Possibilities are endless.  Financial collapse has doubtless already started.  What comes will come.

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What does anybody think of the phone call with Dr Deagle, below?  According to him tomorrow is the beginning of the end.
4 October


Dr Bill Deagle phoned us early in the morning (in Australia, where we're here for the NEXUS Conference) to report a long night of visions and received information about imminent events which left him shaken to the core. The events Deagle saw seemed to depict a nuclear attack on an American city, following soon after an even more precipitous financial collapse set to occur in the next few days.

We published this call unedited, and immediately. The audio quality is excellent. If the information Bill Deagle reports is accurate, then nothing could be more important.

We straight away called a number of our witnesses including David Wilcock, Michael St.Clair and Rebecca Jernigan. David and Michael both felt that the events seen by Deagle would not transpire. Rebecca, however, told us that Deagle's visions had been seen by herself also.

Rebecca listened to all of our phone call with Deagle. Michael was listening to it as we spoke. David declined to listen to it at all.

David felt that the events would not occur for three reasons:
-- The ETs would not permit it.
-- The Illuminati might be willing to kill large numbers of people, but not destroy vast tracts of real estate and infrastructure.
-- He would have received notice of this himself.

Here are contrasting reports from these three intuitives offering all perspectives to this information:
Phone call with Dr Bill Deagle.
Short phone calls here and here with Rebecca Jernigan.
Phone call with David Wilcock.


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