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Securacom was also the security contractor for Logan Airport in Boston where the two flights that hit the towers allegedly originated.

There are some other YouTube videos that show that the BBC was told that WTC7 had come down a full 20 minutes before it actually did?!?!  A BBC reporter is standing in front of a window with devastated WTC-7 complex in the background - still smoking at 5 in the afternoon of IX XI, and WTC-7 is still standing, though she is reporting that it has already collapsed.

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 5:20 PM, Stubby Candles wrote:
This is a MUST SEE ... a short video clip (9:16 mins) conclusively demonstrating that WTC Building 7 DID implode from controlled demolition ... a great clip for those who never took (or understood) high school physics, presented by a friendly high school physics professor!... pass it around... tell your friends there are NO scary formulas or equations, just good, clean, free-falling fun!
This succinct and marvelously credible presentation begs the questions:
1. WHO placed the detonation charges?
2. Given the extent of the wiring and placement of demolition devices required in so large a structure, and the amount of time necessary to complete such a huge project beforehand (i.e., it could not possibly all have been done on 09-11), WHEN was it done?
3. How did these individuals gain repeated access to the building?
4. Since explosives were clearly placed in advance, does this make it a conspiracy, or are there no real conspiracies as President Bush has assured us?
5. Does the fact that Marvin Bush, brother of president George Bush, was on the board of Securacom, the company that provided security for the WTC complex prior to 09-11, mean anything, or is it all just another fabulous coincidence?
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