Craig Bodeker – A Conversation about Race 

This 60 minute DVD is a timely addition in the ongoing dialogue of

civilization. Filmmaker Bodeker credits US Senator and Presidential

Candidate, Barack Obama, for giving him the impulse to explore the concept

race when, on 18 March 2008, Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, where he said: “Race is an issue we can no longer afford to


Bodeker interviews around 50 individuals in Denver, Colorado, to explore the

current conventional wisdom swirling around this concept of race and its

extension ‘racism’ and ‘racist’. He shows how there is a vague, subjective

non-concise definition operating within individuals who use the ‘hammer’ of

racism-racist against whites.

The following questions canvas the concept of racism/racist and the

responses elicited reveal how the concept race became a social construct, a


Q.1: Do you see racism in your daily life?

Q. 2: What is racism?

Q. 3: Can you give an example of the racism you see?

Q. 4: Are blacks better than whites at basketball?

Q. 5: Are whites better at things?

Q. 6: Why do white students score better than black students on standardized


Q. 7: Can you name a public figure who is a racist?

Q. 8: If people of colour intimidate white people is it racism?

Q. 9: Do blacks commit more crime than whites?

Q.10: Have you ever been a racist?

Q. 11: Was America a white nation?

Q. 12: Did Indians ever kill other Indians for their land?

Q. 13: Are white people becoming a minority in America?

Q. 14: How do you feel about immigration from Mexico?

Q. 15: Why do people disconnect?

Q. 16: Are races real or are they a social construct?

In his many asides Bodeker points out how unchallenged disconnects make up

the conventional wisdom on racism, which essentially boils down to white

bigotry. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews are all allowed advocacy without an ‘anti-‘

slipping in, while white advocacy is associated with supremacy. For example,

anti-white bigotry is writ large in commentary associated with the question

of testing; whites outperforming others is explained away by implying whites

cheat/cultural bias, but that Asians outperform whites is dismissed as

irrelevant. Hence, advocacy for blacks, Latinos, Jews, is permitted but not

for white people – why not?

Of course, I need to mention that for Holocaust Revisionists this kind of

nonsense – the word 'disconnect' is better here – is nothing new. Here the

shut-up words, as John Bryant called them, are used in an attempt to stifle

any meaningful discussion about the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah: hater, Holocaust

denier, antisemite, racist, Nazi, and the latest, terrorist.

Fredrick Töben


3 September 2008