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The Jewish Mafia & Their USA Bankers

Russian Jewish Mafia & Their USA Bankers

By Brother Nathanael Kapner - Copyright © 2008
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Articles May Be Reproduced Only With Authorship of Br Nathanael Kapner
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Sources: The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money, Israel Shahak; Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Robert I. Friedman.

“FREE SOVIET JEWS!” was a slogan plastered all over America by the Jews from 1970 to the year 2000. What the slogan really meant was, “Let Jewish criminals from Soviet Russia flood American shores.”

The late Senator Henry Jackson, who was bought by the Jews, spearheaded in his 1974 Jackson-Vanik Amendment, the Jewish agenda to tie trade agreements between the US and the Soviet Union to “freeing” Jews Soviet persecution. What the Jewish Media did not tell Americans was that the Jews were the originators of the Soviet system, its prime beneficiaries, and its prime persecutors of Russian Christians.

Word soon got around that there was a “Russian Mob” in America. But no one dared say that the “Russian Mob” was in fact a bunch of “Russian Jewish Criminals.”


The major figure in uncovering the Russian Jewish Mafia in America was a journalist named Robert I. Friedman who died in 2002 at the age of 51 from a so-called “tropical disease.” In his book, Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Friedman interviewed major underground Russian Jewish figures and uncovered their criminal activities in the USA.

After Friedman’s book was published, Russian Jewish Mafia leaders put a bounty on his head for $100,000. The Russian Jewish Mafia knows that it can murder with impunity given their working relationship with European and American intelligence agencies. Even the FBI in America keeps no files on the activities of the Russian Jewish Mafia.

In fact, the FBI, according to Friedman, is loathe to go after Russian Jewish mafia figures because of intense pressure, (and $$$ to key officials), from the Anti Defamation League (ADL). The ADL persuaded the FBI to call off investigations saying that it would “foster anti-Semitism” and bias Americans against genuine “Soviet-refugees.”


Marat Balagula: Born in 1943 in Odessa Ukraine. Amassing a large fortune in the Soviet black market, Balagula at the age of 37 moved from Odessa to NYC under the Jackson-Vanik Amendment. Balagula opened up a restaurant in the Brighton Beach Brooklyn area and named it “The Odessa.” Soon Marat Balagula had hundreds of Russian Jewish “employees” who had nothing to do with his restaurant business.

~ The restaurant became the headquarters for jewelry fencing, Medicare Fraud, prostitution, heroin imports from poppy fields in Chernobyl, and illegal gasoline distributorships which evaded NY taxes for which Balagula was later indicted but avoided long term incarceration.

Semion Mogilevich: Born in 1946 in Kiev Ukraine. In the early 1970s he became part of the Lyubertskaya crime group in Moscow. Just prior to this, Mogilevich had built a lucrative prostitution ring in Israel and in Eastern Europe.

Semion Mogilevich’s Moscow criminal organization began in trading art and antiques stolen from churches and museums in Eastern Europe. Mogilevich’s criminal organization soon became one of the largest and most feared in the world, employing a private army of brutal killers.

Mogilevitch began trading in military equipment manufactured in Hungary. Soon Mogilevitch began trading in uranium and nuclear arsenals. NATO has said that he is a threat to the stability of Europe.

Mogelevitch also masterminded the largest money laundering scheme in US history, washing 7 billion dollars through the Bank of New York, one of the owners of the Federal Reserve System. Mogelevitch’s money laundering scheme prompted an investigation by US Congress that led to a dead end. Why a dead end? Jewish $$$ perhaps?


ON SEPTEMBER 21 1999, Congressman James A. Leach, Chairman, Committee on Banking and Financial Services, led a full scale investigation of Russian Jewish Mafia money laundering that led to a dead end:

— “Hearing on Russian Money Laundering

The Committee meets for its hearing on the depth of crime and corruption in Russia; Russian use of off-shore financial institutions; and the intertwining of those financial institutions with US banks.

We invited several witnesses but they have declined to appear before the Committee, including: Natasha Kagalovsky, (Jew), former head of the Eastern European Division, Bank of New York; Bruce Rappaport, (Jew), Chairman and CEO of Bank of New York Inter-Maritime; Mikhail Khodorkovsky, (Jew), Russian oil industry executive.

We will begin with an examination of recent allegations that corrupt Russian groups and individuals have infiltrated Western financial institutions. The banks must co-operate with our efforts and be our first line of defense against criminal enterprises seeking to launder their illicit proceeds by entering them into the legitimate financial system.

The US must ensure that our financial institutions do not contribute to or facilitate corruption abroad.” —
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The Russian Jewish Mafia operates within the Jewish community. Gentiles must understand that Jews have a common interest between themselves for their self-survival. And it is upon $$$ that the Jews depend.

Thus the Russian Jewish Mafia operates with the support of hundreds of Jewish Lobby Groups that receive millions of $$$ from the Russian Jewish Mafia.

And what can American Christians do about the Russian Jewish Mafia and their Bankers? It begins with the knowledge that not only are the Jews pulling their propagandizing-fleece over American eyes, but fleecing American pocket-books as well!
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