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October 29, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

First THANKS - $150 to go to $1000 Goal by Wed
Midnight PST

First, thanks to those who came forth - some
helping AGAIN!

About $150 to go towards our $1000 goal by
midnight tonight PST, Wednesday, October 29, 2008
(that's 3 AM EST). The reason I set that deadline
is I must bring all money to the Radio Stations
by NOON Thursday, eastern standard time.

If anyone else wishes to help us push over the
line - please do so now if you can go to:


Last night I stayed up all night emailing the
1600 or so people on our Email List a special
email with one of our Radio Ads attached. Most of
you should have one in your mail box.

The ad is entitled, "High Gas Prices" - and even
though gas prices are now RIDICULOUSLY low to
make people feel better about the BANK THEFT of 2
trillion dollars of working America's savings and
retirement that just took place in early October,
2008, --- our ad is totally valid.

After the election, at some point, prices will be
forced up AGAIN IN UNISON by the Monopoly behind
the three or so Big Oil Companies.

And we in the USA will remain in this vulnerable
position until we kick the Organized Neo-Con
Jewish Lobby off Capitol Hill and open up FREE
ENTERPRISE to all the little oil guys in the USA

Then and only then will oil be plentiful from OUR
OWN CONTINENT - as it should have been since 1977
- as the ad explains, based on the valuable
eye-witness testimony and writings and speeches
of Pastor Lindsey Williams.

THANKS TO SO MANY OF YOU -- We are now running
ads for the final four weekdays on WLW and WKRC
in prime time (150,000 to 300,000 will hear each
ad) on Wednesday (done), Thursday, Friday, and
next Monday (Nov 3, 2008).

We are also running ads on WLW on Saturday from 6
AM to 3 PM, almost every hour - and about 50,000
to 100,000 each of these ads (less than

Overnights will continue running as they have
been for weeks on WKRC and WLW. 3 ads a day
continue to run on the Sean Hannity Show - our
new ad promoting our Sunday night Show with
Michael A. Hoffman II about the BANNING of his
new book, "Judaism Discovered", by Amazon.com ---
will run on Sean Hannity this Friday - one each
hour, and here is the text of that ad:

(First we play the majestic musical opening, and
the voice that sounds like it's echoing through
the Heavens says): "And Now, WagTheDog2008.com -
The Radio Show, Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for
Congress 2008." (And then I break in and say):
"That's the introduction you'll hear this Sunday
night at 6 PM on 55KRC. Special Guest: Michael
Hoffman, former reporter for the New York Bureau
of the Associated Press. His new book, "Judaism
Discovered", has become the first book ever
BANNED at Amazon.com. If Sean Hannity gave
Hoffman a fair hearing , he'd be fired in 48
hours. And I'll also commit free speech about
Presidential Campaign 2008. All details and my
short video at WagTheDog2008.com. That's
WagTheDog2008.com - Paid for by Jim Condit Jr.
for Congress 2008. See you at 6 PM, Sunday night

You can hear this with the music and sound
effects at the top link of WagTheDog2008.com.

The radio show is on the same station that runs
Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in our market,
which is 550 AM on the dial, WKRC AM. The show is
also heard worldwide on the internet at
www.55krc.com --

It makes me REALLY HAPPY that our Midwest
audience is going to hear Sean Hannity called out
for the charlatan he is - right in the middle of
his own show. I'm also going to play this ad on
the Sunday show which goes out worldwide over the

For, indeed, Hannity's handlers and paymasters
WOULD never let Sean give Mike Hoffman a fair
hearing for one half hour on Hannity's radio show
or TV show. They wouldn't allow it even if Sean
were trying to vigorously debate Hoffman. (What a
verbal massacre that would be - as the Dunce
Hannity can read talking points, but is very weak
on real debate with someone not in the NeoCon
Club. And Hoffman is one of the VERY BEST
debaters in the world today, as those of you have
heard him or seen his "debate" writings know.)

Anyway - every one of my radio ad is hitting the
NEOCONS right in the nose, in public.

--- This wakes up some people to the issues;

--- makes some people furious - but at least
they've heard the other side for the first time;

--- and also GIVES COURAGE to those who hear
these ads IN PUBLIC who already know what's going
on - but never hear our side strike a blow for
truth and sanity IN PUBLIC.

So thanks to all of you who have so generously
helped! Thanks to those of you who have prayed
that we hook up with the right people. And those
who want to push us over the finish line and join
in the fun, go here:


Our deadline was set at midnight tonight (Wed,
Oct 29, 08) at Midnight PST (that's 3 AM EST) -
because I must go down and put the money in at
the stations by NOON on Thursday EST.

* * * * * *

Of course, we will not be mad at anyone if they
see this on Thursday and participate, because
there are always last minute expenses that roll
in after election day, including phone bills,
internet bills, bandwidth bills (at least $200
more for bandwidth by November 10, 2008, etc.)

Also - we are not mad if anyone wants to use
regular mail at Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2008,
PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, -- or -
Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio -
for our action and educational program will
continue all year round until we turn the tide
and win this historic and titanic struggle.

Thanks for putting up with all these financial
appeals in the last month - put, as you
understand, it's not for me - but to do the
missionary work the best we can - and REACH
who are - NOW MORE THAN EVER - looking for real
answers that make sense.

Everyone into the Battle!

And I smile at all of you as I thank you once
again for helping this Radio Ads project make an
impact in the midwest that cannot be ignored.

Jim Condit Jr.
Network America e-wire service

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Those who count the votes decide everything."
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