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Subject: aluminum brain disease, fluoride, salt, Morgellon's, cell phones,


I've given more credence to the idea that maybe foreign agents
(with influence) and whom hate the USA are currently conducting
chemical/food warfare operations against America by poisoning
the food supply with 'slow/soft kill' potions. In this case the
flouride allows the aluminum to penetrate the blood/brain barrier
into the brain which subsequently causes dementia etc.

Case in point:

(From grocery store 26 oz salt container:)

Ingredients from a year or two old container of salt:
'salt, calcium silicate, dextrose, and potassium iodide.

Ingredients from same company but purchased 'recently'
(last few months):

salt, sodium silico-aluminate, dextrose, potassium iodide 0.006%,
and sodium bicarbonate.

Note that aluminum is being added to the table salt. Couple
that with flouride in the drinking water and people are slowly
'dementia-ifying themselves' without even knowing it. [also,
aluminum is added to things like cake mixes to keep them
from clumping. And they put lots of it in Velveeta cheeze.]

Obviously the parties doing this don't give a rat's as* about
human lives (especially Americans) nor the quality of life either.

Also there has been a move to force the flouridation of DISTILLED
WATER. Why? It makes no sense unless in the context above.

I know of a man with dementia who has drank an aluminum can
of sprite everyday since forever. At a family reunion his estranged
daughter (of 30+ years with tears flowing down her cheeks) and
grandchildren constantly reintriduced themselves to him saying
that they did not want him to forget them. Since he had demenetia
he had forgotten the basis for the estrangement and welcomed
themas he would any stranger consistent with his former job as
a PR man -- the irony). So in this case, the dementia allowed an
estranged family to 'heal' a bit since the guy did not recognize that
those he was speaking to and handshaking where his own flesh
and blood.

Couple that with all the poisoned food from China (sold throught
the big box stores - which buys lots of the food it sells from China
 and anywhere that it is 'cheap') and you have to wonder how
much people are unaware of how much they may be stomping
down their own health. Many folks, due to the economy (even
clerks who work at 'more expensive' grocery stores) are forced
to go to the box stores to buy 'cheaper food'. Course sometimes
you get what you pay for.

Aluminum in the brain probably is also heated by cell phone
emissions quicker then brain cells causing more damage by
heating nearby brain cells.

Also the ingredients in the salt above (silico / silicate) may get
implicated down the road in Morgellon's disease in that recent
tests indicate a high melt point substance found in the fibers
(i.e. 'glass' as in silicate glasses.)

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a huge backlash against
flouridation in general, some table salt cos., and any and
all aluminum containers and COOKWARE.

Food manufacturers are getting laws passed to obscure what
ingredients are in their so called 'food'. I would schedule some
of these 'food companies' for extinction via boycott after
independent testing reveals what is really in their food.

Do your own research and take it all with a, er, 'pinch of salt'
and wise up fast.

Important New Study Shows Grave Implications from Interaction
of Aluminum and Low Dose Fluoride

The latest edition of the peer-reviewed medical journal,
"Brain Research," (vol. 784:1998), reveals that aluminum-
induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when
the animals were fed low doses of fluoride. The presence of
fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing
more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become
deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of
the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls.

The pathological changes found in the brain tissue of the
animals given fluoride and aluminum- fluoride were similar to
the alterations found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's
disease and other forms of dementia. The authors state that
"While the small amount of AIF3 in the drinking water of rats
required for neurotoxic effects is surprising, perhaps even more
surprising are the neurotoxic results of NaF (sodium fluoride)
at the dose given in the present study (2.1 ppm NaF)." (2.1 parts
 per million NaF equals about 1.0 milligram of fluoride icon per
litre of water - the same level found in 1.0 ppm "optimally"
fluoridated drinking water.2)

This study confirms what the authors of a 1995 study, published
in the Journal "Neurotoxicology and Teratology" predicted, when
they found fluoride-induced behavioral disruptions (related to
drug-induced hyperactivity and cognitive deficits). The authors
anticipated that given the behavioral disorders found in fluoride-
fed rats, damage could be expected in the hippocampus of
the brain (central processor which integrates inputs from the
environment, memory, etc.). The new study also confirms the
work of scientist in China, published in 1996, which showed
fluoride to adversely affect children's IQ.

When contacted by phone, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, one of the
authors of the 1995 study, said that she is "not at all surprised"
that the new study found pathological brain changes in fluoride-
treated rats. She added: "They came up with the evidence which
made our prediction come true."

The latest paper is yet another study which shows that even
low levels of fluoride may have serious health implications for
people and that the effect is enhanced in the presence of other
neurotoxins like aluminum.

Correspondence: Ellie Rudolph, Health Alliance International,
Director, Pennsylvania Chapter, phone/fax (412/828-5096.
Scientific and Professional comments on the "Report of the
Expert Panel for Water fluoridation Review" at:

1 Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride or sodium-fluoride
 to rats in drinking water: alterations to neuronal and cerebrovascular
integrity: Julie A. Verner, Karl F. Jensen, William Horvath, Robert
L. Isaacson, Brain Research, Vol. 784:1998, Elsevier Science.

2 The formula for converting NaF to fluoride ion is ppm x 45%.
Thus, 2.1 ppm x 45% = .95 ppm (ppm=mgs/litre). Recently
declassified documents, obtained under the US Freedom of
Information Legislation, show that central nervous system (CNS)
effects caused by fluoride where known to, but concealed by the
US government during the 1940s. Adverse health effects published
over the decades are consistently denied by the government's
advisers on water fluoridation.

(Reprint, Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, November
1998 edition)

More here:
Fluoride Action Network

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