On Jun 2, 2008, at 5:23 PM, Adam Trombly wrote:


I have studied HAARP since its creation and it is a major concern,
especially in terms of the manipulation of neurochemistry and perception
control on a mass level. The human brain can be manipulated by
well-targeted femtotesla signals. A femtotesla is one quadrillionth (or
a millionth of a billionth) of a tesla, the unit that defines the
strength of a magnetic field, whereas the Earth's magnetic field is
measured in microteslas. This is well documented in the literature. This
means that our neurochemistry can be acted upon directly by HAARP and
its sister systems. It is also true that HAARP can be and is coordinated
with the ground-wave transmission system, which has evolved into a much
more serious threat to us all over the last several years.

It is more than a little disingenuous that Faal attacks only the US
version of HAARP. The Soviets were the first to develop the use of
Electromagnetic warfare going back to the late nineteen forties. The
Soviets created the worlds first large HAARP-type facilities and the
Russians operate them to this day. The Chinese also have their own
facility. There is now a joint US/Australian facility outside of Perth.
It seems everyone wants to get into the perception manipulation game in
order to control the minds of the “masses”.

In addition to my work monitoring HAARP, I am one of a few of scientists
who have co-invented, worked with and successfully utilized an
earthquake prediction protocol/technology developed over the last
twenty-five years now. I may not be in a unique position to comment on
the endless stream of garbage originating from Sorcha Faal regarding
this matter but I am certainly more qualified than just about anybody on
this troubled planet. That being said I will repeat, Sorcha Faal is just
the latest post-Soviet mouthpiece for the propaganda machine of the new
Russia. Her rhetoric regarding this matter is as usual uninformed and
profoundly distorted.

The weather phenomena described preceding the Sichuan earthquake are
typical of preseismic activity. In addition to this, major earthquakes
are always proceeded by electromagnetic disturbances that originate in
the earth itself and not from HAARP. It is these disturbances that my
colleagues and I have used to accurately predict quakes for over two
decades. Let me say as clearly as possible that the atmospheric
phenomena described prior to the Chinese quake completely coincide with
natural phenomena.

HAARP is a biological weapon and it is being used against the American
people and possibly the people of other nations; of this I have no
doubt. Eastlund acknowledged as much on video tape during the shooting
of the documentary "Holes in Heaven" back in the nineties.
(Unfortunately that footage did not make the final edit of this poorly
edited documentary in which both Eastlund, Patrick and I appear.) HAARP
can be used to do insidious things. It is also an antimissile defense
system capable of creating an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that is the
equivalent to a high air nuclear detonation and can therefore be used to
knock warheads out of the sky in mid-trajectory and/or to knock out
communications over a very large area. HAARP can be
broadcast-coordinated with the Lower Stratospheric/Upper Tropospheric
Atmospheric Spraying Program we know as Operation Global Cooling in the
attempt to increase the persistence of the persistent-spreading solar
radiation reflective contrails which now obscure much of the Earth’s
skies.. This “research” has been in progress for at least a decade and a

This “missive” by Sorcha Faal does us all a disservice because it points
to a real problem which is HAARP and projects onto it something which is
at best deceptive and diversionary. We should all be concerned about
HAARP and the Ground Wave Transmission System. We should all be
concerned about the fact that the 60hz electrical broadcast on our
electrical power grids is being intramodulated to cause it to be in
resonance with HAARP and the GWTS. However, the electromagnetic
signatures that I saw on my signal analyzer, for several weeks preceding
the Chinese quake, did not come from HAARP; they came from the
preseismic stress/strain on the constituent piezo minerals which
comprise much of the rock of the Earth’s crust. We should all be
concerned that this predictive and well demonstrated technology has been
suppressed both in the US and abroad. We had hoped to save lives but
those in the highest positions of power hope to cull the populations of
the Earth by the billions.

What we are all witnessing is the controlled demolition of the Earth and
make no mistake about it but Faal distracts us with rhetorical fecal
matter that always fails to pass the smell test.

Adam Trombly