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A Call to European-Americans
The following address was written for a Zebra Victims Memorial observance in San Francisco.

My European-American brothers and sisters, it is an honor to speak before you today!
In that simple act of greeting lies the essence of my message - for we ARE brothers and sisters, men and women of one blood, one bone, one spirit, far-flung sons and daughters of the ancient tribes of Europe reunited on this land.

My brothers and sisters, the challenges before us are the greatest we have faced in the many millennia of our journey. Our people's heritage is dismissed as the product of "dead White males." Discrimination against us is not only allowed, it is mandated by law.

Our men and women and children are daily victimized by racially-motivated crime, at a rate far greater than any other group - yet the world "racially profiles" us as the perpetrators! Our birth rate plummets, our population ages and creaks toward death; we have become a dispossessed majority...and if you know the demographics, you know that we are well on the way to becoming a repressed minority not only in California but across the country, and around the world.

I shudder when I consider the fate of our grandchildren, or our elders in their helpless years.

What is the answer? Our political leaders refuse to lead. Indeed, they have abandoned us. The Democratic party has given us the mayor of San Francisco - who says he doesn't care about the "idiot children" of European-Americans and who repeatedly uses the term "white boys" to refer to our men. I hate to think what he calls our women.

The Republicans have given us Ron Unz, a man who can write an article titled "California and the End of White America" and leave us with the implication that the end of White America is somehow not so bad, that it is acceptable.


James Brulte, a leading Republican official in southern California, stated outright that he would not support White males as aspiring candidates in his party.


When are we as European-Americans going to realize that we have been HAD by the current managers of the political system?

In justified anger and in frustration, we search for answers. But the first answer must come from within - a spiritual answer. We lost the political battles years ago, decades ago, as those who hate us made their "long march through the institutions" of academia, law, art, and literature.

We have been routed from those places of power, and we will not easily regain them. We must start at a more basic level, the level of you and me, the level of attitudes and values. We must change ourselves, and then change others. And the good news is, we can start to do this today, and every day, without passing a law or getting a permit.

First, we must learn to love ourselves! We must reject, wholly and emphatically, the guilt that our enemies would lay on us. We must feel our goodness, take pride in our achievements, and stand tall with firm self-respect.

As we learn to care about ourselves, we must learn to love our European-American brothers and sisters. We must understand that we don't have to like each other as individuals, but that, paradoxically, we must love each other if we are to survive. Our differences of opinion and habit and taste shrink before our common heritage and our common interest.

We must help each other, support each other, hire each other, trade with each other, discriminate in favor of each other in every facet of our lives.

Having decided that we are worthy of self respect, and having opened our hands and our hearts to our extended family of Eurofolk, we must turn to our ancestors - that long line stretching away into the mists of time, gone from us yet always with us - and honor them. They live in us, as we will live in our descendants. We have an ancient and powerful reservoir of might on which to draw. Have you ever stopped to consider that each and every one of us standing here is the latest in a long line of winners? It's true:

If a single one of your direct ancestors had died before having children, that golden chain of ancestry would have been snapped. Our forebears were tough and smart. They had to be, or they would not have survived. We, too, are tough and smart, and we will need all that smartness and toughness in the coming years.

It is not fashionable to think of ancestors as mattering. But I say to you - our ancestors watch, and they and history will pass judgment on what we do, or do not do, in the months and years and decades to come.

Finally, we must link to this land, because there are those who would push us off it. Activist and Democratic Party official Art Torres crowed about "the last gasp of White America in California." Another minority racist well known in political circles, Mario Obledo, said outright that California will be a Hispanic state and that anyone who doesn't like it, should leave. Sorry, Art! Sorry, Mario! Our roots are in this land! We will not run.

We will stand here, fighting for our rights, our culture, our heritage, our people. We will not abandon the graves of our ancestors!

My kinsmen, I said at the beginning of this address that we face the greatest challenge in our existence as a people. But that should not dismay us. Rather, it is an honor to be alive in this time, to take part in our historic task, to safeguard our people in this age of crisis. The blood of heroes runs in your veins. I ask you, here and now, to listen to that bloodsong and make a commitment.

Before your feet leave the place where you now stand, I ask you to look into your heart and decide that you will not submit to our dispossession, our dissolution, as a people! What will you do today to respect yourself as a European-American? What will you do today to help your European-American brothers and sisters?

What will you do today to link with your ancestors? What will you do today to sink your roots deeply and immovably in this sacred soil? You don't need anyone's permission or approval to do these things, all it takes is will and love.

Resistance begins in the soul!