Black people = epic failure (no matter _where_ on earth you look).
Where are all of the Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in restoring Iowa and helping the folks affected by the floods?
> From: James W. von Brunn  From:

I live here in Iowa, and to tell you the truth, I never actually 
thought about comparing _our_ situation to the events of Katrina. The 
floods got me too, I have about 4 inches of disgusting organic black 
MUCK on the floor of my garden shed. Otherwise everything else is OK. 
My shed is full of years of collected junk, so I haven't yet tried 
shoveling the muck out. The floor is beginning to rot, and fungus 
abounds. However you made a good point, the flooding here was only for 
a few days, however in Cedar Rapids, it was every _bit_ as bad as New 
Orleans -- only one small difference. Unlike New Orleans, which (was) 
almost exclusively BLACK, Cedar Rapids is almost exclusively WHITE!
Unlike the Katrina disaster, the Whites in Cedar Rapids didn't 
loot, in fact, they didn't _ask_ for anything at all -- they all just 
pitched in and did what White people do (helped one another) and got 
through it without bitching and complaining, no gunshots were fired at 
rescue helicopters which the White people didn't get (nor want or need).
Unlike Blacks, White people just do what they must to survive, 
and unlike Blacks, White people don't _need_ assistance _to_ survive!
If you think back to Katrina, you'll note that the Whites there 
were _never_ part of the problem, only Blacks were the exclusive source 
of _all_ the trouble. Whites did what was right, they packed up and got 
out when the government warned that the storm was approaching. They did 
what was right, they used their own money to obtain temporary housing in 
hotel rooms, well away from the flood plains. Even before the hurricane 
made landfall, Whites were getting notifications on their cell phones 
from the alarm companies, that their homes were being broken into. It 
quickly became obvious to us, why _most_ of the Blacks stayed behind.
Just something for you all to think about as you prepare to vote 
for a Black president. Should Osama win the election, the word I'll use 
most often to describe what you will be feeling is: "buyers remorse".
Black people = epic failure (no matter _where_ on earth you look).

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