Late but still in time for Pearl Harbor Day.

Yes, Stubby, I remember on IX XI that quite early on in the "reporting" they all started - almost simultaneously - calling the attack on the Pentagon and WTC towers a surprise attack on America - a New Pearl Harbor.

In the same way that the original Pearl Harbor was meant to bring our nation that almost unanimously didn't want to get involved in another war in Europe, into that war (through Germany's treaty with Japan) - the New Pearl Harbor of IX XI also had plenty of advance warning - including two publications that basically called for it.  One was in a paper from the PNAC Neocons entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses."  It came out about a year before IX XI.  The other was in Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard.  Both called for a "catalyzing event - a New Pearl Harbor" - to implement their desired agendas of Greater Israel and global hegemony for her bullyboy client state - the US.

Dig a bit into Roosevelt's administration and you'll find even more puzzlin' evidence of what surely must be startling coincidences in the two Pearl Harbors.  And isn't Zbig & family solidly tied into the coming Obama administration? Yes, according to Tarpley:

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Pearl Harbor: The Bones of Station H
Stubby remembers his father telling him of a Sunday afternoon seated at the family dining room table, listening to the radio, when Franklin Roosevelt interrupted the regular programming with a special message of a 'surprise attack' on Pearl Harbor. Americans were incensed, enraged, galvanized. The next week my father enlisted in the Army's officer training school. He quickly worked his way up to captain of an artillery division. Along the way he was shot twice, got two purple hearts and a silver star. He came home thinking that he had won the 'big one' for America, yet neither the Germans nor the Japanese were ever a threat to the United States of America. As for the attack, there was nothing surprising about it. But the war was good for the economy. It ended the Depression.
One day in 2001, Stubby was seated before the light-emitting beam in the living room when the announcer interrupted the regular programming with a special message of a 'surprise attack' on the World Trade Center towers. Americans were incensed, enraged, galvanized. Apparently, some Arab guy with his head wrapped in a towel had directed a massive act of terrorism from deep within a cave in Afghanistan, using a cell phone.
But Stubby still wonders... can you really get a good cell signal in a cave?