Breaking news about the

David Duke Convention cancellation in Memphis

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Date: 11/7/08 7:24 AM
Subject: FW: *** Breaking news about the David Duke Convention cancellation in Memphis

To all [from Ingrid]:

Let me just say that I was not registered for the Euro-American
convention, although in a normal world and in a safe America I might
have wanted to attend. And let me just add that what David Duke has
experienced is "old hat" for Revisionists - in other words, Holocaust
skeptics. For years, this kind of treatment has happened to us - it
has happened even to me in my own home town when I tried to rent a
meeting room for a simple fundraiser after Ernst was arrested and I
had to find ways to pay for various court in three countries on two

This is a very significant development - and all patriots ought to
take heed. I consider it a positive development, although very
painful for the individuals involved - for it shows the claws and the
teeth of what we call the "New World Order" treatment meted out to
white people. It reveals the tactics of the Enemy for all the world
to see.

Please pass this on to your lists and post it on your websites.



The David Duke / Memphis story gets even more interesting
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Here is an update on the struggle with David Duke. I have been in
the war room with Representative Duke for the past 48 hours and have
been working with him to call the 200+ registered conference
attendees and advise them of the alternate plans.

I also organized the press conference for Duke yesterday, which was
attended by four network affiliates and a variety of newspapers.
Just google the Memphis tv affiliates (Channels 3, 5, 13, and 24) to
watch the coverage.

One unnamed journalist did write an honest recap, which he privately
e-mailed to Duke last night. You can read it for yourself below.

We're fighting like lions here in Memphis to show that we won't let
our most basic rights be taken from us. David Duke was not even
allowed to sleep in a hotel room yesterday that he reserved for his
private accommodation. I was with him at The Drury Inn in
Memphis when its manager and two police officers came to remove Duke
after they declared him to be a "security risk."

When you don't have the right to assemble, to have your legally
binding contracts be honored, or even book a hotel room, then you
have no rights at all. Never before have I seen more clearly the
writing on the wall. This is the future we can expect unless we stop
it. As much pain as I've endured this week, I still consider it to
be an honor to suffer for the live on the front lines.

The strain has been almost unbearable, but we will meet; we will have
this conference on Saturday.

I will write more about this next week after I have time to rest. I
haven't slept or eaten very much at all since Monday.


James Edwards


The biased, dirty, lying Memphis Commercial Appeal Newspaper

The following is a letter we received from a journalist who attended
Dr. David Duke's press conference on Thursday, November 6th.

I am a journalist who attended Dr. David Duke's press conference
today and I was shocked by the biased newspaper article I saw on the
Commercial Appeal website about it. I can't write about it in the
publication I work for because I would lose my job for simply telling
the truth about this matter.

I don't agree with the politics of David Duke, but I consider myself
a real journalist who aspires to write honestly and not bring my own
prejudices to my work. I treat everyone, whether I agree with them or
not with the same degree of respect and fairness. That's why I
referred to Dr. David Duke with the "Dr." title, just as my articles
on Dr. Martin Luther King refer to him with "Dr." because that is his
proper title. Dr. Duke is a PhD just as Dr. Martin Luther King was.

The Commercial Appeal article headlined: "Duke says white power
conference set for new location." In actual fact, Dr. Duke does not
and has never used the slogan, "White Power." The first thing Dr.
Duke did at the press conference was to point out that he wasn't a
"White Power" advocate but a white civil rights advocate. He also
clearly stated he was not a "white supremacist" but believed in equal
rights for all "even for white people." He contends that Whites face
widespread racial discrimination in affirmative action hiring,
promotions, scholarships and college admissions, and that government
immigration policies will damage the long term, intrinsic interests
of whites. The EURO president also said that there are thousands of
groups in America that openly promote the interests of African
Americans, Mexican Americans and Jewish Americans, so why shouldn't
Whites have the right to defend their rights and heritage.

He went on to relate that his original conference with over 100 rooms
rented at the Whispering Woods Hotel was canceled after threats on
the life of the Hotel Manager and his wife and children, and after
Desoto county declared a State of Emergency. He said that America is
not free when terrorist threats can prevent Americans from exercising
their rights to assemble peaceably and speak freely. One of the
scheduled conference speakers, a English-fluent human rights attorney
from Moscow, Russia, Masha Vallachenko, expressed her shock at the
cancellation saying, "I had always believed that America was the land
of the free, but now I am not so sure."

Reporting on the cancellation of the original meeting, the Commercial
Appeal reporter wrote,

"The European-American Unity and Rights Conference was scheduled at
the Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Branch, but
the hotel later canceled the contract after the nature of the
conference came to light and controversy soon followed."

No, the conference was canceled after the hotel received terroristic
threats and after a State of Emergency was declared in Desoto County
by the Sheriff's Office.

There has been no outrage by the media or by authorities at this
provocation. I wonder what the Commercial Appeal would be writing if
a NAACP national conference would have been canceled by White
terrorist threats? The outrage would have been national if not world
wide. The FBI would have certainly sent a task force down to
uncover and prosecute the violators of civil rights.

Once The Drury Inn found out that the press planned to interview
David Duke in his hotel room at 2 pm today, they refused to allow it.
Dr. Duke honored the hotel's request and met with the press
meeting outside on public property. Later, the Drury Inn kicked Dr.
Duke out of the hotel completely, saying that he couldn't stay at the
Drury Inn because the hotel had received threats. I wonder what the
reaction to all this would have been if Jesse Jackson had been kicked
out of the Drury Inn.

None of this was reported by the Commercial Appeal, in fact they
didn't even mention the cause of the cancellation of Duke's
conference: terrorist threats against this organization and the
hotel. America is now allowing punks who make threats to take away
our most precious constitutional rights of freedom of speech and
freedom of assembly. The human rights lawyer from Russia, had every
right to be shocked by the fact that we are no longer the land of the
free, and we Americans have every reason to be ashamed.

Through all this, David Duke and EURO will meet somewhere in the
Memphis area on Saturday and Sunday.

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