Why Has There Not Been the Same Response to the Iowa Flood Victims That There Was to the Hurricane Katrina Victims?

Where is the day after day, hour after hour, media sludge slinging soiree attended by leftist commentators and putrid politicians whining on and on about how bad the flooding in Iowa is and how much and how quickly we need to send money and food and shelter to the poor, disenfranchised victims?

Where are the people declaring that George Bush hates White, rural people and that he purposely let the levees break to rid the nation of such filth?

Why are all the media not asking the Republicrats why the federal government has yet to solve the disaster? Why are they not asking why FEMA was not on site earlier? Why are they not asking why the Iowans weren't forewarned and rescued before the flooding hit?

Why isn't the Federal Government relocating Iowans to free hotels in some area of the nation where there are lots of White people? Why isn't the government getting up $2 billion in checks to send immediately to those negatively affected by the flooding?

When will Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson (who's hiding out to keep from being seen with or tied to Lil' OSambo), and Alvin Sharptongue (who's also on the lamb to help get OSambo elected) say that the Federal Government blew up the levees that failed to hold the flood waters back?

Where are all the Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in rebuilding Iowa?

Where are Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, and the Dixie Chicks? Why aren't they offering money to help Iowans as they did the Katrina victims in NO?

When will Sean Penn rent a boat and go cruising around the flooded cities in Iowa?

Where are all the looters who were, according to the media, justified in stealing high-end tennis shoes and big screen television sets? Why are the White Iowans not looting and why have the media not reported the difference between the way Whites and Blacks have reacted to the two disasters?

When will we hear Iowa Governor Chet Culver say that he wants to rebuild a "vanilla" Iowa, because "that's the way God wants it"? That's what we heard about New Orleans.

Why is it that in a few weeks you will most likely never hear about the Iowa flooding again?

Could it possibly be because 99% of the victims there are White, while in Louisiana they were uniquely Black?

No, of course not. There's no war against White people in America; we're all paranoid, conspiracy nut cases!

Gerd Worch