Mr. Birdman this is my letter to Swedish patriots, I have translated a copy for you and other English speaking whites. - This is what is going on -


I have been an open patriot for over 10 years now, and early one a meet my first obstacles, yes you knew what im talking about, I have suffered one mayor depression and are now enduring my second. When I was younger it was the suppression from my friends etc, that eventually made me to crack, Now this time it what my “father” that succeeded to force me into a mental hospital, after he got upset, scared and hateful, after I had talked about the darkness that surrounds us poor souls, the traitor system, and he where surely largely under the influence of an incident; He where at my farm, when one animal inspector and two “police men” arrived to harass me, someone who I had tried to buy hay from but refusing to sell me any had reported me for not having any food to my sheep, no one wanted to sell me to me except one place, 13 euromiles away, there I got to buy old hay, for the same price as fresh, this hay where however not good enough for the sheep, so I had to buy expensive pellets etc.  Instead of helping me my father turned into one of my persecutors. Now it´s not sure this is the way it happened, because just after I where thrown into mental prison, I call my “father” and tell hem that “now they have caught me” he replies, “ I knew, and I with them”, on a later occasion he says this instead, “I where the one who took the initiative, I fixed you into a mental hospital” Did someone called my "father" and demanded that he cooperated with them, and that he later changed his mind for himself, in order to live with himself better?, It was the strategy of many traitors up in Sweden, Strömsund to call my “father” and pressure him at least 3 persons called him and whined over my truth speaking my opposition to multiculturalism. I guess I will never know.


I remember it all as yesterday……



I was driving my car in Strömsund and where delivering some of my handwritten flyers to traitors in post boxes, (those could for example be about, the absurdity of patriots who sacrifices everything for their society are accused of being selfish when the politically correct (traitors) that pushes their own status and career are celebrated as unselfish top class citizens, this is one of the traitors many lies they like to cuddle themselves with) I where suddenly signalled to stop to a “police control” I did not suspect anything evil, I where to take an alcohol test, and they took my id-card, but I where not aloud to leave, but where to wait in a police van, when I sit there and waiting to be released a arm is hovered in front of me, and more “police cars” arrives there is several “police officers” (read thugs!) gathering outside, and I where to leave the police van, suddenly they surrounds me from every direction, their eyes glows with hate, and they seam to like what they are doing, they wrestle me down on the ground and takes of my pants. I´m forced to lay on my stomach and they put me on handcuffs, I was then aloud to raise myself, and then they pushed me into the vans window, with my glasses first and laughs. Then suddenly the “police chief” arrives in a car in the middle of the scene and steppes out to take a look on me, I was then put in a “police” car with two barking dogs behind me, they drove me to the medical centre in Strömsund, when Im there the two “police men” who escorted me started to ask me a lot of fast offensive questions, as If I where interrogated in an attempt to provoke me, one of the “police men” reads my flyers and get furious and screams that I should be shoot, after a while the “doctor” arrives, in order to check my health, a fairs’ to make it more real to the traitors, the “doctor” tells me that my “father is worried for me, and tries under the whole conversation to prove to himself that he where doing the right thing.


Now they drive me to, Österunds mental hospital, I where to wait in a room, with the two “police officers” they started to talked about that and that person had died in here under mysterious circumstances “ was it not a wire for a lamp that where used” They laughed to each other they thought it where really hilarious, I got scared, obviously after this insane kidnapping of me, by the traitors.



Now a “doctor” arrives she is from Poland, my future tyrant,  and she had my flyers in her hand, she had indeed red them, and she had tears in her eyes, just if I had hurt her personal feeling, and says why do you write these things”


Now Im transferred to a department, the staff looked chocked at me, two of them, come into my room and ask me about who I have delivered my flyers to, If I had delivered them to more places than to the “auto checking facility”, I found that very strange, how did they know that? They where personally very anxious that what I had written where not the be red by anyone. I got a Korean as a “doctor” when I arrives to the first “meeting” sits there two young doctors and they stare at me if I where a heretic, I could almost feel their hate, the Korean asks me if I don’t like foreigners I tell him “not here”, he starts to ask me a lot of questions like it where an interrogation and I asks him questions back, when I tell him that I like it here when it’s so hot and nice (I had wood heating at my farm) and so many women to look at he got frustrated and braked the meeting.


Now they are trying to persuade me into taking their “medicine” I tell them that I’m not sick and there for not in need of any medication, it goes several days, all can se that I’m not psychotic for five cents, I don’t need any sleeping pills, sleep well, I don’t talk or behave strange, Im perfectly normal, nobody comes to talk with me, about my “delusions” “My illness” seam not to exist, and that’s perfectly natural, But even so im still in the need of heavy psychiatric drugs. One day, there had gathered a crowd outside my room, they go together towards me, an old woman is in their lead, she tells me that I should give up and lie down so they can inject the drugs into my body, I tell them Im not, I tell them that they are criminals that they knew that they do wrong, it doesn’t help to the contrary it incites them more, it glows in their eyes, they wrestle me down, and injects the shit into my poor body.


I get severe seizures from the drug, and cant eat out in the dining room for several days, after I while the seizures stop and after that experience I agree to take pills.


Have nothing to do, and gets almost mad of all anxiety I wonder how long I have to be here, my “father” calls me and tells me hatefully that he wishes that they “at least” keep me for a couple of weeks.


All the time the staff looks angry at me, and they treat me bad, when I want to go and buy some candy, no one wants to go with me, they just smile and give me excuses, I try to persuade them for several weeks, and finally one reluctantly one of them agrees to go with me, one evening one In the staff comes into my room a real little gorilla, when im in the bed, and places himself besides my bed and leans over it and me and look threatening at me with his fists closed. This person is a real “hothead”, and are picking on me all the time. I am to talk to another “doctor” she tells me that she has red my flyers as apparently most of the staff had done in the department.


Now Im bored, I from have been active for 12 hours a day, every day in the week, with my farm shores and my flyers I sit now and have anxiety over have nothing to do, anxiety I wonder how long I will be here and if im going to be more hurt, the “police officers” talk about people dying under mysterious circumstances persist to return in my mind.


After a time it’s time for “trial” The Korean comes in to my room and checks if I had given up when I tell him that I have been illegally arrested, he tells two in the staff, that Im not to be aloud to participate in my own trial, (a crime), they try to stop me, from going to the trial, but when the Korean comes out from a room, to himself go to the trial, I quickly runs after him, out from the department with two in the staff after me, we comes to the trial room, I hold a speech, where I show im perfectly sharp in my mind, and not psychotic, the Korean says that the injection that I had got worked well, and that I have a very serious and special kind of schizophrenia, the Korean then says something contradictive to the others “ The father must have known it where good for Jakob to be alone, that’s why he bought the farm for him, this is contradictive because a schizophrenic person should not at all be alone, but be with people, did he meant that my father where guilty as well? Did he bought the farm, to me to let my inherited lawfulness to flourish so I could expose the lies of the traitor? My lawyer says that he does not agree with me but thinks that I should be aloud to have a different opinion. It does not help; I am convicted to further “care”.



After a while (one month) im transferred to another department, where I will be for the next 4 months + 2 months. Now I meet the new departments “doctor” and to my sorrow it is her from Poland, she starts to talk with me with and dominant polish accent and starts to interrogate me in the normal fashion, rude, impolite, disrespectful. I tell her that she as an expert on psychoses know that im not psychotic she starts to almost cry, and brakes the meeting, and she increases the dosage of my “medication”. This doctor where really awful, arrogant, ruthless.


Now my anxiety starts to accelerate I don´t knew what to do, all the time I have fought against it and told them that Im not sick, and that I where here illegally, now I understand that to be free I have to give up and tell them that im sick.




Time for another “trial” and the “doctor” who have been selected to be the advising expert, comes to talk with me, before the trial, I tell him that Im here because im a regime critic, I had decided not to but could not resist, to tell him the truth. He “proves me wrong” with: In Sweden we don´t do such thing, such things are only happening in countries like the former Soviet Union, so what you say cant be true”. My contact man are in the meeting, and are little depressed after it, and tells me, “Jakob now you had the chance to talk for your sake, and you do like that”, later he returns several times to me, wondering if I have changed my mind regarding my opinion that I where here because I where an regime critic, he looks at me demanding when doing this. Under the trial I confess to them that Im sick etc, but then the expert “doctor” suddenly takes the word, and smiles at me while he tells the others what I had told him in our private meeting, that I thought that I where not sick, they convict me to further “care”. This “doctor” was picking on me a lot, when we say outside the trial room, waiting for it to start, over what I had told him earlier, he where rude and tried to pick on me as to break my will. He did not like what I told him, I guess. And instead of being honest or at least passive he tried to avoid the truth, by killing the messenger. The traitors are obsessed with not getting caught or exposed, that’s all what matters for them.



Im not aloud to go out, but one day my contact  man “Staffan” comes and takes me out for the first time in one and a half month, the cars all people, and all sounds are almost new to me, soon im aloud to go out myself two times per day, they become somewhat nicer to me, since I had given up eventually I can go home on permissions, this lasts for a while and after about 4 months I get released. Now I come home, and im totally down, drugged their “medicine” and out of shape totally, have no strength for anything and everything goes to hell with my farm, all the work that I had missed, bookkeeping where late, my sheep where somewhere else, didn’t even go and get them, just sold them, I had no power for anything, that where the opposite, because before I worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week. In the psyche I had started to shit blood because of all stress and the drugs they gave me, but I never told them anything, because I wanted to be released and be relieved from all the anxiety I felt, these issues now are getting worse, I have Ulcerös Colit, went into hospital where they removed my colon.


Suddenly they call from the department, where I was illegally kept, and told me that I where to come to a “doctors talk” I come im a little bit worried, but I have a hard time to believe that they will take me again, newly have gone under surgery and such, perhaps they where just worried about me because of this, I thought naively,  Im to talk with the polish female doctor, she says “you do not feel good” and “you stay here” she is angry, and tells me that I have not taken “my medication”, something they had found out, I had played all the time, acting that I thought that I where sick to come out. She dont even mention my surgery.


I was totally crushed naturally, and my depression advanced, I where to be there for two months the polish “doctor” goes for a semester and a another one from Poland, release me but now I have to get injections because I had “cheated” with the tablets, the dosage is very high and gives me bad side effects, that will last for about 5 months.


I decide to move back to Gothenburg,


Suffering a severe depression that nearly kills me, the very high doses of risperal that im forced to take took away the spark of life in me, I was like a zombie, without meaning in life, I just sat down and wished death would come.


Now im starting to get better, Im getting honest enough to write on the internet again and I start to get a taste of life, much because I don’t need to take “my medication” any longer, (thank God!), but I have to talk to a psychiatrist here in Gothenburg, of course I don’t tell her anything what happened to me, she would just turn against me. Im firmly decided to CRUSH the traitors, and they will probably persecute me again in their evil fashion, but now im used to it.






The plan to victory is as follows, we must expose the lies our kinsmen surrounds themselves with, this will make them behave better, though their first and preferred option is to silence us, as always, so it will be very rough. We don’t need to kill or torture anyone to win really, it is likely it is the opposite, It is by using our pens we will win, our pen will prevail over their swords of hate and destruction.


We are right.



God bless you all


Jakob Dahlbeck

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