I read daily how much these militia and gun people are going to do as soon as martial law is declared. The problem is they don't know what it's like to live under martial law. They need to go to eastern Europe and learn what happens when the government takes total control of the country. They need to learn how swift it occurs and that when something like this happens you don't know what to do, because there is war like occurrence.
     Iha evbeen to Eastern Europe and have spoken with people who experienced it. They said, you couldn't travel freely, because they had checkpoints. People didn't dare ride the highways, because they were searched and arrested. The military were everywhere. They said, people stayed home unless they went to work, because they were scared. The military questioned anyone and you had better have an explanation to be out in the streets.
     Now I would like one militia dude or the people who say when this happens they are going to get their guns and start shooting. When this occurs the government shuts down the Internet and all forms of communication will be blocked. They will have roadblocks and search any vehicle. They will begin searching the homes of people who hadn't turned in their guns. It's time to face it you people waited too long. When the government killed all those people at Waco was your chance to make a move against the government, but the government committed the Oklahoma City bombing to silence the militia and it worked. You militia people were all fired up and recruiting people by the thousands. Then Oklahoma City and you boys took your guns home and didn't want to play anymore. It's the same thing with the KKK. Something occurs and they have rallies and people join by the thousands, but when everything settles down they quit and go home.
     You militia missed your chance. Just like the KKK has missed several chances. You had the people of the country on your side. The couch potatoes were mad. Now you people think the police won't fire upon it's own citizens. The police will have no choice, because the FBI will tell them what to do. Mr. State Trooper is one bad dude when he has someone stopped in a car on the highway, but when an FBI agent flashes his page the State Trooper turns into a little child.
     Someone said something the other day about Capitol Hill and it made a lot of sense. When congress adjourns in their mountain fortresses they will lower the boom. You militia people will be sweeped up so fast you won't have time to think.