Comment: Good luck to them! They need someone to proofread their copy, however...
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That is what you will see when you signup at and begin selling your merchandise


PRESS RELEASE Launches New Ebay Alternative Online Auction Site.

eBay  Auctions users, the answer to consumer demand for fewer fees is here. The www.KoolOffer.comdoors are open and they are giving sellers a chance to make more money online for the sale of their items.

September 4th, 2008  Has Now Launched  Their new  Online Auction Alternative. As opposed to the popular auction sites of the world, the site offers a NO LISTING FEE Setup for listing items that allows sellers to Enjoy greater profits .We could not easily find a site that didn't charge a percentage to sell new and used goods online," said Dan Trujillo, co-founder and CEO. "We decided to use our own web design and development skills to offer an alternative with a much more affordable pricing structure. Basically, we wanted to give users a chance to keep more of the money they get for selling their items online."

The site is also Becoming quite popular because of Their hands off approach to item listings meaning tht they dont Police the sellers of the site , or restrict the item listings, SO If the sellers have something to sell They just list it and stays out of it and lets the buyer and seller hash out any details

Also The site is Giving away a FREE $ 25.00 account credit to The first 2500 New Registered peopel on The site , SO they can use that credit for Item listings and use some of the features such as Bold , Featured and Highlighted Auctions without having to Dip into Their own Funds right away

The site looks Quite pomising and with the fact that they let seller sell whatever they want to , without interference


I would say They could be REAL TROUBLE for the other online auction sites.