If you deny the crimes of Joseph Stalin you will not be prosecuted and sent to jail. If you deny the crimes of Mao Tse-Tung, you will not be prosecuted and sent to jail. If you deny the massacres of Genghiz Khan, you will not be prosecuted and sent to jail. But if you deny the "gassing" of six million Jews by Adolf Hitler, then you will be prosecuted and sent to jail. Why? The answer is not hard to find. Denying the crimes of the aforementioned offends those who no longer exist or who are politically impotent. Denying the Holocaust offends the power which runs the world. Offending communists or races of ancient times bothers no one. But offending the international people who run everything is a quite different matter. The issue is not historical truth. Historical truth is turned upside down on a thousand subjects every day. It is par for the course. The issue really is: Exposing a holy lie which would prove the existence of a Jewish international conspiracy.  Some will object to the word "conspiracy". Very well. Let us say instead that there is a Jewish international force capable of enormous deception in the achievement of its ends. To some minds, that constitutes a difference without a distinction. To other minds, it is a more palatable way of stating an unpleasant truth. The reader may take his pick. 

It is a sad fact that no one cares about the truth. But it is a fact. What people care about is not offending those who have the power. Without the terrible power Jews wield denial of the Holocaust would present a problem to no one. Denying the Holocaust has its counterpart in other unmentionable subjects. Good examples are not discussing the Jewish role in communism or not conceding that the state of Israel has a "right to exist". Holocaust Denial is not merely about establishing what really happened to the Jews during World War Two, it is about challenging the right of the Jews to impose their dogmas on the rest of the population. The case of Bishop Richard Williamson is instructive. Bishop Williamson has committed no crime. He has merely expressed an opinion displeasing to Jewish power. Worse, he has brought public attention to an issue that Jews wish to have concealed from the public at all costs. And that is the crime. The question of what happened to the Jews of Europe during World War Two is not important in itself. It is only important as a guide to the enormous unhealthy power that Jews wield in the world. The real lesson of the Holocaust is: because Jews were supposedly exterminated during World War Two, therefore Jews are an eternally innocent people. They are never to be criticized, stood up to or forced to back down. That is the moral lie hiding behind the historical lie of the "gas chambers". That is why the Holocaust Hoax must be destroyed.

Bill Guru

Feb. 27, 2009

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