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What It Is like to Be a White Person Today in South Africa

There are two videos below, which I feel are worth viewing.

These videos are something that you must-see, even if you don't live in South Africa, as they help illuminate what occurs to whites in a nation when they become the clear minority. Just as in the distant past when San Domingo, the "crown jewel of the French empire" as it was once called, became known as the AIDS-pit Haiti today, more recently we also saw the same things occur in the Congo and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), too. Of course, with South Africa, it's occurring right at this moment. And, we will also see similar things occur in America's future, if present trends continue, with whites expected to be a minority by 2042, largely the result of its anti-white, spineless, and brain-dead government.

In any case, the first video below deals with what has become of many whites since "they" handed over their government to blacks (if that truly was the case and not fixed-voting, as many believe, as it's not always who votes but, rather, who counts the votes). As a result of the whites giving up their (white) government to the popular-vote (black) government, many whites, who thought they were doing the honorable thing by giving their government to blacks, are now routinely discriminated against. It's almost ironic, as many of these same whites foolishly believed that, with blacks being the majority, there would be no need for "anti-white discrimination" (which always masquerades under various euphemisms, such as "affirmative action," as if discriminating against whites is somehow positive). Such laws need to be instituted in black rule, as many blacks are incapable of competing with most whites on an equal footing. And the blacks realize this.

To the point, as shown in the video, many of these whites are now suffering. They are forced to the black squatter camps, having lost their homes. They have to dig through garbage to subsist. They rely on hand-outs, if they can get any. Perhaps, "suffer" is not the word to be used, as the amount of psychological and physical harm that is being done to them, with many whites being killed in what can only be described as acts of genocide, is indescribable. This, too, will be our fate in America, in England, in Canada, in Argentina, in Italy, in Germany--in the entire world--if we allow it.

The second video below shows a couple of white mothers, who lived privileged lifestyles. They were relatively wealthy--at least, upper middle class--and probably thought the black crime wave would never reach them. Of course, it did, when their husbands were killed. One white lady tells of how a black gunman came into their yard and shot her husband, while her white kids watched. Call me sick, but I have to wonder to myself: After all this, will she tell the truth to her children about criminal proclivities among non-whites, or will she continue on with her delusional state and say it's merely a "criminal thing," as saying it's "racial" would be too politically incorrect?

South African Whites Today:

New South Africa - Nowhere to Run

What is equally interesting is not just the videos themselves, which uncover much suffering, but, rather, the comments people have made.

There, underneath the videos, you can see some of the bitter, lunatic, anti-white comments, with some black people obviously frothing at the mouth, waiting for the day that they too can join the insurrections and kill a few whites, just as Mandela sings about such.

We control our future. We don't have to allow this to occur. We can change things if we wish. But we really have to desire to change such things. And we have to work to change these things, with all our heart. Educating our fellow whites is a priority.

As the founding fathers said, "United, we [whites] stand; divided, we fall."



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