Dear Ron Paul Supporters,

If you're tired of the mainstream media minimizing the only presidential candidate who is not corrupted by private and corporate interest groups, then we have great news. We're proud to announce the launch of Ron Paul Revolution Radio ( [link to,] America's only full-time professional call-in talk radio network.

RPRRADIO.COM is dedicated to being your source of news, information, and all things Ron Paul. We have assembled the greatest group of passionate hosts determined to pave the way for the Ron Paul Presidency. And we're very proud to include in our line-up Ron Paul's eldest grandson, Matt Pyeatt, who will be doing a fantastic program with Dr. Ryan Osborne.

The Ron Paul Revolution is taking the country by storm and the time has come to fight fire with fire. Join us to make sure the people's candidate is not denied his destiny. Phone, email, and tell everyone you know about RPRRADIO.COM. Place our banners on your websites and blogs. [link to]

Also, if you have a business, a service, or a website and want to reach Ron Paul listeners while supporting the cause of freedom, please consider advertising with us while there's still space available. Our listeners will gladly support advertisers who support Ron Paul for President. [link to]

The reality is, it's us against the well-funded media and we must have your support to survive. Ron Paul Revolution Radio is a grassroots effort started by long time supporters of Dr. Paul, but we are not associated with, nor do we receive any funds from the Ron Paul campaign. In order to fund this ambitious effort and professionally produce programming worthy of the Ron Paul candidacy, we also ask you for your financial support until we develop our advertising base. If you have maxed out your donations to the Ron Paul Campaign, please consider the importance of our mission to restore our constitutional freedoms and donate generously and regularly to this historic project. [link to]

It's our goal to keep the Ron Paul freedom message strong and alive and shout out the virtues of Dr. Ron Paul. Let's show the world we're mad as hell about the media ignoring our candidate and we're not going to take it anymore! If we don't succeed now we may never have another chance, so please join the Revolution, The Ron Paul Revolution on WWW.RPRRADIO.COM.

We will be covering the "Boston Tea Party Money Bomb" this weekend Dec. 15 & 16, non-stop with all your favorite hosts and some very special guests. Don't miss this special event and don't for get to tell your family and friends.

Yours in truth and freedom,

Ron Paul Revolution Radio