Response to Birdman's Essay on the Final Solution to the Washington Question

By Cherifa



Pal supporter Cherifa on the Final Solution to the Washington Question

By Cherifa

So it is finally becoming that unbearable for the Americans??!!  Finally!  I must say that I had a smile on my face when I read your words describing what we know here to be normal 'armed resistance'.... like Hamas, Hezbollah... or the smaller unknown groups like Al Gihad al Islamy... small, but extremely efficient.  Unlike our rulers who so far are mostly US puppets, we the people do not see those groups as terrorist groups.  We see them as freedom fighters and this is how they are linguistically described.  No Arab ruler would dare refer to them as "terrorists" although they have tried lately with US prodding and the result was disastrous for the US puppets.  They lost their seats and power... and that is one of the reasons the whole of the US is losing its position in the Middle East.
I read through your article, but the area that stopped me and prompted me to respond was really when you started describing the resistance of the Jews and Arabs in comparison to whites.  Hmmmm….  How American to look at “whites” in such a ‘limited’ manner.  Race is not a very big issue in the Middle East and I think that it is because we have all races and they intermingle.  I will bet you anything that I am whiter than you are.  The reason is very simple.  My ancestors for example came from the Caucase, the home of the Caucasian race.  This is the case of many Arabs or people who today consider themselves Arabs.  We do no busy ourselves however with the different color degrees of our skin….. and we go from white to black… or black to white… and we are together devoted to our cause.  If we have differences, they are not due to race. 
So that is one issue.  The other is about your worries regarding Arabs.  I am afraid to tell you that you also are a victim of mainstream Jewish media.  If Arabs wanted to purchase “the bomb” to inflict harm on the US (though one doesn’t need today uranium to inflict major damage…), the Arabs certainly have the money.  Ben Laden belongs to one of the richest families in the world and whether he is alive or not, you can be sure that the Ben Laden family is doing business on very highest level with the best of the best.   I mean…. Businessmen would bend backwards to work with the Ben Laden family (which is huge).  What should scare you is not something happening in the US because that is not what the Arab resistance is interested in.  The Arab resistance wants to get rid of the US.  It might do something to US interests abroad…. And this is why US embassies now look like military basis, rather than embassies.  If I am not mistaken,
the US embassy in Kosovo and in Greece (not Arab) were already attacked and US diplomats in Cyprus and Iraq were killed.  Also of course over 200 US marines were killed in Lebanon etc...  The Arab resistance sees the US now as an enemy and no longer an ally or even a neutral party and they want it gone so that they can solve the Israel issue.  Israel cannot survive without the US.  If you follow the Near East, you will notice a pattern of US exit… and we view this as the decline of the US empire.  The shortest empire ever lived.   The US used to be an ally of Iran…, then there was the Iranian revolution and the US lost Iran.  The US than lost Afghanistan, then lost  Iraq to Iran (just matter of physical withdrawal), then Lebanon in 2006 and 2008 then Gaza in 2006 when Hamas took over and since then not one US puppet was allowed in…  Now the US in the process of losing Egypt, Sudan, Syria…. Ahhhh and of course we should mention that the
US army had to get out of Saudi Arabia or else the House of Saud would have lost their power.
Now the US is deployed in the tiny Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain which surround Iran.  The rulers are all US puppets… but not to the point of allowing the US to destroy their countries in a possible war against Iran with who they are allies… so the US can’t go to war…. Or should it destroy its last Arab allies and military basis and hand over the Middle East to China, Russia, India, Turkey, Iran etc…???  What is more important here for the US?  To keep whatever place and influence it can keep in the Near East or to lose it to it major enemies like China??  Israel and Jews definitely have an interest in keeping the US in the Near/Middle East by means such as 9/11’s.  Arabs don’t have this interest. 
The ‘battle’ our resistance has in mind is so different from the ‘battle’ you think our resistance has in mind.  Our resistance would never do anything that would attract more US attention in our region because we want the US out…not in.
Do I make any sense?
Sorry if this is not too well written but it is 04:30 am and that is the best I can do so late:)

PS.  Resistance is hard and it's not for people who have been spoiled by life.  Too bad you don't get Arabic channels or in fact the TV channels of the Arab Resistance... cause they have them.  You could have seen for yourself how hard it is.  I frankly can't see American's resisting.  I will never forget the sight of the Americans when they started the ground invasion of Iraq (Baghdad rather) but couldn't do anything because they discovered that their army suits were too heavy and hot for Iraq's summer!!  LOL!!  Resistance fighters are extremely strong men and women which the US describes as 'terrorists' when the reality is that they are very patriotic and courageous freedom fighters.

Birdman responds:

There is much truth to what you say in your essay. Please excuse me from not trying to sort it out from the false. -j


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