I have to get back before White America completely loses their minds....

Two Goy boys did something a little stupid..ok.. they did what immature goy boys do... and MAYBE two people saw it... MAYBE nobody was offended....  AND the whole fucking world has a hard on as the propaganda machines and little heroes of the movement work it to the max....

If it is offensive and rude for some boys to hang little black sambo on a string in a tree, does that mean the FBI will start an investigation into all the churches in America that have a Jew on a cross in FULL public display????

Ha Ha Ha... Fuck them....    Every White Man in America should wear a little black sambo cardboard necklace with fish line around their neck right beside a cross with the Jew on a tree..... They can't investigate and put EVERYONE in jail.

When are White Men going to say enough is enough... why can't the principle have the balls to deal with something like this maybe this way...  take the little black sambo down, write in his diary that he has some stupid goy students, and get on with giving those dumb goy an education.....  instead of making a bid deal and destroying the stupid goy boys lives....  will this escalate???   It depends on WHO their parents are.

Meanwhile.. .the White Man sleeps as Toben is kidnapped and on his way to his death in a cold prison cell... AND NOW ALL the great revisionist organizations and leaders are in prison or on their last years.... the Jews won this century... Goy down for 100 years.

It is really true... if there were only 10 Jews in the whole world.. they would still outsmart, still out organize, and still rule the gutless goy and their shiskas.

Until this modern Christianity, this effeminate, mind numbing, cowardly, and man destroying institution is removed from Western Culture, the White Man will continue as sheep and pets of the Jew, the Chinese, the Niggers, and Islam.

The only thing worse than being a nigger slave is being a white slave and not knowing it.

Sherwood Smith

George Fox University Response to Sept. 23 Campus Incident
Read the Public Statement for September 30
At 7 a.m. on Sept. 23, a university employee discovered a life-sized cardboard cutout of Senator Barack Obama attached by fishing line to a tree near Minthorn Hall. A sign that read “Act Six reject” was taped to the store-bought cardboard cutout. The employee immediately removed it. It is believed that only two students saw the display before it was removed.

Campus Reaction

The display has been condemned by the university board of trustees, the president and the student government. President Robin Baker addressed more than 1,200 students and staff on Wednesday morning. “We will not tolerate such displays and condemn it in the strongest terms,” he said. “George Fox University is committed to becoming a place that more broadly represents the Kingdom of God – a place where students from diverse backgrounds come together to live out the teachings of Jesus in our world. We are all created in the image of God and placed in this world to reflect the character of God.”
Robin Baker meets with campus community
Full text of President Baker's address to students

Full text of ASC President Joey Bianco’s address in chapel
Student government statement condemns act
Faculty statement of support for Act Six scholars
Board of Trustees statement condemns act
Apology letter to Senator Obama


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