Ann Coulter
Why We Don't Celebrate 'Historians Day'

Being gracious winners, this week, liberals howled with delight at George Bush for coming in seventh-to-last in a historians' ranking of the presidents from best to worst.

This was pretty shocking. Most liberals can't even name seven U.S. presidents.

Being ranked one of the worst presidents by "historians" is like being called "anti-American" by the Nation magazine. And by "historian," I mean a former member of the Weather Underground, who is subsidized by the taxpayer to engage in left-wing political activism in a cushy university job.

So congratulations, George Bush! Whenever history professors rank you as one of the "worst" presidents, it's a good bet you were one of America's greatest.

Six months after America's all-time greatest president left office in 1989, historians ranked him as only a middling president. (I would rank George Washington as America's greatest president, but he only had to defeat what was then the world's greatest military power with a ragtag group of irregulars and some squirrel guns, whereas Ronald Reagan had to defeat liberals.)

At the time, historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. dismissed Reagan as "a nice, old uncle, who comes in and all the kids are glad to see him. He sits around telling stories, and they're all fond of him, but they don't take him too seriously" -- and then Schlesinger fell asleep in his soup.

Even liberal historian
Richard Reeves blanched at Reagan's low ranking in 1989, saying, "I was no fan of Reagan, but I think I know a leader when I see one."

Reagan changed the country, Reeves said, and some would say "he changed the world, making communism irrelevant and the globe safe for the new imperialism of free-market capitalism." In Reeves' most inspiring line, he says Reagan "was a man of conservative principle and he damned near destroyed American liberalism."

By 1996 things hadn't gotten much better for Reagan in the historians' view. A poll of historians placed Reagan 26th of 42 presidents -- below George H.W. Bush, his boob of a vice president who raised taxes and ended Republican hegemony under Reagan. Four of the 32 historians called Reagan a "failure."

I guess it depends on your definition of "failure." To me a failure is someone who aspired to be a legitimate scholar but ends up as an obscure lecturer at Colorado College or a historian.

Speaking of which, Colorado College political scientist Thomas Cronin explained Reagan's low ranking, saying Reagan "was insensitive to women's rights, civil rights, oblivious to what was going on in his own Administration -- the procurement scandal, HUD, Iran-Contra."

Soon after he took office, President Reagan famously hung a portrait of President Calvin Coolidge in the Cabinet Room -- another (Republican) president considered a failure by historians.

Coolidge cut taxes, didn't get the country in any wars, cut the national debt almost in half, and presided over a calm, scandal-free administration, a period of peace, 17.5 percent growth in the gross national product, low inflation (.4 percent) and low unemployment (3.6 percent).

Unlike some recent presidents with Islamic middle names, he didn't run around comparing himself to Lincoln constantly.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. ridiculed President Calvin Coolidge as a hayseed who slept too much and took decisive action only once in his life. Schlesinger never tired of pointing out that Coolidge slept 11 hours a day, as if hours of sleep is the true measure of presidential greatness.

Perhaps Schlesinger's venom toward Coolidge was meant as penance for his once mistakenly admitting that Eisenhower was a good president -- another hated (Republican) president among historians.

Under President Dwight Eisenhower, the gross national product grew by over 25 percent and inflation averaged 1.4 percent. George Meany, then AFL-CIO president, said that the American worker had "never had it so good." Like Coolidge and Reagan, Eisenhower was enormously popular with the American people.

In a poll of "leading scholars" taken soon after Eisenhower left office, he was named one of the 10 worst presidents. The distinguished "scholars" -- none of whose names anyone remembers today -- called him dumb, dismissing the five-star general who smashed the Nazi war machine as "Old Bubble Head." As Patton said, these "bilious bastards ... don't know anything more about real battle than they do about fornicating."

It's as if geologists took a poll and announced their opinion that gold was heavier than lead.

Reagan and Eisenhower have recently started to move up in the presidential rankings -- for the same reason George Washington is always ranked one of the best. Historians ought to detest Washington, but his exclusion from the top ranks of these pompous historian polls would expose the absurdity of their rankings.

Putting preposterously overrated presidents like John F. Kennedy or FDR in the same category as Reagan or Washington is like a teenage girl ranking the Jonas Brothers with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles as the three greatest bands of all time.

Liberals may call him a "war criminal," but historians have inadvertently paid Bush a great tribute this week by ranking him as a "below average" president. I can only dream that, someday, no-name, left-wing historians will rank me as one of the all-time worst columnists.

Ann Coulter is Legal Affairs Correspondent for HUMAN EVENTS and author of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors," "Slander," ""How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)," "Godless," "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans" and most recently, Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and their Assault on America.

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Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:15 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive PostThank You George Bush and Godspeed

US inflation in 2008 LOWEST SINCE 1954
Thks again for the tax cuts - i still get more on my take home because of you
Really appreciate you rejecting Kyoto - you held us off from the loons for awhile- we will continue your fight
Dam shame so many had a gimme gimme gime attitude cause they screwed up their lives in the last 15 yrs and now think gov't gimmes gonna work
Thks for a gracious Laura that no one has put down despite early attacks - I won't blame you at all for snickering when the lying racist wife (can't call her 1st lady) of the lying hypocritical traitorous felon - gets past the honeymoon stage
Thks for ZERO attacks on our homeland while on your watch
BTW - TY for picking and listening to Dick Cheney - an unsung hero
Thks for reaching across the aisle as often as you did to get the whiners to give some help - too bad they used it against you - just remember what goes around comes around
Thks for a $485B deficit that if the cost of the Iraq war was taken out- we would have a surplus of like $500 B that could have helped a lot of people but the cost of giving liberty to another country - can that be measured?
Don't sweat it that wonderboy is now saying get used to Trillion dollar deficits - him and his home boys that caused that crap will be outed (and hopefully jailed ) soon enough - You can't be responsible for EVERYTHING that happened on your watch- sensible people know that.
A little too much here George - but you did something(see the next TY from Frances Wright - National Black Republican Ass'n.) and that's a start - Now if the message can get out that we already have THE finest health care system known to mankind available to all Americans be it private or government without nationalizing the dam thing we will be ok --- and if those illegals need coverage let them - 1 - become citizens and 2- pay out of their pockets instead of us paying for them - they know that they are doing the WRONG thing MORALLY
(Thanks also to President Bush, we have expanded access to health care for the poor and, for the first time in our nation's history, we now have a Medicare prescription-drug program that includes health-savings accounts and allows people to make their own health-care decisions. The funding for the ADIS initiative in Africa was increased three-fold to $15 billion, and the Malaria initiative is yielding success.)
Thks for unprecedented 52 consecutive job growth
Thks for 93% employment rate - just cause losers like CA, OH, MI etc etc - couldn't get their act together - states like TX still have 5% unemployment rate to help them slackards - maybe they will learn - maybe not- let em freeze
Thks for historic number of Amercians owning/buying homes legitimately - sucks that a bunch of deadbeats scewed that up
Thks for putting fear into our enemies - yama already acting like you
Thks for restoring America's credibility and integrity in the world

I have left out some I am sure but you have mine and many millions (even those who won't admit it) blessings to hold your head high and welcome back as a US CITIZEN

ps - shudda dumped that compassionate conservatism crap and instead choked the living crap out of the MJ's (Masochistic Juliettes previously known as libtards.
You have been wronged extremely unfairly and recall I was once one of your harshest critics - but history proved me wrong and the real history will be much much kinder to you.
God Bless you and Laura George and your family - and God Bless America

ps ps I had it in my heart that you would do something about Ramos and Campean - but was afraid to put it in the 1st TY ------- so just one more TY for a job well done and honorably so SIR!!!

Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:16 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive PostTHE DAY AMERICA WON!!!

As the world awaited the signing of the STICKITO2US bill by the illegal alien and unconvicted felon presently occupying the office of the White House, behind the scenes, a diabolical and craftily coordinated plan was being methodicaly timed to, in the eyes of the planners, strike a lethal blow to the very soul of their opposition party - to support the signing of the STICKIT2US bill by manipulation of the American stock market that would "prove" the confidence of the American
financial sector and thus "prove" to the gullible American public that not only was the STICKIT2US plan the "real deal" - but also that the wonderboy was indeed the "real deal". Sadly for them today was THE DAY THAT AMERICA WON.
As yama signed into legislation his FINAL "mandated" bill, behind the scenes the plan that had had a trial run last week and was successfully deceptive to the American public was so being so carefully orchestrated as to make a Pucci opera look like required reading for Pre-K's.
The plan? As the world financial markets nervously awaited, first the financial sector did as expected and cashed out to the tune of a minus 250 (+/-)on the DJ - it would remain that way drifting lazily as 29 of the 30 stocks that make up the DJ were showing negative. Precisely what the master manipulator of the stock market -George Soros- had anticipated. Less than a week ago one of the craftiest sleight of hand financial tricks had been pulled by Soros - when on Thursday of last week, with the Dow having falled 200+ points for the day only 2 days following the 382 point drop that was the finacial sector's way of greeting Gaithner, Soros gambled that a massive infusion of money into the Dow would save the current administration a very embarassing perhaps mortal wound to the fledgling TTTT party that he had so carefully orchestrated. It worked. In a nearly unprecedented -and barely noticed - way the Dow gained back the entire day's losses - 220+/- in LESS THAN 45 minutes. Thus the stage was set for THE DAY THAT AMERICA won - sadly for the TTTT party - they lost.
As yama strode to the stage with the teleprompters blaring, behind the scenes the emboldened Soros believed 100% that his stroke of genius would work once more. As yama took the stage the Dow was lingering around the -260 mark - as his long winded and typical speech droned on the Dow was swinging +/- 15 points off of that -260 mark. Recognizing that the financial sector was not buying into the STICKIT2US plan, Soros made his move. By 3:35 p.m. EST the Dow had moved "magically" to -185 - sheer unbridled 1-2 brilliance thought the TTTT party - the dazzling speech and the "market reaction". Hubrus is often the fall of arrogant deceptive rulers - it ruled again today.What Soros could not contend with was the overwhelming counteroffensive by those committed to the capitalistic ideals of individualism over collectivism----- for the next 10 minutes - the financial sector nervously waited - would there be a repeat of last week's sleight of hand? - But no the market fought back struggling to get to the -200 market- Soros gambled and went all in -For a brief few minutes the Dow dropped below the -200 mark - but as the last 15 minutes of today's trading session ended, programs and traders also went all in - ending the day at almost -300 - a mere fraction of less than one point since the low of this crisis on Nov. 20 which was THE lowest in a decade- 10 yrs - back to 1999!!!!!!!!- Who was in office then? Had 9-11 happened then? Was Bush President then? - Heck the sub prime scum borrowers had only barely started securing the brush for the financial inferno that they alone caused ----- Yes a fraction of a point from being THE lowest close in a DECADE!!!!!
Deeply frustrated, mortally wounded and financially battered, the TTTT party headed home to regroup.
Sorry folks you lost AMERICA WON TODAY!!!

an original post

Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:17 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive PostYou do no spend your way out of debt
You do not spend your way out of a recession - Ronald Reagan
Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:17 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive Postwhat's this crap- "my job"

"My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy," Obama said, although "we sometimes make mistakes" and "have not been perfect," and even though "too often the United States starts by dictating" and fails to use "the language of respect."

your job wonderboy is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the USA against all enemies- foreign and domestci

Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:18 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive Posthow can you tell when yama is lying?
He's breathing
Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:19 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abusive Post53% polled say they are uncomfortable with their prospects of retirement today as compared to 34% four years ago --- now who can blame Bush for this statistic?

Funny thing about facts - they don't go away - Ronald Reagan

Feb 18, 2009 @ 06:19 PM
ralph,tx-obamayama-A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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