Subject: P1 - Bill Who??
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 11:16:18 +0000

The Case of Bill White


John seems like the arrest by the FBI has caused quite a stir at VNN, SF and all the way up to the WR in Alaska. But I still canít figure out why anyone would care. Bill White tip toed on the fringe of posting legal information about his enemies on his website as a way to attempt to harass and encourage stupid and easily influenced white trash to actually attack Billís enemies. Letís be honest, there is no other reason to post the personal information that Bill was posting. Bill was acting worse than the so called Jews and Niggers he was opposing!!  Where was Billís sense of fair play and superior morality he felt the White Man possesses? There is ALWAYS a way to bring someone down in America due to the Talmudic nature of our legal code: we are all sinners, we are all guilty. Bill was asking for it, and he got nailed. And rightly so, he is a disgrace to the White Cause and the White Men of America. The SPLC will miss him more than anyone.


In the so called White Menís forums, there has always been rumors as to if Bill was the real deal, a secret Jew, an FBI plant, and so on and on. Does any of that matter? Bill did nothing positive to make White Men aware of the racial divide. Bill did nothing positive to promote the value and greatness of the White Race. Bill did nothing positive to expose those dastardly Jews who herd the stupid goy to the slaughter house. Bill did NOTHING to expose the root of the great decline in White awareness and the decline of White America: that is he did NOT expose the Elite Ruling Class in America that makes the rules, pays for the laws, and leads America into a new direction. Bill did NOTHING worthwhile, but cause White Men to argue and bicker over his personal life. He contributed NOTHING, he wasted money, he wasted resources, he wasted bandwidth, he wasted good printing for a cause that did NOTHING but put the White Race in a bad light. He was a slumlord living off of poor niggers. The same thing he accuses Jews of doing to stupid goy. He did as much damage to the White cause as the Black Hebrews in New York do to the black cause but with one difference: The media and the SPLC doesnít care about a bunch of niggers that make effeminate Jew boys cry on You Tube, but the SPLC DOES care and use white trash like Bill White to educate the world about the dangers of White racists. In other words, in reality, in the world beyond the small and insignificant world of VNN and SF, White Racially Aware Men are rightly so portrayed as stupid, ignorant, mean spirited, and plan white trash: Jerry Springer cannon fodder.


Do we learn anything from this? Yes, the Bill Whites and his soul mates, the rest of the white trash White Racists, do nothing but destroy the movement and any possible future that a large movement might have to gather many of one mind. Change cannot come through a splintered grass roots movement unless the leaders represent the grass movement. Bill White represents a useless fringe that is living in the past. VNN is a pissing contest between loser white trash with no life or ability to think for themselves. SF and the Duke are still living off the glory of the good old days and the anti-Semitism.  There is NO leadership in the White Movement. There is NO White Leadership that inspires White Men to reach up, to reach out, and to move forward to a better future in a positive way. All the so called White Leaders are small, petty tyrants building their on little pieces of turf that ten piss ants could crawl over in half a day.


Change and revolution only comes in two ways: 1- A grass roots movements that is so strong and so overwhelming, that the White Ruling Elite MUST, they are FORCED, to make changes to preserve their own future and life. 2- The Ruling Elite MUST change their goals and plans for the White Man. Those are the only two ways. But letís face it: there is no grass roots movement. There is no leadership to even create a grass roots movement. Currently the closest thing we have to leadership are a few hot headed loud mouthed activists who think getting twenty people to protest something is making history. Or the closest thing to leadership might be holding conventions to sale books and tapes on the latest trap and manipulations that the Jews have set for the stupid goy. Or it might be a blog to whine and cry about the treatment the White Man receives from the hand of the Blacks and Jews of the world. Doesnít anyone want to PUKE from the fact that the White Man has been reduced to a bunch of cry babies instead of men who DEMAND that there be changes, White Men who DEMAND that affirmative action be removed, White Men that DEMAND that nigger and Mexican gangs members be locked up and executed, White Men that DEMAND that Mexicans be sent back to Mexico, White Men who DEMAND freedom of association. But no, the White Man today is a beggar and complainer; he is NOT WORTHY of America or the history of the White Race. We have no leadership today, but we have a lot who want to educate the White Man. Education is good, but letís not confuse education and teachers which are necessary and useful with leadership to force and lead changes, to organize and direct that education as a tool for revolution and change.


Let us thank the FBI for removing the likes of Bill White. Let us purge the ranks of the rest of Billís minions and move forward with a movement that is good, honest, and accurate, with integrity, that we may secure a better future for ourselves and our children.


Sherwood Smith


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