by Henrik Holappa,
23-year-old Finnish comrade, and former soldier, seriously persecuted in my homeland for being pro-white as Africans and Turks pour into my Scandinavian nation. I am facing up to 4.5 years in prison if indicted for political incorrectness. I am
now visiting John de Nugent and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in America


I. Salem Demonstration (Sweden)
II. National Day March (Folkets Marsch, Sweden)
III. Keystone State Skinheads picnic, Harrisburg, United States


Freedom. We all want freedom. We want freedom of speech. We might even want freedom to own guns. We want to be free men and women. Is there that sort of freedom anywhere? I wasn't sure about that. Europe is not free, not at all. In what follows, I will tell you both how Europe is not free and where you can feel real freedom.

My good friend, American white civil rights activist and the US presidential candidate, John de Nugent from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, answered my question about where freedom can be found.

I remember our phone conversation where I asked him "John, is there any freedom anywhere for white people to be white and to stay white?" He answered me "Henrik, there is freedom. We still have a lot of freedom in America. We still have the Constitution that gives us freedom of speech and the freedom to own guns." I was totally astonished. I was told in school that “democratic” Europe was free, especially after the Berlin Wall fell, but as I have experienced it, and as many others have experienced it as well, I say that Europe is not free at all. Not like America.

I was planning to go to Sweden. John told me: "Henrik, I invite you to come here instead and to see the almost total freedom here in America." I considered John's kind and friendly invitation and decided to come and see what freedom is, in the last bastion in the white world.

Henrik Holappa and John de Nugent, July 08, Sarver, Pa., N of Pittsburgh

I. Salem, Sweden (part of Stockholm County, pop. 14,000, near the capital of Sweden), December 8, 2007

Daniel Wretström, a Swedish martyr, was killed in December 2000 with extreme brutality by 15 violent immigrants (including one Finn) while he was on his way home.

Slogan: “Protest Against Violence.” The Left constantly violently assaults white civil rights activists, protected by a white-hating government and media.

A group of Turks decided to give this native Swede “a lesson” in his own country about Turk power -- a lesson that the traitor Swedish government supported and backed by the government slogan ”Krossa dem!” (Swedish and English are related languages; this means “Crush them!” This means the government to whom white nationists also must pay taxes vows to crush them. And who said this? The prime minister of Sweden himself, Goeran Persson [1996-2006]. Imagine George Bush as president openly saying “We shall crush the pro-white citizens”! That is not yet thinkable in America, to openly target one segment of society with such violence-inciting speech.)

The biggest newspaper in Sweden, Expressen carried the prime minister's threat: ”Vi ska krossa dem!” [“We shall crush them!”]. Although a socialist, Persson calls himself a devout Christian.

On the right, the porky Goeran Persson, prime minister of Occupied Sweden, next to a “new Swede,” Kojo Frans, who is “as of January 1, 2008 the Chief Executive Officer and President of Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB), the newly created Swedish media and communications group. He is also an alternate Member of Parliament for the City of Stockholm, having been elected to the Swedish parliament in 2002 as the first African man to be elected to the Swedish Parliament. He served on the European Affairs advisory Committee and the Justice Affairs Committee.”

The "Neo-Swede" Kojo Frans in his native garb from Ghana with the subservient director of the Royal Swedish Mint, who seems overjoyed.

Here is what happened: Daniel Wretstroem, 17 years old and active in a white-power music band, was killed when he was stomped in his own neighborhood by 14 immigrants, and one, Khaled Ohed, an immigrant from Turkey, slit his throat.


Since December 2000 Swedish nationists have been organizing marches to remember the life and death of this young martyr for our race. Every year the marches gather more and more white nationists from all over the Europe, and even an American from Texas, Preston Wigginton, but also attracts attention from the media, police and extreme leftists. Because the marches are considered to be "racist" and "Nazi," the police in Sweden are told to be very strict when it comes to the march.


The march must be reported to the police. Any white group must announce it to them, who then tell the hostile media, who then alert the hostile leftists.

White groups must give accurate numbers of how many people the organizers are expecting to come. Otherwise the march could be considered to be an "illegal gathering." In fact, any gathering at all of five or more persons, even in a park for a picnic, must get police permission, yes, even for a barbecue or picnic.

If there are minorities near the park, the police may forbid it, saying we whites would provoke them, or they say you can have a picnic but no flags, no uniforms, no identifying symbols, no salutes and no speeches. The police then stand there and photograph you and your ID card. Police helicopters thunder overhead. Yes, at a picnic. You, the white taxpayer, pay heavy taxes to be harassed. The police may permit your gathering, but they try to ensure that you do not enjoy yourself -- and that you will think twice before doing it again.

Thinking about the loss of freedom in my beautiful white homeland, and why I am here, for YOUR freedom.

”Elovena” is the name of a beloved brand of hot breakfast oatmeal porridge. It is a kind of "institution" that we Finns, like Scots, use to start the day. And we like to see this pretty girl. She is not supposed to be Miss Finland, but a wholesome girl who embodies our qualities.

The "Elovena” box as it has looked for many years. It has not changed much since 1925.

Each year a different wholesome Finnish girl is also chosen for TV, newspaper and billboard ads – always a classic young Finnish girl who embodies the look and spirit of Finnish womanhood.

But now, for this beloved brand, the Jews have chosen a new “Elovena” for 98% white, Scandinavian Finland.

This Jew media baron, Aatos Erkko, owns all the major media and is the richest man in my country.


As this Negress with “attitude” glowers, the text in Finnish says, in a harsh imperative use of the verb, implying a military command: “ACCEPT ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW.” Had the Finnish sentence started with Hyväksy, it would have been a polite suggestion, i.e., “Why not be open to a new viewpoint?” Omaksu, however, has the peremptory tone in the Finnish language of “Get used to it!,” “Deal with it!” or “Face it!” -- like an impatient mechanic bluntly making clear to you that you should not spend another penny on your car. It is also the verb form of a military officer (I was in the Finnish army for three years) telling you to hold your position at all costs even when it is being overrun.

Towering, threatening billboard in Helsinki, Finland's capital: The angry black female scolds: “SEE ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE.”

The government of Sweden and the Supreme Court in Stockholm have been trying to find ways to forbid this march. They are even saying that the Salem section of Stockholm County is becoming a center of "neo-Nazis." There is heavy police surveillance during and after the march. In every train station and subway station there are special trained policemen with their dogs.

Everyone who is going to the demonstration is checked by the police: The “security check” means you have to show your ID, and in some cases the police take photographs of persons that are taking part of the demonstration.

For example during the annual Rudolf Hess march in Wunsiedel, Germany, young comrades had to take their t-shirts and shirts off to show if they have forbidden symbols, so called "hate symbols," tattooed UNDER THEIR SHIRTS on their bodies.

Rudolf Hess flew from Germany to England in 1941 to prevent further bloodshed in WWII. He was confined to prison for 46 years, often to solitary -- from 1941 to 1987 -- when he was strangled by order of Margaret Thatcher so the Soviets under Gorbachev would not release him from Spandau prison in Berlin.

To create a more warlike ambiance, the police have usually one or two helicopters flying around and observing the demonstration. There are even some arrests: the violent extreme leftists, egged on by the media, attack the nationists and when they defend themselves and their comrades, it is they who get arrested. That is "freedom" in Sweden, in the heart of Scandinavia.

II. Folkets Marsch [“Folk's March”], Stockholm, Sweden, June 6, 2008

During the Swedish National Day demonstration, when the white activists did their Folk's march (Folkets Marsch), the Swedish police showed a brutal interpretation of "freedom." The march was held in downtown Stockholm. The march also gathered a few dozen anti-racist activists including the usual always-violent, vicious extreme leftists who always start the violence that they claim they oppose. They began by throwing bottles, rocks and other objects. The organizers of the march, such as the leader of the Swedish Resistance Movement (http://www.patriot.nu) Klas Lund, whom the controlled Swedish media has declared “Sweden's most dangerous neo-Nazi” because of his political opinions, know these aggressive tactics by the police and extreme leftists very well.

I had the chance to meet Klas Lund and talk with him. All I saw was a kind man, full of love for his nation and race. Let us not forget that Europe has neither freedom of speech nor the right to own weapons. Thus Klas Lund spent four months in prison because he had a pistol at his home!

Klas Lund. In Occupied Europe, only the state, controlled by Jews, has firearms. No European country has a “Second Amendment” guaranteeing that all citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Nor does any European country have a “First Amendment' guaranteeing even free speech that “might tend to offend” a protected minority or “incite anger toward a minority.” This includes ethnic groups that gang-rape Finnish girls.

The Swedish Resistance Movement's activists faced horrible harassment by the police when they were still in the subway system under the city of Stockholm. The white activists had already been attacked by the extreme leftists -- but the police would not arrested the communists,. Instead, they used all their harsh power against the Resistance Movement's activists, their tear gas and police batons.

The next step for the police was to try to stop the activists from getting to the meeting place for the march to begin. That was too much. The Resistance Movement's activists simply marched right into the police lines and through them, then began their march. -- Legally the police had no right to stop the march. It was legal; it had been reported by the organizers to the police several days before, so the march was totally authorized. Still the police tried to stop it after activists had traveled from all over Sweden, which is a large country. It makes a big difference when you have a prime minister openly vowing to the media and his police: “Vi ska krossa dem,”“We shall crush them,” crushing other citizens of Sweden. Then there is no law.

After the march started the extreme leftists harassed the marchers the entire time and along the entire route to the field where the Swedish nationists would hold their speeches. One of the speakers was Magnus Söderman, one of the staff members of Swedish Resistance Movement.


He was then arrested and charged of "incitement of racial hatred" and "violation of freedom of speech." This Orwellian term is now used by the thought police. Not THEY violate freedom of speech by arresting you after you speak, but YOU violate freedom by speaking.

The police claimed he said in his speech "Sieg Heil" (specific German words that are specifically banned in Sweden), although he clearly says the Swedish slogan "Hel Seger." (Hail Victory). Judge for yourself if he said “Sieg Heil” or "Hel Seger." (And why is it wrong to say any slogan you want if it is a democracy?)

Söderman might now face several months in prison in Sweden. On the way back downtown after their speeches the activists were again attacked by the peace-loving leftists. After a street fight the leftists ran away -- and the police surrounded activists of the Resistance Movement. And they arrested 114 members and supporters. All were photographed and their fingerprints and d voice samples were taken.

That is "freedom" in Sweden. That is "freedom of speech” and "freedom of assembly.” Perhaps things are getting worse in America, but I saw in Pennsylvania that America still has much more freedom, and you can use it.

III. Keystone State Skinheads, picnic, Harrisburg, United States (July 19, 2008)

I was invited by my friend John de Nugent to rendezvous with him in Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. He had gotten an invitation from the Keystone State Skinheads (www.kss88.com) to attend, and as a European I was interested to see how things work in the USA.

The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, a perfect day to gather with your friends, children, to listen to music, eat good food and enjoy comradeship. We arrived to the meeting place, which was in a nice park. The log pavilion displayed various white national flags of organization and old German kaisers. There were at least 50 people at the picnic, including many women and children. The atmosphere was extremely good, and even though nobody knew me (or John at first, or two other comrades who came with us), I was warmly welcomed as a faraway Finn and European by the group. I was walking around the meeting place and answered many friendly questions.

I also was having many thoughts:

Would this sort of meeting be possible in Europe? What would be different in Europe? Well, everything, before, during and after the event. Harassment and physical danger at every step. Police who openly show they hate you and act like masters over your freedom. So-called “anti-racists” ((who hate the white race) and anti-fascists (who hate your freedom of speech and assembly) show up to stomp you, as they did with Daniel Wretström

But this picnic was very cool indeed. For the first time in my life, in these sort of meetings, I really felt that I didn't have to look over my shoulders and think that the “SUPO” or the “SAPO” or other state-security police were about to grab me so as to question me what I was doing at a picnic!

In Scandinavia, we like order and good planning, and I must say that here with the KSS in Harrisburg, everything was organized very well, with free literature, games, food and music. But no alcohol! The Keystone State Skinheads have strict attitude towards alcohol. No alcohol at any public meeting!

As a free man I can say, looking back at Europe and forward at America: This is a lot of freedom! Use it. Keep it!


I have now spent almost two weeks in the United States. All my experiences here have been either very positive or negative, none neutral.

I was surprised to find out how rude customer service can be in the "world's most greatest country" - especially by non-whites “working” in customer service. Even after seeing many American movies and TV shows, the culture shock has been incredible for a Scandinavian. It started right at JFK Airport in New York City.

I am of course not only a Finnish tourist who visits New York or Washington and sees the sights. Through comrades I have the chance to see "behind the curtain" how things really are in America. In many ways it is better here and in other ways worse than in Europe. But most of all, as my friend John de Nugent says, you have almost total freedom to say whether or not you agree with the government, and you can express honest racial views and not feel a hand on your shoulder and arm to take you away, as has happened to me and thousands of other comrades in Europe.

Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh. Beautiful, clean and still a white land. The landscape here is amazing, somewhat similar with Germany's state of Hessen or even Bavaria, or as a European girlfriend said, who saw digital pictures online, it is like the Carpathian mountains in Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. Yes, like Transylvania, so far no vampires.

On the bike trail from Freeport to Butler, along Buffalo Creek.

The weather is cool, similar to Finland's weather, with the only difference that the sun here does not shine all night long as it does in my native city, Oulu. Oulu is further north than even Nome, Alaska, near the Arctic Circle.

I see a lot of potential in Pennsylvania – a place that is still white and where racially aware whites are everywhere. A place that has a leader to lead the whites in this struggle to a new day, to open up a fully white homeland for the white European-Americans.

It is now time my morning walk up toe hills to the meadows and streams with the dogs.


Walking up these hills reminds me of our road as white nationalists. It is slippery and even rocky, and you can get hurt. But we go to a hill that we know is steep. We will stay on it to the top, to breathe fresh air of freedom, and as we continue we will rise.

===============My new American animal

I took this picture of the newly mowed field near the house.

In the center-left you can see two little black and white objects; they are Carmen and Spike and they are after something.
What IS that dark little object that is charging the two dogs attacking from both sides?

It is this feisty little "groundhog"” or “woodchuck.”


We have a similar animal, a “marmot,” in Europe. Since this little guy was fighting very bravely his two-front war (just like Hitler ), John said “Let's pull away the dogs. It's a brave little groundhog!”

In Finland, the highest word in our culture, the word that expresses what it means to be Finnish, man or woman, is SISU, bravery and toughness. We are proud of the massive defeats we inflicted on the Soviet enemy in 1939-1940 when the gigantic Soviet Army invaded our small country, in the Winter War. And from 1941-1944 we again fought the Soviets, alongside our German ally. Our uniforms, our helmets, military training and even our national anthem came from Germany, which we felt was our big brother.

An American video with former president Herbert Hoover, advocating that America help the Finns. Of course, Roosevelt did nothing to help Finland; he was pro-Jewish and pro-Soviet; he ordered in 1933 that the U.S. establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union as one of his first acts as president. In WWII, he called Joseph Stalin, who murdered tens of millions, “Uncle Joe.”

This is a Discovery Channel video about the Winter War, part 1 of 5.

John says that America's anthem ends: “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” In Europe how can you be free if you cannot speak? How can you be brave if you cannot have guns? America must stop the nightmare here that has already engulfed Europe.