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Subject: "Tribal Excitement"

Apparently England's biggest St George's Day parade is facing the axe, because (according to Labour Councillor Yvonne Davies) "It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates."
England's National Day causes "tribal excitement"????  Can you imaging any politician daring to use such language about the Notting Hill Mugging Fest, ooops sorry, Carnival?
Yvonne Davies, said the parade created an "unhealthy atmosphere" and inspired young boys to be racist. (Translation from ZaNuLabour speak: the parade celebrates English patriotism and makes our kids aware of their precious heritage, for which their grandfathers and great-grandfathers had fought and died to protect).
Councillor Davies wrote in: "I am sure most are very respectful and law-abiding, however some are distasteful in the extreme and wish to divide and separate people from each other."  (Translation: some attendees at the annual parade wave Union & St. George's flags and may actually vote BNP!)
For the full story see here
But don't despair.  Now that you cannot attend the St. George's Day parade in West Brom, you WILL still be able to go to the annual procession through the centre of High Wycombe to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (you remember the guy - he married a 6 year old girl, but didn't consumate the marriage until she was 9 years old).  This takes place on Sunday, 15 March and the Police have very kindly agreed to bring as much inconvenience to the local indigenous population as possible, by enforcing rolling road closures through the centre of the town!  If attending please ensure that you bring black flags, green flags, flags of Pakistan, but definitely NO Union Jacks or Crusader rags - they might create "an unhealthy atmosphere and tribal excitement" amongst the locals!
Full story here .
Don't weep for our country - FIGHT FOR IT - OR LOSE IT!

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