Sent: Friday, September 05, 2008 3:19 PM
Subject: The Many Benefits of Multi-cultural Enrichment

The below comment was recently left on the BNP website and it seems to encapsulate all the frustrations and simmering anger that are daily felt by the indigenous peoples of our once great country.  But don't get mad; don't emigrate like this gentleman has done; just get even with that traitorous bunch at Westminster - join the British Resistance -
I chose to sell up and leave - as far away as possible from the multicultural mess that the UK has become.
Why? After 7 years living in the East End of London and witnessing many racist incidents (all by Muslims I should add), combined with the suffocating PC atmosphere at work I had had enough.
We had to employ lots of immigrants in our offices and the white staff had to carry them. But just try to sack them for incompetence or lazyness and you get called racist when in fact we bent over backwards for them with training courses, mentoring etc etc.
I wasn’t racist to start with but I sure am now!
My wife had been stoned when on the way home from work, we had been surrounded by an armed gang in Millwall Park, I had been attacked when I took my dog to the vets one night, runners in the London Marathon near to my house in 2003 had been stoned and spectators who objected to these muslims were attacked with swords and knives.
I saw a white guy beaten with hammers by two muslims in Wapping High Street, a Muslim stabbed an 11 year old boy and ran into a “mosque” on Westferry Road, but the police wouldnt drag him out due to “sensitivities” and his community then whisked him out of the country and away from justice (they did however arrest the childs father for “causing a disturbance”) - the list goes on.
I had even stood on a train platford on the Isle of Dogs and heard a group of muslims discussing how they would like to kill a white man. Didnt choose me though as there were only five of them and one of me.
Their favourite tricks are to sneek up behind people and stab them in the buttocks or mob white women on the way home from the office and sexually molest them. Thats when they’re not starting fires and then stoning the Firemen when they arrive. Oh, and not to mention the vandalised churches and graveyards.
The neighbourhood was in uproar but the police did nothing!
The Tower Hamlets Council has been taken over by Muslim politicians amid suggestions of widspread voter fraud and they will not cooperate in dealing with the racists as they are members of the same extended tribe.
This is London - and its coming to a town near you!
When I meet friends now, even those outside London, I’m always interested to see how long it is before they say how sick they are of the country and want something done.
I think most of them will be voting BNP.  Awareness of the threat to our people has at last begun to sink in - a recession will wake up millions more.

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