New reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating  that Prime Minister Putin and President  Medvedev <>  have jointly ordered Russia's Strategic Missile Troops (RVSN <;linkid=2244> ) to begin the  encirclement of the United States with a 'Nuclear Noose' in preparation  for 'all out' war with American Military Forces.  

Sparking the fears of Russian  leaders, these reports state, were conversations held this past week between  Putin and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Kissinger  McLarty Associates <> ) wherein Mr. Kissinger stated that the likelihood of  Senator John McCain ascending to the presidency of the United States was  'all but assured'.

Russian  policy analysts have long considered a  McCain led US government as a continuation of Bush's foreign policy for an  American led implementation of  a 'New World Order' that would see  the abolishment of Nation States and the establishment of World Trading  Blocks, and which Putin has vowed to prevent occurring.

Making an American Government  being led by McCain even more intolerable  for Russia has been McCain's strident  calls <>  for Western military action against the Russian people and its  leaders, but which can only be fully understood by knowing  that his, McCain's, top foreign policy advisor, Randy  Scheunemann <> , is a longtime lobbyist for Georgia whose lobbing firm has  been paid  over $1 million <> by the Georgian government to further their influence  in the US.
Further enraging  Russian leaders was the announcement this past week that the US and Canada are jointly  cooperating <>  in an attempt to wrest vital Arctic resources away from Russia  in an attempt to control the last source of new oil reserves remaining on our  energy starved planet.

Russian moves to counter the growing threat of war between  themselves and the United States over these issues have included Putin's  announcement  in July <>  to increase Russia's nuclear  aircraft carrier and submarine fleets and to begin working with other Nations  to form a strategic alliance against the Americans.

Western reports are further  stating that Russian Military Forces have moved <>  into Georgia SS-21  missile <>  launchers and that Russia plans the deployment <>  of  Iskandar SS-26 surface  missiles <>  in Syria and the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad.
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Venezuela's President Chavez has further  announced <>  that he as accepted Russian President  Medvedev's offer to send a Naval Fleet to his South American Nation, and  which are equipped with long-range sea based nuclear missiles.

To the full  machinations of the US War Leaders to provoke Total War with Russia it remains  lost upon the American people, and who have not even  now begin to understand how the United States 'sacrificed' its ally  Georgia in its bloodstained 'final objective' to force Poland into  accepting <,21985,24186756-5012749,00.html>  their so called missile shield targeted against the Russian  Homeland.
Russia's deputy chief of  staff of the armed forces General Anatoly Nogovitsyn was quick to respond  to Poland's acceptance of US missiles by stating, "Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself  to a strike; 100 per cent <,23599,24193291-401,00.html> . <,23599,24193291-401,00.html> "
To the overall  outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, except as they pertain to  the plans of the War Leaders of the United States, and as best summarized  by the American Anti-War activist Justin Raimondo who has  written:

" <> The War Party never sleeps - they've always got a new  angle up their sleeves, a new "Hitler" who must be crushed in the name of  democracy and decency, and against whom all the resources of the West must be  mobilized - until a new enemy is found. The latest such enemy is Putin's Russia, specifically,  Putin himself, who is now being characterized as a hybrid monster, an  authoritarian admixture of Hitler and Stalin." <>

How sad it is  that the American people have chosen for  themselves such ruthless leaders, how very sad.

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