Hey, where's the mystery? Any person with an IQ above room temperature can see what Jesse was, and is.  He is a racist, immoral "N-word," posing as a minister.  Screws the help, impregnates her and takes her to the White House to meet another serial sex offender. GOB, Good Old Bill.  But the essential question is this:  who put this degenerate racist on the tube in the first place?  Could it have been the liberal media? Who made this fraud so famous? And rich? His moron son now a representative in the Congress. It is a clear crime to put such obvious trash on the television. But they did. Who?  The liberal white arseholes who make such decisions. Like, oh say, Dan Rather. Another liberal liar loser.
    But to see this evil racist continually on television is a continuing travesty. It is time to send this "n-word" back to where he came from, the ghetto.  Can you possibly even imagine this illiterate racist moron in the front of a church, running his evil mouth? Well "n-words" like him do it all the time.  Rev.Wright of recent memory did.  You know, the one that hates whitey, and hates America, and hates you.  The question must be asked: who put this black trash on the tube?  That is the real question.
Wednesday, Jul 16

Breaking: What Else Jesse Jackson Said on That FNC Tape

Jackson_7_16.jpgExclusive: TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.

Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling n—s how to behave.

So, yes. Jesse Jackson did use the "N" word. But it was not directed at Barack Obama. Fox News and Bill O'Reilly have maintained there was more on the tape, but that the un-aired portion was not relevant to the issue at hand: about whether Obama was "talking down" to the black community.

> Update: Jackson's statement, Al Sharpton weighs in, and more on the reaction to the comment.

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• More: O'Reilly will be on with Shepard Smith at 3pmET discussing the tape...

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    HarrySpeaks 22 hours ago
    Let's review Jesse Jackson's record. According to civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy, Jackson cowered in the shadows during the MLK shooting, but when it was safe positioned himself over King's body and intentionally bloodied his shirt with King's blood. In an act of hate, he referred to New York City as "Hymietown," showing his hatred for Jews, which would have ended any other politicians career in disgrace. Before that, he had already shown his contempt for whites by saying that while working as a younger man he spat in white people's food. Throughout his career he has seized every opportunity to inappropriate insinuate himself into sensitive situations where he does not belong, as a political opportunist. He has, in effect, blackmailed many institutions into forking over large sums of cash as payoffs so that he does not accuse them of racism, destroying their reputations. And now he has said he would cut Barack Obama's "nuts out," while using the N word in a way that disparages his own people. The man is a shameless fraud and always has been. He should have been drummed out of the political scene and discredited long ago, but he uses the accusation of racism (now the last refuge of scoundrels) to protect himself. Let me just say right now to Jesse Jackson, you are not a man of God, you are not a civil rights leader, and you are not a decent human being. The world now knows what many have known.
    Amen to that and then some!
    sofasurfer 22 hours ago
    Whats the big deal. Calling people nigger is what racists do. And Jesse is the biggest rasist in the country. Thats how he makes a living.
    wally123 9 hours ago
    Though sofasurfer had a short comment, he said it all in those few words
    LasVegasGuy 23 hours ago
    What kills me is how some people will blame Drudge for reporting what Jesse said! I guess they overlook Jesse's N word , that's ok, but if Drudge links what others are reporting, somehow that's bad?

    Grow up! Jesse thinks Barack is a N_ _ _ _ R! Get mad at him!
    DaMama 10 hours ago
    According to our politically correct society, African Americans can't be racist. Only white people are racist. So if Jesse Jackson uses the "n" word, it's OK. But if it were Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram some other white conservative talk radio host, there would be such an outcry in the media! People would be screaming for their resignation and it would be headline news. The double standard is HUGE. The fact of the matter is that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk are all racist against white people and are hypocrites. They are a disgrace to the civil rights movement, and I will never understand why organizations like NAACP support these disgraceful, hypocritical men.
  • Comment removed.
    Thank you for coming in this cesspool and cleaning things up. It is a shame that people cannot communicate like adults and have to stoop to or below Mr. Jackson's level they so revile and resort to hurling insults and racial epitaphs to prove a point.
    tommyc 11 hours ago
    Where's Al Sharpton now??? I think this is just a bit worse than "nappy headed hoes", but you dont hear a peep out of Sharpton? No ones demanding that Jackson be taken off the air or making him publicly apologize to Obama and the televison community that he "offended". Why you may ask? Because he's a black man and for someone to shame a black person (especially a puplic figure head) is taboo and racist in todays society. However to do so to a white man is acceptable. Sharpton and Jackson speak of equality, but in reality thay dont want to be treated equal at all! Do as I say not as I do. Its sad that some members of society actually hold weight in their words! These guys are IDIOTS!!!
    SPYDERMAN 11 hours ago
    As an African in America, I could remember my shocks to this racial epithet when I first head of them. First I thought it was the corruption of the word NEGUS which was the title of Emperor Haile Salassie of Ethiopia, or remote reference to blacks who came to America, in the days of slavery, from the Niger River basin in West Africa.

    Then I found out that my black brothers and sisters would frequently use the term as an endearment when conversing with each other but would flare up in rage when used by somebody other than black. It was really puzzling and sounded hypocritical to me. If that term is an insult why use that amongst yourselves? So I found out that it a crutch issue, blacks throw that in the face of whites to hold them eternally guilty of the injustices of the past such as slavery, and also to cover up or ward off any scrutiny of themselves. You don't like the term, don't use it to describe each other, else you remove any cause of anger towards others who use it. It does not make any sense at all. Whilst at it, can Americans stop, interlacing every sentence with the word "FUCK"? Fuck this, fuck that. That is also disgusting. Thanks
    You are right on fucking target pal.
    Valid point!
    surroundedbyidiots 5 hours ago
    I love it!
    32dooosh 12 hours ago
    When the blacks quit calling themselves "n___ers", this will be the day that the meaning of "RACIST" will end! Until this happens, the white, mexicans, chinese, cubans, ALL nationalities will start showing respect towards the black race...think about it!
    Look at Jessie, if he's calling "the blacks" in general "n___ers" out of disrespect, then don't expect anyone else too...Comprende'! My question is, what's wrong with our media and society that they can't see this for themselves!!!!
    detcord16 1 day ago
    now south park will have to make an episode where jesse is forced to beg himself for forgiveness and then kiss his own ass, which is the standard penalty for using the n word
    X'cel'nt point. Perhaps he can kiss Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls instead!
    I can't wait for that!
    ImNotBlue 21 hours ago
    God I hope so. The last episode with Jackson in it was terrific.

    This one, as you suggested, even more so.
    dogtear1 13 hours ago
    absolute scumbags, Jesse shouldn't be on TV... banned
    kathy52 20 hours ago
    Please, people, lets not stoop to Jesse jackson's or any other racist's level. Our grandparents fought and died for our country to come together. Let's honor them and cut the racist comments.
    It is the Reverend Jesse Jackson who has called for a boycott to all DVD's from the show "Steinfeld" because of Michael Richard using the N word in a comedy routine. So, we should then boycott the right Reverend and his RainbowPush, it only seems fair and balanced since the Reverend used the N word too.
    What goes around, comes around. Sure glad I still have that book about the life and times of Jesse Hi Jackson. Name of the book, Shakedown of course.
    Kenneth Timmerman's is an excellent read!
    kyfan51 21 hours ago
    I seem to remember Jesse Jackson taking the comedian Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" fame to task for using the "n" word.. Mr. Richards also apologized to Jesse as I recall. Could it be that we have a double standard in the U.S.? Are we living in a country where Michael Richards uses the "n" word and is called a racist and Jesse Jackson can be called a civil rights activist and use the same word? I certainly don't appreciate this kind of derogatory racial statement from anyone irregardless of their race or background. I think Jesse needs to receive the same treatment as the many others who have made these remarks. His legacy should be severely tarnished by this incident and the media should stop looking in the other direction. It also seems that members of the Black community such as Senator Obama and Rev. Al Sharpton would be outraged by this racial slur.
    karodan 21 hours ago
    O'reilly saw fit to protect Jackson by not airing his N word comment. I guess he's not familiar with Fox News credo of "we report, you decide".
    nurseterri5 22 hours ago
    We have a right to know what the rest of this racist has-been said so we get the whole story.
    rvguytoo 23 hours ago
    Wow, imagine Don Imus or Rush Limbaugh, or ANY Republican congressional member saying that?

    Jesse would be on national TV in a heart beat, beating the heck out of the race card, demanding appologies, and shaking the speaker down for money for rainbow coalition or some other cause..

    Me thinks Jesse is a racist. Go away Jesse, go far far away.
    So it's okay if he calls the black community as a whole n----rs, but not if he calls Obama one? Strange concept to me.
    Totally baffling to me as well!
    lamindfw 23 hours ago
    Okay, all you black folks...Jesse has laid down the gauntlet and shown his true colors when he thought none of you were listening...that's it, keep supporting him and his ilk...after all, they're doing you so much good!!
    xesenta_com 23 hours ago
    same old song ...
    PatrickB 22 hours ago
    Why are all commenters disquising what Jesse called his brethren with underscores, blanks and dashes?

    The 'word' is not profanity....Use your dictionary! Also note the definition! It has nothing to do with race. He called them (and himself) 'niggers'!
    As someone just to the right of center, I always had a pretty high opinion of Fox and thought they were "fair and balanced" but the game they are playing with this story is inexcusable.. If they chose to report the story at all, they should have broadcast the full recording, period. That being said, I am convinced the story was contrived, Jesse is media savvy, he knows mics don't get manually turned off and on, and the purpose is clearly to make Obama more palatable to the white mainstream.
    fatshady 22 hours ago
    Let's get real, Jesse already talks like he has Obama's nuts in his mouth, his speech is so garbled and pathetic because he tries to sound white, but in reality he is just a n----r that rode the MLK death and bandwagon to a civil rights role that probably he can't even define. He doesn't hold a real job, he simply shows up when members of his race are mistreated, misspoken too, etc., and appears as the saviour of all blacks. Anyone who respects him is an idiot!!!
    I am not to smart but is it OK for dumb white people like me to use the N word

    Please help me
    surroundedbyidiots 5 hours ago
    Must be hard being white.
    chiggerbites 20 hours ago
    Ever heard of chicken being called "barnyard pimp"? I invented a new one for catfish..."lake pimp"

    what do you think?
    alwayslearning2 20 hours ago
    to Harryspeaks....wow, I could not have said that better myself. Thank you for such an articulate comment.
    AnotherVoice 20 hours ago
    I agree as many others that blacks cry racist only when a white is involve. And as far as calling anyone African American is BS!! This is America and you don't say White American. You want to be called African go back to Africa and deal with the British!
    Most blacks are bigger offenders of being a racist then most whites. Get off your asses and improve your life!
    coolhanluke890 16 hours ago
    A 26-year-old Jesse Jackson made his debut on the national stage claiming that civil rights icon Martin Luther King died in his arms, a detail that was entirely fabricated, according to numerous accounts documented in the new Kenneth Timmerman blockbuster, "Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson."

    "April 5, 1968: Just twelve hours after an assassin murdered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, a young black follower announced on the NBC 'Today Show' that King had 'died in my arms.'"

    In excerpts published Sunday in the New York Post, Timmerman continues:

    "He had cradled King's head and was 'the last person on earth' to whom King had spoken. As proof, he appeared on TV wearing an olive-brown turtleneck sweater that he claimed bore the stains of Dr. King's blood."

    It took eight years before cracks in Jackson's King-death story began to garner public attention - and only then because a black reporter from Chicago sought out members of King's entourage who were at the Lorraine Motel that day.

    "The only person who cradled Dr. King was [the Rev. Ralph] Abernathy," Hosea Williams told reporter Barbara Reynolds.

    "It's a helluva thing to capitalize on a man's death, especially one you professed to love," added Williams, who was a top King lieutenant at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and who was just yards away from the civil rights leader when the assassin's bullet struck.

    Mr. Williams isn't the only King aide critical of Jackson's melodramatic account.

    "I am sure that Rev. Jackson would not say to me that he cradled Dr. King," said Rev. Abernathy.. "I am sure that Rev. Jackson would realize that I was the person who was on the balcony with Dr. King and did not leave his side until he was pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Hospital in Memphis.

    "I am sure that he would not say to me that he even came near Dr. King after Doc was shot," he added.

    Former U.N. ambassador and one-time Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, who was also present at the Lorraine that day, professed to be mystified over Jackson's "cradling" story, saying the first he heard of it was when he read it in the newspaper.

    To this day King's widow, Coretta, and Jackson remain estranged over his conduct in the aftermath of the civil rights leader's death.
    What's that old saying..."You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!" Well, Jesse Jackson is one dirty pig!
    bocifus 13 hours ago
    All of these comments aside, you can bet that when Jesse Jackson dies that there will be a national "Jesse Jackson Day" .
    I'm white. My familiarity with the N word is from black co-workers and friends using it. In my experience they use it to refer to other blacks who are beneath them or who just need dissing. I know NO whites who use the word.

    What Jackson did was completely in line with what blacks in my experience do, as well as all other "groups." This is a fundamentally hypocritical world. Women call each other words that we take total umbrage at men calling us. The problem with separate groups and identity politics is the whole us vs. them mentality. As humans descended from tribes and it's in our nature, I don't see this changing, however much the multi-culti-pomo-utopia set wishes. So while it's shocking, it should not be -- it is human nature.

    What is interesting is what this reveals about Jackson's attitude to blacks in general. He either thinks of them as Ns or he thinks Obama thinks of them as Ns. Or both. I suspect both.
    surroundedbyidiots 5 hours ago
    I am black and if I could I would erase that little word. It's causing so much confusing between the races. It's just ugly that's all it is, and it's keeping this country divided.
    timmy2179 13 hours ago
    I miss Lenny Bruce
    In his day, LB was focused and saw through the crap that was polite society. He demonstrated how to take a word and render it powerless...what seemed like endless repitition of "nigger" gradually brought an audience to laugh at the absurdity of racial slurs. LB was a Jew, and he did the same to our slurs as well: kike, hebe are 2 I remember. Hymietown was a new one for me...LB would have used it if he heard it.
    Lenny Bruce a man of brillance
    May his work live forever as Substance
    dogtear1 13 hours ago
    Jesse Jackson is a pathetic soory ass individual who doesn't deserve any air time. Al Sharpton is another sorry ass person that shouldn't be allowed on TV. They wanna m ake me puke! All these guys do is stir the pot and create racial tension. Who made them watchdogs for the black community? Someone needs to tell them to shut up already. Enough is enough. All they do is create problems. If a white person was on TV bitchin' about the blacks as much as Jackson and Sharpton complain about whites, they's be labeled as "racists". Well, Jackson and Sharpton you

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