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War Without End


"We support the troops!" That’s the excuse the Democrats have given
for continuing to fund Bush’s aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.
But, of course, war funding doesn’t support the troops. War funding
supports an evil machine that chews up and spits out the lives and well
being of the troops, along with that of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi
and Afghan, men, women, and children. War funding supports Bush’s
aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan and his continuing efforts to occupy
both countries in order to turn them into puppet states.

Polls show that a majority of the troops and their families do not support
Bush’s aggression. The fact that Ron Paul’s campaign for the Republican
presidential nomination received the lion’s share of contributions from
military families also underlines the great divide between the troops
and those who would "support" them by keeping them in Iraq and
Afghanistan. What all those ribbon decals on the back of SUVs, which
proclaim "support the troops," really mean is support Bush’s wars
of aggression against Muslims.

According to the Washington Post (Feb. 9, 2008), Bush’s $3.1 trillion
federal budget provides no funding for his proposal in his State of the
Union address to permit military members to transfer their unused
education benefits to family members. Bush got applause for his
nationally televised words, but the troops and their families got no
money in his budget.

Government analysts calculate the education benefits would cost in the
range of $1–2 billion annually – the cost of funding the war for two days.
The only money that Bush and Congress want to give the troops is what
is required to keep them at war. Everyone has read the horror stories
of the lack of care for the physically and emotionally wounded troops
who have made it back from Iraq.


In contrast, to fund Bush’s war, Bush and Congress have already spent
in out-of-pocket and future costs at least $1,000 billion. Every American
can draw up lists of better uses of this immense fortune than blowing
up a country’s infrastructure and killing hundreds of thousands of its
Nothing good whatsoever has been accomplished by Bush’s invasions
of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was obvious to anyone with a lick of sense
in 2002, six months prior to Bush’s invasion of Iraq on March 18, 2003,
that an invasion would be a strategic blunder. William S. Lind, myself
and others made that prediction in October, 2002. Three years later,
Lt. Gen. William Odom, former director of the National Security
Agency, vindicated us by declaring Bush’s invasion of Iraq to be
"the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history." If the head of the NSA
doesn’t know a "strategic disaster" when he sees one, who does?

Gen. Odom’s assessment is certainly correct. Bush, Cheney, the neocons,
and the sycophant media were completely wrong. Look at the situation
today. Unable to defeat the Sunni insurgency, the US "superpower" has
had to resort to paying tens of millions of dollars to insurgency leaders
to bribe them not to attack US troops. In addition, Bush is supplying the
insurgents with weapons "to fight al Qaeda." The Sunni leaders gladly
accept the money and weapons, but how long can they survive being
collaborators with the American enemy that has destroyed their country
and the Sunni place in the sun?


It was obvious to everyone but Bush and the neocons that overthrowing
Saddam Hussein in the name of democracy would put the majority
Shi’ites, who are allied with Iran, in place as the new rulers of Iraq.
So far the Iraqi Shi’ites have bided their time and have not joined in
earnest the insurgency against the US occupation. Instead, they,
like the Sunnis, have directed most of their attention to cleansing
neighborhoods of one another. The reasons that violence although
still higher than Americans could live with – is down are that most of
the neighborhoods are now segregated, al Sadr has ordered his militia
to stand down, and the Sunni insurgents are being paid not to attack
US troops.

Bush started a war, and now to avoid losing it Bush pays Iraqis not
to attack US troops!

The Sunnis and Shi’ites are stronger than ever, while the US troops
are worn down and demoralized from multiple lengthy combat tours
that violate traditional US military policy.

It was also obvious that Bush’s invasions would destabilize nuclear-
armed Pakistan. On February 8, seasoned foreign correspondent
Warren Strobel reported for the McClatchy newspapers that "Pakistan
is now the central front in America’s war on terror." On February 9,
the Washington Post reported: "Pakistan faces a growing threat from
a new generation of radicalized, battle-hardened militants who
embrace jihad and have become allied with local and international
terrorists intent on toppling the pro-Western government [shorthand
for paid US puppet], a senior U.S. intelligence official told reporters

US officials have been pressing Pakistan, to no effect, to allow US
troops to join the Pakistani army’s fight against Pakistani tribes allied
with the Taliban. US officials, "speaking on condition of anonymity,"
are trying to muster support for an expanded US military role in
Pakistan by alleging that Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah
Mohammad Omar are in Pakistan with their top commanders. Bush
wants to bomb Pakistan in order to win the war in Afghanistan.


With all available US troops tied down in Iraq, the US is using NATO
soldiers as mercenaries to try to counter a resurgent Taliban. Europeans
are tiring of their role as a European proxy for America’s legions, and
the NATO commander speaks of a NATO defeat in Afghanistan.

NATO was an alliance created to resist a Soviet invasion of Europe.
The US has kept an unnecessary NATO alive for 18 years as a source
of troops for its foreign adventures. Europeans dislike being mercenaries
for American Empire, especially one that slaughters civilians.
Desperate for troops, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is trying to
scare Europeans with the threat of "international terrorism," but
Europeans know that the best way to bring terrorism to Europe is to
 send troops to fight Muslims for the Americans. Whether Gates will
get the German and French soldiers that he so desperately needs
depends on whether the US can give the German and French leaders,
Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, enough billions of dollars to divide
among their parties to embolden them to override public opinion and
send their soldiers to die for US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

Gates told Europe that NATO’s survival is at stake: "We must not –
we cannot – become a two-tiered alliance of those willing to fight and
those who are not." In a rare bit of honesty for an American government
official, Gates admitted at the NATO conference in Munich last week
that Europeans’ anger at the US over Iraq is the reason Europe won’t
send enough troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, thus putting
what Gates disingenuously called "the international mission in
Afghanistan" at risk of failure.

The Afghanistan "mission," like the Iraq "mission," was a mission for
US and Israel hegemony. The official reason for invading Afghanistan
was 9/11 and the alleged refusal of the Taliban to hand over Osama
bin Laden. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Europe, NATO, or any
"international mission." The official reason for invading Iraq was alleged,
but nonexistent, weapons of mass destruction that allegedly threatened
America – another, but more deadly, 9/11 in the making according
to the Bush regime.
If the US now needs foreign troops to save its bacon in these two lost
wars, it should demand them from Israel. Israel is why the US is at war
in the Middle East. Let Israel supply the troops. The neocons who
dominated the Bush regime and took America to illegal wars are allied
with the extreme right-wing government of Israel. The goal of
neoconservatism is to remove all obstacles to Israeli territorial expansion.
The Zionist aim is to grab the entirely of the West Bank and southern
Lebanon, with more to follow later.
Remember "mission accomplished"? Remember all the strutting neocons
with their promises of a "cakewalk war"? Remember all the ignorant
bragging about having "defeated the Taliban"? All of these lies were
designed to tie American down in interminable wars in the Middle East
for Israel’s benefit. There is no other reason for Bush’s invasions. We know
 for certain that Bush and his entire administration lied through their teeth
about the Taliban and about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
What a total crock of ignorance and deception the Bush regime represents.

Bush, defeated in Iraq, defeated in Afghanistan, with Pakistan crumbling
in front of his eyes, is now reduced to begging the French, whom it was
such grand sport for his neocon officials to denigrate, to send soldiers
to save his ass in Afghanistan.

What a laughing stock Bush has made of America. What ruination this
utter idiot and his supporters have brought to America. What total traitors
the neoconservatives are. Every last one of them should be immediately
arrested for high treason. Neoconservatives are America’s greatest enemies,
and they control our government! All Americans have to show for six years
of Bush’s "war on terror" is an incipient police state.

Now standing in the wings is mad John "hundred year war" McCain.
Will the American electorate wipe out the Republican Party before this
insane party wipes out America?
February 13, 2008

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan
administration. He was Associate Editor of the
Wall Street Journal editorial
page and Contributing Editor of
National Review.
He has held numerous
academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair in Political
Economy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown
University and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford
University. He has contributed to numerous scholarly journals and testified
before Congress on 30 occasions. He has been awarded the US Treasury's
Meritorious Service Award and the French Legion of Honor. 

This commentary is presented as a public service for better civic understanding,
and the political
opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the NEW ORDER.

Continuing the fight for a better world —

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