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August 16, 2008


Hi, Frosty (( you needn't reply )):


Three points about

this excellent





Firstly, one has to read between

the lines about "sameness" to

conclude that he's sending a

hidden message about RACIAL

sameness, which topical avoidance

by him, and by other patriots, is

why there'll be no SECOND REVOLU-



[[ BTW, Aristotle is my favorite

Greek philosopher, whom I often

quote.  But I don't recall this

one attributed to him in there:

"Tolerance is the last virtue of

a dying society.."  I'll use it

anyway against Marxian Jews'


tional-Western-values social

engineering. ]]..


Secondly, so long as the NAME OF

THE BEAST destroying the West goes

unidentified - remains hidden from

the public - there'll be no recov-

ery: JEWS! (( Rabbi Lapin argues

that only 8% of Jews' population

in America holds politically/

culturally conservative values--

ONLY 8%!, as the vast majority

hold socialist/communist goals )).


Thirdly, there is nothing new

in white patriots' arsenal

that can turn things around,

as they're presenting the

same old same-old that whites

had tried during previous

waves of mass migration to the

U.S. (crime, disease, social

disorder, welfare expenditures,

ethnic unrest, language, etc.)

--but, now, IT IS ALL ABOUT

RACE!, because every previous

wave was of whites coming to

meld into white communities

(( it's amazing how political

correctness has put an IRON

CLAMP on that fact--so much

so that even Peter Brimelow

won't make the above point:

that there's a CRITICAL dif-

ference between importing

whites and importing anti-white

tribes of color; a point about

which I've been scribbling for

20 years, to no avail! )).


Only an appeal to race - the

white race - can POSSIBLY effect

a new course, by changing the

Jew-created and Jew-installed

anti-white/anti-Western immigra-

tion, refugee and asylum laws

to pro-white ones.






White women - aka FEMINISTS -

present t-h-e major obstacle to

an appeal to race by white men.

And white men who date and or

marry outside their race present

the second major obstacle to

recovery, as they BETRAY their

RACE AND CULTURE by becoming

everyone's-the-same mongrelists.






Once again, regarding

Jews' culpability as

ARCHITECTS of our steep








 PROGRESSIVE JEWS created and control Hollywood

 (a propaganda machine for indoctrinating the

 populace - especially children - into embracement

 of racial mongrelization, deviant sexuality,

 radical feminism, socialism and other left-wing



 -THEY were the architects of President Johnson's

 failed Great Society programs, which taxed produc-

 tive whites to pay for growing and advancing the

 cause of minorities;


 -THEY nudged and shoved pornography into mainstream

 culture while financing and promoting blacks'

 vulgar/violent rock, rap and hip-hop;


 -THEY were the power behind Senator Ted Kennedy's

 successful passage of the 1965 Immigration Act;

 and they presently control America's immigration

 policy, which policy is "open borders" for both

 ensuring unlimited importation of Jews and to

 dilute white Christian males' power and influence

 --by importing non-whites to entrench multi-

 racialism (they also protected their stooge

 Ted Kennedy by using weak press coverage after he

 escaped his drowning car, leaving for dead his

 possibly pregnant girlfriend);


 -THEY control and run the State Department and

 foreign affairs (the State Department now is

 embarked on a massive importation of every ethnic

 group in the world, paying the logistically

 efficient Catholic Charities - which receives 40%

 of its income from this project - to distribute

 new arrivals into every white community);


 -THEY wrote the pilot legislation for "hate crime"

 laws, which tyrannical legislation amounts to

 Orwellian thought control--to silence whites;


 -THEY are behind the push for drug legalization,

 to advance their god  t o l e r a n c e (Jew

 billionaire George Soros leads in financing the

 pro-legalization forces);


 -THEY comprise 2% of America's population but 22%

 of America's lawyers,  which profession does the

 most harm by suing to challenge rational sense

 at every opportunity--to make profit and at the

 same time wreck traditional American society,

 which they hate for its white Christian underpin-

 nings and conservatism;


 -THEY began the anti-Christian/anti-American

 "beatnick" movement of the Fifties (beatnik

 progressives such as Allen Ginsberg rejected tradi-

 tional American values for free sex, open vulgarity,

 black music and socialism, which interests they

 foisted on youthful minds whenever they could);


 -THEY rallied to create the Sixties' New Left,

 which movement resulted from transformation of the

 more muted and isolated beatniks into the blaring

 and ubiquitous hippies, tirelessly undermining

 scholarship and studies in Western civilization,

 demanding open and gradeless classrooms while support-

 ing socialism everywhere, even helping the communists

 defeat American forces in South Vietnam;


 -THEY were the intellectual architects for advancing

 abortion on demand and removing Christian ethics

 from the public domain (Christians don't realize that

 progressive Jews are anti-Christian, stealthily

 undermining Christian traditions and values whenever

 and wherever they're able);


 -THEY sought to protect San Francisco's gay bath

 houses when AIDS broke out and, then, wrapped the

 AIDS plague with political protections by forbidding

 contact traces and public disclosures, which insane

 policy ensured an expanding infection rate to

 threaten all of humanity;


 -THEY organized and still run the Marxist/socialist/

 feminist and anti-American ACLU;


 -THEY conceived and promoted the idea of forced

 integration through forced busing, affirmative-action

 quotas and proportionalism (again, they dream of a

 racially mongrelized America to advance the cause of

 a socialist Utopia where everyone is truly equal, and

 which degree of equality necessarily requires

 interracial breeding, en masse.  Bill Clinton

 recently espoused progressive Jews' mongrelization

 plan -- the "browning of America" -- by calling for

 creation of "an America that has no ethnic majority,"

 which browning policy necessarily includes letting

 Mexican Indians, Central Americans and South

 Americans invade white communities across the

 U.S., using both lax border controls and a "family

 reunification" policy, otherwise called "chain

 immigration," to dilute white communities--and while

 the INS only feigns action against the invaders

 because it and other federal agencies are controlled

 by the Left and complicit);


 -THEY built the pro-socialist/anti-American New York

 Times, Washington Post and major radio and TV

 networks, and they nearly have total control of major

 publishing houses;


 -THEY protect Democrats' lies and criminality while

 viscously turning on Republicans for even the most

 innocuous of transgressions;


 -THEY are the wheeler-dealer force underpinning

 America's transformation from a self-reliant nation

 into a globally dependent, debtor nation;


 -THEY are the architects for Global Economic Socialism

 and for technology transfers to communist China (Jew

 billionaire Edgar Bronfman is a conduit for relaying

 policy decisions between Chinese leadership and

 President Clinton, as was Jew billionaire Shaul

 Eisenberg before his death);


 -THEY are the movers and shakers undergirding the

 feminization and defanging of America's armed



 -THEY are the multiracialist- and multiculturalist-

 driven social engineers wrecking the Founders'



 -THEY are doing to America what they tried to install

 in Weimar Germany: "Universalism," which helped

 foment the Nazis' horrible reprisals;


 -THEY, those progressive Jew men and women, are

 destroying white civil society - the founding race

 and culture of American civilization - for

 acquisition of power and profit, and for forging

 America into a universal nation comprised of every

 ethnic group and nationality, in order to build One

 World government and to install Global Economic

 Socialism under the auspices of the United Nations

 and other One World governing bodies;


 -THEY, those progressive Jews, are evil.


 [Note: Politically conservative Jews are courageous

 to fight the progressives' evil works and suffer for

 it.  Jews, like all peoples, are not a monolithic

 collective.  To attack a Jew for his/her Jewishness

 is immoral.  Identify the progressive Jews and

 liberal Christians, then defeat them on the

 battlefield of ideas.]


 -Founders' America

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