Dear Dad,

Here are some videos that you must see
[short 10 minute video on 911 WTC.  Watching this should cause you to experience extreme intestinal discomfort and
quickly shit the government lie out of your mind and body.  There are dozens of full length 911 truth films out there, most for free because people who are interested in spreading the truth don't charge for it :)  ]
[Fun with thermite at night.  Pay attention to the flames, length, color etc]
[This has got to be the funniest and best video ever showing the power of the
thermite reaction to people who are just learning about it.]
[This video shows that even a high school dunce like Georgie Boy  Bush could make Thermite very easily and it shows again that thermite is to steel like a hot knife is to butter.  The thermite reaction is the MOST exothermic (heat producing) reaction on Earth.  Well, that's what my chemistry books says]
[railroad workers use thermite to fuse/weld  RR track.   just watch the beginning.  Now you understand why a track appears continuous from point A to point B]
[Now watch the same kind of flames and molten iron flying out of the WTC.  Wonder why you didnt see this on TV?  Lucky for us, lots of tourists carry videocams]

911 was an inside job.  Get the truth at and  Watch 'Loose Change' video

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