PERSONAL NOTE: I have noticed lately some media people are finally questioning  how is it that McCain who was no where with no money, no obvious grassroots support could possibly be neck and neck with Obama.  There is something underneath this wave, whether it be the Israel/Zionist/Lieberman/military/neocon contingency or the Ahmanson Family Diebold machines...I hope someone finds out in time.
I believe that McCain's rise in the polls has nothing to do with reality and unless someone finds out what is up with this, McCain could win.

REGARDING THIS VIDEO: It consists of excerpts and short sound bite quotes only from mainstream media

A few quotes to entice you to watch it:

Interviewer: "At what point do you stop doing what you think is right and start doing what the majority of the  American people want?"
McCain:  "Well, again, I disagree with what the majority of American people want"!

Regarding his stellar military service and POW event:  "He cooperated with the communists....he made 32 tapes of propaganda for the Vietnamese government".  After a bill passed unanimously in the House, he was the one Senator to stop the bill that would potentially threatened to investigate his military record as a POW.

"John McCain - Lost in Space" is now the most
viewed video on Brasscheck TV ever.
By the end of the summer, I'm sure it will pass
the 1 million views mark.
Every hit movie deserves a sequel...
In Part Two, we learn that in addition to being
a liar and a warmonger, John McCain was also
a collaborator with the North Vietnamese
during the Vietnam War.
- Brasscheck
- Brasscheck
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"It requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion"ůMary Baker Eddy, Christian Science

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