.

I've called 5 other NG bases, but (for some odd reason) have received NO answer.

Any of you that have the ability (or strings) get on the phone and see if there's verification from any of your sources.

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