Econ Con

Ludwig von Mises Institute


Dealing with Economic Depression

Sponsored by Mark L. Hart, III

August 29, 2009 | San Francisco, California

Imagine a team of doctors who think more poison is the solution to poisoning. That's precisely how government has managed the economic downturn. The market is trying to correct the distortions, even as government piles on ever more.

This one-day conference will examine the motivations, the bad theory, and the dangerous implications behind "countercyclical" policy and artificial stimulus. It takes a look back at the Great Depression and examines whether the government is currently creating another one.

Speakers include Walter Block, Thomas DiLorenzo, Douglas French, Lew Rockwell, and Robert Murphy.

Registration fee is $85 per person, which includes lunch and refreshment breaks. Student Scholarships are available.

The conference is held at the glorious Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco. For accommodations at the hotel, mention the Mises Institute for a special rate of $139 per night plus tax.

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