Here is a video that informs the people of Australia that the same group of thieves and murderers who own the Federal Reserve banks here in the United States, also own/control/run the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The Lords of Londinium... so named by me because the bankers of the world are centered in a privately owned "country" within the city limits of London... an area called "The City of London"... These Londinium Overlords own almost ALL of the Central Banks around the world.

One of the reasons that Russia will soon become the dreaded enemy of the United States is because the Lords of Londinium no longer control Russian money, gas or oil. Russia has freed herself from the talons of the Lords of Londinium.

When is the rest of the world going to send these Londinium Lords back to the caves they crawled out of??

The first step in freeing yourself is knowing you are a slave. Okay Australia... this is your wakeup call. 

March 05, 2008 (Less info)
April 2008 Update: Both the "Commonwealth" quote from the RBA and the "puppet" quote from 'The Guardian' were altered *AFTER* the posting of this video clip.

The RBA's new wording..

"The Bank is wholly owned by the Australian Government, but is not a government department."

Rothschild's quote by 'The Guardian' has dropped the word "puppet" off their page.

Two Coincidences? lol

David Rockefeller also quoted in this clip can't alter his own remarks as easily.


At the end of this clip you'll learn about a hidden Britannia banking past from 1815 and how it all ties into the Australian "Commonwealth" banking goings on of today, all REALLY headed and owned by the foreign Rothschild banksters.

Borrowed snippet documentary clip credits;

Excerpt from the documentary 'ENDGAME' by 'Alex Jones Productions', showing historically how the Rothschilds took over England in 1815

Excerpt from the documentary 'AMERICAN: FREEDOM TO FASCISM' showing the Rothschild folly through their U.S. Rockefeller front.
(R.I.P. Producer, Arron Russo)