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Note: This started out as a suicide note.  It may still be one but I don’t think so. I think the Patriot community will rise to the occasion and that we will all work together to stop this New World Order takeover. These little boys, Bandit on your left and Packy on the right, have kept that from happening. What started as an explanation of my state of mind and the circumstances that led up to it expanded into a series of articles. For the last four years I have been struggling each and every day to restore the Free American, pay all of the bills that accumulated during my hospitalization. I have been aided by the love of these two little dogs, true Service Animals in every sense of the word.  I believe my story needs to be told. I am submitting this to major publications. I am asking you to submit it to your local paper. Perhaps the mainstream will pay for a look into the essence of the Patriot Movement. You may forward it to all of your friends and lists. I have assembled a new team that includes RTR Radio who helps broadcast my daily shows. Any donations or advertising that you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. It was your donations over the past thirteen years that have made it possible for the Free American to keep growing and to rebound after my near demise.   You can make a donation by going to the paypal link or Free American shop on my website or mail one to the address above.  Maybe I am crazy or paranoid or suffered brain damage from my “Accident” I truly do not know. You be the judge.  But I can tell you that everything I have said here is absolutely true to the best of my ability and recollections. The latest issue of the Free American is up on  I can print it if I can fill 10 pages with advertising. Thank you and God bless you and my country. Clayton R. Douglas

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