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> Israel's Messianic Jews: Police indifferent to threats against us
> By The Associated Press
> June 20, 2008
> Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body
> three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his
> family. The explosion severed two toes, damaged his hearing and harmed a
> promising basketball career.  Police say they are still searching for
> the assailants. But to the Ortiz family the motive of the attackers is
> clear: The Ortizes are Jews who believe that Jesus was the Messiah.
> Israel's tiny community of Messianic Jews, a mixed group of 10,000
> people who include the California-based Jews for Jesus, complains of
> threats, harassment and police indifference.  The March 20 bombing was
> the worst incident so far. In October, a mysterious fire damaged a
> Jerusalem church used by Messianic Jews, and last month ultra-Orthodox
> Jews torched a stack of Christian holy books distributed by
> missionaries.
> The Foreign Ministry and two chief rabbis were quick to condemn the
> burning, but the Ortiz family says vigorous police action is needed.
> "I believe that it will happen again, if not to us, then to other
> Messianic believers," said Ami's mother, Leah Ortiz, 54-year-old native
> of South Orange, N.J.
> Proselytizing is strongly discouraged in Israel, a country whose
> population consists of a people that suffered centuries of persecution
> for not accepting Jesus and has little tolerance for missionary work.
> At the same time, Israel has warm relations with U.S. evangelical
> groups, which strongly support its cause, but these generally refrain
> from proselytizing inside Israel. Even the Mormon church, which has
> mission work at its core worldwide, agreed when it opened a campus in
> Jerusalem to refrain from missionary activity.
> "Historically the core of Christianity ... was 'convert or die,' so it
> was seen and is still seen as an assault on Jewish existence itself,"
> said Rabbi David Rosen, who oversees interfaith affairs for the American
> Jewish Committee. "When you are called to join another religion, you are
> being called on to betray your people."

> Messianic Jews consider themselves Jewish, observing the holy days and
> reciting many of the same prayers. The Ortiz family lights candles on
> the Sabbath, shuns pork and eats matzoth on Passover.
> Ami Ortiz, interviewed at the Tel Aviv hospital where he is being
> treated, comes across as no different from any Jewish Israeli his age.
> He's a sabra, or native-born Israeli, who speaks English with a Hebrew
> accent, has an older brother in an elite Israeli army unit and was
> hoping to join the youth squad of Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team.
> But his religion also holds that one can embrace Jesus - Ami calls him
> by his Hebrew name, Yeshua - as the Messiah and remain Jewish. Orthodox
> Jews, on the other hand, believe that the Messiah has yet to come, that
> he will do so only when he chooses, and that any attempt to pre-empt his
> coming is a grievous sin.
> Rabbi Sholom Dov Lifschitz, head of the ultra-Orthodox Yad Leahim
> organization that campaigns against missionary activity in Israel, says
> Messianic Jews give him great pain. "They are provoking... it's a
> miracle that worse things don't happen," he said. Messianic activists
> appear to have had some success among couples with one non-Jewish
> spouse, as well as immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union
> who have loose ties to Judaism.
> Or Yehuda, a town in central Israel with many immigrants as well as
> ultra-Orthodox Jews including a deputy mayor, Uri Aharon, was the scene
> of the May 15 book-burning.  Ami Dahan, a local police official, says
> hundreds of Christian religious books were burned on May 15 in an empty
> lot in town. He said Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon, has been questioned on
> suspicion that he instructed youths to collect the books from homes
> where they had been distributed and told them to burn them.  Aharon
> denies ordering the burning. He says the books were collected from a
> neighborhood of mostly Ethiopian immigrants who are easily persuaded by
> missionaries.  "There are three missionaries who live and work in the
> town, and every Saturday they take people to worship and try to
> brainwash them," Aharon said.
> Many Messianic Jews say they recognize the sensitivities involved and do
> not distribute religious material or conduct high-profile campaigns. But
> Aharon noted a recent Jews for Jesus campaign with signs on buses that
> equated two similar Hebrew words - Jesus and salvation. Public outrage
> quickly forced the bus company to remove the signs.
> Lawyer Dan Yakir of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel says the
> law allows missionaries to preach provided they don't offer gifts or
> money or go after minors.
> "It is their right according to freedom of religion to maintain their
> religious lifestyle and disseminate their beliefs, including through
> literature," he said.
> But the obstacles are evident, raised not just from religious activists
> but by the state. Calev Myers, a lawyer who represents Messianic Jews,
> said he has fought 200 legal cases in the past two years. Most involve
> authorities' attempts to close down houses of worship, revoke the
> citizenship of believers or refuse to register their children as
> Israelis. In one case, Israel has accused a German religion student of
> missionary activity and has tried - so far unsuccessfully - to deport
> her.  "In incidents of violence, police are reluctant to press charges,"
> Myers said.
> The book-burning caused shock among U.S. evangelicals.  Dave Parsons,
> spokesman of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, which
> represents evangelical Christian communities, said the test would be how
> vigorously authorities pursued the case.  "We believe there is a link to
> a series of incidents here in the land that involve harassment,
> intimidation and physical violence," he said.
> The Ortiz family moved from the United States to Israel in 1985,
> qualifying as immigrants under Israel's Law of Return because Leah, the
> mother, is Jewish. In 1989 they moved into Ariel, a Jewish settlement in
> the West Bank, and established a small Messianic group which now numbers
> 60, most of them immigrants from the former Soviet Union, according to
> David Ortiz, the pastor and Ami's father.
> He said that he built the community through conversations with friends
> and neighbors, but did not actually go door-to-door distributing
> religious material to strangers in the traditional sense of missionary
> work. David Ortiz says he has also proselytized in the Palestinian areas
> - prompting Islamic leaders there to warn against contact with him.
> Ortiz said he had no problem if Messianic Jews discuss their religious
> views with others and persuade them to believe in Jesus.  When the
> family began holding study sessions, a rabbi warned Ortiz not to speak
> about Jesus outside the home.
> In 2005, fliers were distributed in Ariel warning that there were
> believers of Jesus in the community. One day, two men wearing the black
> skullcaps of Orthodox Jews knocked on the door and photographed Ortiz
> when he answered. Recently the photo turned up on a flier with the
> family's address.  When the basket was left at the door Ami wasn't
> surprised, since it was Purim, a holiday when Jews exchange gifts.  "I
> opened it up and I heard it and then I was on the floor and I didn't
> hear anything, I didn't see anything, the lanky boy recalls." Ami was in
> critical condition, with severe gashes in his legs and feet and one that
> just missed his jugular vein. His tryout for the Maccabi team was
> canceled.
> His family initially suspected Palestinians; Ariel is in the heart of
> the West Bank and surrounded by Palestinian towns and villages and, like
> most Jewish settlements, has been the target of Palestinian attacks. But
> police immediately told him the bomb was more sophisticated than those
> made by Palestinians since it contained plastic explosives. "Nobody ever
> suspected that a Jewish group would do such a thing, that they would put
> a bomb in somebody else's house," David Ortiz said.
> Police have since told the family that Palestinians were not behind the
> bombing. The family has footage from a security camera of a man
> delivering the package, according to a person close to the family who
> spoke on condition of anonymity because police say disclosing details
> could harm the investigation. Police spokesman Danny Poleg would not
> discuss the case, saying only that no arrests have been made. 
> Meanwhile, the Messianic Jewish believers are taking no chances. These
> days they worship under the protection of an armed guard.
> The AP can't bring itself to mention that the "Christian religious
> books" that were burned were Bibles, i.e. copies of the New Testament.
> "Messianic Jews" are enthusiastic Zionists who reject historic
> Christianity and embrace a hybrid of Judaism and Christianity (darkness
> and light) that retains some Talmudic traditions and a great deal of
> Judaic racial prestige utterly contrary to the New Testament. "Jews for
> Jesus" is on record as refusing to criticize the Talmud.
> Note the guilt-inducing mind control statement aimed at wavering Judaics
> by Rabbi David Rosen, of the American Jewish Committee. "When you are
> called to join another religion, you are being called on to betray your
> people."
> When an Anglican Englishman joins the Catholic Church he's betraying the
> English? When a Catholic Italian joins the Methodist Church he's
> betraying the Italian people? When an am ha'aretz in first century A.D.
> Jerusalem joined Jesus and the early apostles he was betraying the Jews?
> AP reports: "The (Israeli) Foreign Ministry and two chief rabbis were
> quick to condemn the burning..."
> Yes, for purposes of public relations they condemned it, but they do
> nothing to amend the rabbinic texts or correct the culture that breeds
> anti-Christian violence and bigotry; they just can't be seen to publicly
> advocate it.
> AP writes, "Proselytizing is strongly discouraged in Israel, a country
> whose population consists of a people that suffered centuries of
> persecution for not accepting Jesus..."
> Would AP ever report, "Judaism is strongly discouraged in Russia, a
> country whose Orthodox Christian population consists of a people that
> suffered 70 years of persecution for not accepting the Communism of
> circumcised Bolsheviks"?

> Pope John Paul II and the leaders of Protestant fundamentalism all
> discouraged attempts to convert Judaics to Christ, in league with the
> American Jewish Committee and Israeli Zionists. The current Pope
> Benedict meets with rabbis in synagogues in Cologne and New York as
> equal partners in the worship of God.
> AP states: "Messianic Jews consider themselves Jewish, observing the
> holy days and reciting many of the same prayers. The Ortiz family lights
> candles on the Sabbath, shuns pork and eats matzoth on Passover."
> Yom Kippur is one of the "holy days of Judaism" and includes the
> permission to lie, in a rite called "Kol Nidrei" or the nullification of
> "all vows." If "Messianic Jews" are participating in the Kol Nidrei they
> are liars and not Christians.
There is no New Testament warrant for
> following the rabbinic rite of shabbos candle lighting, eating
> unleavened bread on Passover or shunning pork. (Pork is an unhealthy
> food but we have the Christian freedom to eat it. Rabbinic Judaism does
> not ban pork in fidelity to the Old Testament. Rabbis secretly regard
> the pig as a sacred animal and eschew its flesh for that reason
> If Messianic Judaism is such a counterfeit, why is it persecuted?
> Orthodox Judaism is distinguished by its dictatorial tyranny over the
> mind of man
. The totalitarian control exerted during the Communist
> revolution in Russia had Talmudic roots. No iota of deviation from the
> Oral Law is permitted
, including any nostalgia for Jesus Christ, who is
> regarded as an idol who practiced sorcery and is now in gehenna boiling
> in his own feces.
> What is instructive about this AP article is the fact that it showcases
> the Israeli penchant for violence - using bombs, book-burning and arson
> against any who deviate, however minutely, from the dogma of Judaism or
> the Israeli state.
> Judaism considers western civilization to be Edom and despises it with
> far greater rancor than even Muslim fundamentalists. The current
> alliance between the West and the Israelis and rabbis, is very tenuous
> and temporary, predicated on the denial of New Testament doctrine and
> the transformation of an erstwhile Christian western civilization into a
> collective golem that bombs and fights Muslims for the benefit of the
> Israelis.

> When this proxy function is no longer needed, the Israelis will dump the
> West in Red China's lap and proceed on their supremacist path as the
> self-appointed judge of the entire world. The reconstituted Sanhedrin
> court in Tiberias is one harbinger of this masterplan, aided and abetted
> by powerful "Christian" allies like Senator McCain, President Bush and
> Supreme Court Justice Scalia,
among tens of thousands of other
> "conservative" golem in the top ranks of the American government,
> military, media, culture and business.
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