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Join Peace Intention Experiment before Sept 14
Posted by: "lloyd kinder" lk3bk@yahoo. com lk3bk
Sat Aug 9, 2008 2:09 pm (PDT)
- Register at http://theintention experiment. com/peace to help test
the theory that collective thoughts can end war etc.

- This webpage http://www.newciv. org/nl/newslog. php/_v550/
__show_article/ _a000550- 000060.htm says as follows..

* Positive results thus far:

After a series of experiments carried out in 2006-7, the Intention
Experiment has demonstrated that `group mind' can:

* Make seeds grow twice as high as normal

* Change basic physical properties of leaves

* Alter the essential structure of water

* Change physical properties in a plant and a human being

* These scientific experiments offer the first scientific
demonstrations that collective thoughts have the power to change the
world. The six studies involving seed growth have been presented and
published by various scientists who conducted the studies with
McTaggart at the Society for Scientific Exploration annual meeting in
June 2008.

* Working with McTaggart on the earlier studies are leading physicists
and psychologists from the University of Arizona, Pennsylvania State
University, St. Petersburg Technical University, the International
Institute of Biophysics, with additional advice from the former PEAR
lab at Princeton University, with many more planned.

* Current projects

McTaggart has been working with Dr. Rustum Roy, arguably one of the
world's experts on water, to create a mass experiment that would
attempt to use thoughts to mutate bacteria and, in so doing, purify
polluted water. This result has vast implications about the power of
thought to clean up the world's polluted water supply.

* McTaggart's global laboratory is also moving on to a `mini-Gaia',
which involves constructing a miniature ecosystem with the University
of Arizona and asking readers to attempt to lower the temperature

* If this experiment has significant effect, the implications that
our collective thoughts could tackle global warming will be

* The Intention Experiment has been a bestselling book around the
and the project itself has caught the international imagination.
Recently The Intention Experiment was chosen by Amazon readers as one
of their 100 top reader favourites for 2007.

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