Just received today, Sunday, Jun 22, 08, wanted to share it with you as quickly as possible, good updated, usable information.  Let's get it out to everyone as soon as possible......

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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 18:25:31 -0400
Subject: Gun Facts 5.0 is now available
Gun Facts version 5.0 is now posted at the Gun Facts web site, www.GunFacts.info.

Get electronic copies:  Three types of electronic copies are available:

SCREEN:  Best one for saving to your hard drive or loading into your mobile device for daily use.
PRINT: Best for running off copies on your printer -- or your employers printer ;->
PRESS: Used for printing mass quantities through a print shop.

Get printed copies: A link on the home page (just below the electronic copies) takes you to a one-off print service through which you can buy bound copies of Gun Facts at cost (well, rounded up to the nearest fifty-cents).

Pass the word:  Gun Facts readers have on average 23 gun-rights friends, and several anti-gun friends and family members.  Send them email and suggest they download copies as well.  This word-of-mouth is the primary reason that each edition of Gun Facts has an estimated global distribution of over a million copies.  If possible, please send them to the Gun Facts web site as opposed to sending them a copy as an attachment - this has a number of interesting effects within Google's page ranking system.

Tell online groups:  I'll post notices about Gun Facts 5.0 on a handful of top newsgroups, but you participate in all other online groups (conservative, libertarian, gunny, political, etc.).  Post a message there announcing Gun Facts 5.0 (an example of a newsgroup blurb is below -- feel free to rewrite or amplify -- personal endorsements are effective in promoting anything, including Gun Facts).

Link back: Do you have a gun-related web site or even a personal blog?  Please post a link to www.GunFacts.info with some surrounding information (such as the blurb below).  This will help drive more traffic to the Gun Facts web site and get more copies into circulation.

News prep:  I'm releasing Gun Facts 5.0 now in preparation for the Heller v. D.C. Supreme Court decision, likely to be handed down this week.  Keep tabs on what reporters are writing, and send them email suggesting they get a copy of Gun Facts.  Odds are the Heller case will create decades of lower court wrangling on the topic of "reasonable regulation" of gun rights, and an educated reporter is a valuable asset.

Ads and donations: On the Gun Facts web site, you will see some Google ads in the right-hand margin, and a donation link in the top-right.  If you see an interesting ad, click it -- doing so drives business to gun-related vendors and it also sends me a few pennies.  And if you want to donate to the cause (which is going to need some help in the post-Heller world), click on the donate button and toss a few bucks this way.

Yours in Liberty
Guy Smith

example newsgroup posting (blurb) announcing Gun Facts version 5.0

Gun Facts version 5.0 is now available

A new version of Gun Facts is now available, both as a free e-book and as a printed version.

Gun Facts debunks all common gun control myths. Organized by gun control myths and with over 480 detailed citations, firearm policy wonks can rapidly refute the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, the Legal Community Against Violence, and other cauldrons of canards.

Gun Facts 5.0 has 94 packed pages of information. Gun Facts is grouped into chapters on common gun control topics (assault weapons, ballistic finger printing, firearm availability, international, etc.) which make finding usable information quick and easy. The detailed table of contents reduces searching, and being an e-book, Gun Facts can be keyword searched as well.

Each chapter lists common gun control myths, and for each myth lists a number of documented and cited facts (with over 480 detailed footnotes from highly credible sources) that directly dispute the gun control claim. Thus when a neighbor, editor or politician repeats some slogan propagated by the gun control industry, you can quickly find that myth then rebuke with real information. Beware -- this tends to tick them off.

The Heller v. D.C. gun ban case may send us into decades of lower-court debates over “reasonable regulation” of firearm ownership. Gun Facts will continue to be updated and published to give you the ammo you need to continue defending the rights of all people around the world.


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