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Here we go, again; . . . They are so predictable.!!
Feinstein is doing what Jews do best.
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Feinstein is doing what Jews do best.
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Obama: Civil War Disguised as Politics?

When I ran for the U.S. Senate against Barack Obama I did my best to
speak the truth. I knew when I accepted the invitation of the Illinois
Republicans that I stood little or no chance of victory. With few
exceptions, everyone I consulted advised against it. Most thought it
political suicide. But the facts convinced me that Obama is a dangerous
left-wing extremist. When confronted with the proven depravity of his
moral views, my faith and conscience convicted me as well. After years
of telling audiences that we had to stand for right and truth no matter
what the cost, I felt that the Lord would hold me accountable if I
refused to walk the talk. Sometimes we are not called to victory, but to
witness for truth, as Jesus did, even unto death.

So when I campaigned in Illinois I let no false ambition; no kind of
blandishment or intimidation; and no whispers of political gain or loss
distract me from speaking the truth. I talked about Obama's extremist
support for abortion (including his unconscionable willingness to
tolerate infanticide in Illinois hospitals); I described him as a hard
line socialist, pointing out his uncompromising commitment to central
government control of health care and education; I pointed to the
contradiction between his professed support for traditional marriage and
his consistent promotion of the homosexual agenda. I remember talking to
people, including Republican leaders, and others who have built little
empires and big reputations as leaders of the so-called "Christian
right", (what I call more appropriately the moral conservatives). Time
and again I heard in response feckless mumblings about how moderate he
seemed in his speech at the Democratic convention. Time and again I felt
the implication that I was somehow exaggerating, imprudently "demonizing
the opposition." They did little or nothing. And when the pro-abortion
elements of the Illinois Republican Party openly went on the offensive
against my refusal to back down from my stand for moral principle and
real conservatism, in silence and inaction these leaders complied with
their politically ruthless intention.

Meanwhile I and my family encountered from the Obama forces the ugliest
indignities I have ever experienced in politics: Parades in which
Obama's marshaled minions shouted curses and epithets almost every step
of the way; and forums in which they rudely launched expletives with
gestures just short of physical violence. At one such forum the
environment they created was so ugly that my wife was visibly shaken,
and my daughter in tears. Even on Election Day, when we went to the
polling place to vote, a man there created a disturbance. He shouted
insults. He acted in a physically threatening way. Nothing was done to
stop him, and the pandering Illinois media breathed hardly a word about
it in their so-called news coverage.

In all of this there was a hard edged disdain for decent civility that
reminded me of the murderous invective Lenin launched against those who
opposed the communist agenda. But it all took place behind a media
fabricated fa├žade of false hope and moderateness, like the propaganda
screen behind which the totalitarians of the twentieth century hid their
perpetration of atrocity.

Having felt the cutting edge of this reality, on election night I
refused to engage in the nice ritual usually associated with the
resolution of our political contests in America. Obama's people treated
politics as war. But in war only gutless servility congratulates a
ruthless opponent on the victory he has gained without civility. Mine
was to be sure, a silent protest but loud enough to have some so-called
leaders, supposedly on my side, losing no opportunity to "apologize" for
my behavior.

Since 2004 I have walked in the political wilderness. This walk is not
without its burdens, but I am heartened when I remember whose footsteps
I find there: those of people like Reagan and Winston Churchill who in
their dedication to right refused to let ambition triumph over truth.
Assaulted, ridiculed, caricatured, ignored, at times reduced to a small
and almost covert band of like-minded adherents, they kept their faith.
They witnessed the rising power of the evils they warned against. They
witnessed the policies of appeasement, retreat and surrender practiced
by unprincipled leaders in the face of those evils. They witnessed the
day when hard experience finally forced those who had all but forgotten
their existence to turn and make a stand against wickedness triumphant
over freedom.

I have an ominous feeling about the years ahead. With Obama, we have
crossed the line that separates civil politics from civil war disguised
as politics. Occupying the White House is a man known for his support
and association with people (like leftist Kenyan politician Raila Amollo
Odinga) for whom that line appears never to have existed. I predict that
American politics as we have known it is gone. And unless we Americans
wake up, more than civil politics will end up dead. For there are other
footsteps in this wilderness, left by leaders who opposed the Communists
when they took over Eastern European countries in the late 1940s, or
Asian countries in the fifties, or African countries in the sixties, or
South American and South African countries in the eighties, and so on.
Mostly we do not know their names, nor can we mark the spot where their
lives were overtaken because their compatriots did not wake up in time.
But, with the Psalmist, I will fear no evil, for here, as everywhere, I
see the footprints of the one who conquered death itself. Wherever they
lead, there is life renewed.
Posted by Alan Keyes at 2:56 PM