The Religion of Macho

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Date: 10/1/08 11:32 AM

A book has been published that I believe you [your readers] will be interested in. It is interdisciplinary, but it could be categorized under the subjects of political philosophy, evolutionary psychology, race relations, religious studies, or criminology. The book has three primary subject areas:

It shows that during years of American Black civil rights legislation - 1957, 1964 and 1968 - rates of violent crime and theft greatly increased around the Northern Hemisphere. About 30 nations were impacted. The correlations in the data set between the years of civil rights and the increases in crime have been confirmed by top American professors.

The book then describes a psychology of aggression that illustrates how integration caused the increases in crime. The traditionally low crime whites and Asians are being stimulated to higher crime by the exposure to the high crime of the blacks and Africans. The psychological model used, in general, is a blend of evolutionary and empiricist psychology.

The long term increases in crime have been very large. Today, the annual increased crime victimization in the US is 9.5 million whites, 23 million in Europe and 82 million around the world. In the West, most of the increased crime represents white-on-white crime. The increases in crime have been so large that almost all crime in the world today results from integration.

The book describes a gender psychology based on a hierarchy of aggression and dominance.

It describes an evolutionary psychology of religion that, in turn, shows that the traditional notion of almighty God was, during the 20th century, displaced onto the Trees, Whales, Women and Blacks creating the New Left. This displacement of power resulted in the Left feeling compelled to morally justify crime, integration, and their own political dominance. Generally speaking, the book describes an evolutionary political psychology, and it attempts to periodize contemporary culture.

If this last subject sounds unlikely, a professor at The Institute for Advanced Study read 80 pages on this subject and found it convincing. I suspect that many political moderates will not be pleased by the fact that the left is a religion masquerading as secular enlightenment.

In general, the 450-page book has received very positive reviews from even Leftist academics. For instance, the chief editor of a university press said that it was "revolutionary." And a professional editor said that the book was a "work of genius." The book is the result of fourteen years of full-time research.

Even if one is not interested in my analysis of the crime data, most scholars will want the book to be able to study the crime data for themselves. The crime data set is very large, as it includes data for American cities, states, and about 30 nations around the world. The book is entitled "Religion of Macho" and was written by Richard Smith and Richard London. It can be ordered on Amazon or from your local book store. The link below contains the reviews the book has received, a one-page summary of the book, a writing sample and a sample of crime data. I am looking for people who are interested in helping to promote these facts.

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